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Power Animal of the Week: The Buck ~ The Giraffe

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  • Ash
    The beauty and majesty of this andits reflection within you is a theme carried through with these two beloved guides who come to walk with us throughout this
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2013
      The beauty and majesty of this and its reflection within you is a theme carried through with these two beloved guides who come to walk with us throughout this week. The Buck heralds and brings not only seed and first fruits of Spring. A renewal of ourselves as we are are Renewed in Spirit. The Buck comes through each season carrying himself gracefully and confidently. His crown is not separate from himself for this grows from within him. A natural adornment that represents his presence of Spirit and power used wisely, responsibly and lovingly.

      The giraffe compliments this well for she shows the key root that the Buck resides within. That is all encompassing Love. Love for the world. Love for Life and Love for Her Self. She does not define her beauty by the standards of how others view her. She has reclaimed that which is hers and hers alone. Her uniqueness that accentuates the unity and connection to this Earth and to the Universe. She is comfortable with herself and with that acceptance she knows she is beautiful and carries herself with a genuine royal dignity. Not aloof in any way. Rather standing confidently with her own crown as the Buck stands and lives and breathes with his own. Her sight reaches far to what lies ahead as well as seeing within with clarity and is highly intuitive. Buck and Giraffe compliment one another well. Knowing one Self and how to adapt to communities, to circumstances without lessening their individuality and uniqueness.

      However they speak to each of us for now and the coming week breathe them in, embrace their presence and guidance and watch your own Confidence, Strength, Beauty and Spirit be renewed. For what they bring is a response to that which is already there inside of you and reflecting your Beauty, Grace, Strength and Spirit with Love.

      The Buck
      Grace          Confidence          Renewal

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the buck fill you. Click here to Listen to the Buck's Song.

      What beauty and majesty are yours, as you survey your world wearing a natural crown.  Hold your head high and walk in grace and confidence.  Feel yourself filling with the courage to stand up for what is yours.  You are the buck.
      Highly athletic, able to leap, run and swim with ease, the buck will make you comfortable with your body.  Exercise will become an easy and natural part of your life as you feel this physical power pouring into you.  Bound through the forest of your life with ease, for you are the buck.
      The buck is deeply aware of the seasons and adapts to all of them.  He will teach you to keep going through the storms of winter, filled with the joy of being who you are, until the green blades of grass again poke through the melting snow.  When the world seems cold, fill yourself with his sure knowledge that spring will always come again. 
      He will also teach you how to renew your energy and power, just as he regrows his antlers each season.  If you feel weakened by the challenges of life, breathe in his energy and feel the velvety antlers sprouting as your power returns in full.  Then lift up your chin and show the world who you are, the beautiful and majestic buck.


      The Giraffe
      Uniqueness          Foresight          Self-Acceptance

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the giraffe fill you. Click here to Listen to the Giraffe's Song.

      Welcome the great powers of the giraffe into your life, for she will be of great help to you.
      First and foremost, the giraffe loves her body.  She loves that she is unique in all the world and she knows and owns her beauty.  She does not waste a single minute in wishing she were anything other than what she is, just as she is.  Let her teach you this love of your own body, even though you are, of course, not like everyone else. 
      The giraffe will also give you the gift of foresight, for her height lets her see what is coming from great distances.  Nothing catches her by surprise, for she can see not only what is heading her way, but can run as fast as the wind if she does not like what she sees.  Learn from her to intuitively sense what is coming.  Just breathe in the giraffe spirit before you make any major decisions and she will help you to see what is on its way to you.  What you see may be too far away for others to see, but you are the giraffe.
      The giraffe will also bring you the gift of camouflage, her spots blending in with the hillside and her long neck with the tree tops themselves.  With her energy within you, you will be able to find ways to maintain your own uniqueness while sharing the world with others.  Her highly social nature will help you find the right balance between being exactly who you are, shining out with your wonder, while also fitting in with the group when you care to. 
      You are all of this:  unique, yet socially adept; far-seeing and intuitive; and completely comfortable with your physical self.  How blessed you are to be the giraffe!

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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