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Fw: A Personal Gift From Jo

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  • Sanjoy Banerjee
    Dear All,   Jo Dunning is offering a free Activations of Awakening tele-workshop on March 23rd designed to accelerate the spiritual progress of all
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2013
      Dear All,
      Jo Dunning is offering a free "Activations of Awakening" tele-workshop on March 23rd designed to accelerate the spiritual progress of all interested. You need to register at her website http://www.jodunning.com/ .
      Please see the forwarded email below. You can receive these activations even if you cannot personally attend the workshop simply by registering.
      With Love,

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      Subject: A Personal Gift From Jo
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      Jo Dunning
      My Dear Friend,

      I am writing to you personally to invite you to receive a gift I would like to offer you.  It is a way to assist you on your spiritual journey, The Activations of Awakening. I would also like to request your loving support and assistance in letting others know about The Activations.  They are offered this Saturday, March 23rd, as a gift to help assist the world.
      I know how much you are longing for a happy, loving and prosperous life for yourself and for the entire world.  I know also you have a kind and generous heart that longs to be free to love life to its fullest.    
      I would like you to know we are at a crossroads right now in our world.  This very moment, as you read this letter, an outcome is being determined.  With what we each do, what we think and how we respond, we are each, perhaps unknowingly, charting the course for our life and influencing our world.  Each step we take, each choice we make, each feeling that fills our heart, is magnified and increased in whole new ways we have never before experienced.  Every small choice we make towards love, is creating much more love in our life and around the world.  It is supporting the shift of the entire planet into the Light.  And every choice we make towards fear, anger and control, is also being magnified as well.

      We each have the great gift of Free Will and with that gift we can make a choice about who we are and what response we will offer to the events life brings us this moment today and in the moments of tomorrow. Who you are in this moment matters.  What you do in this moment makes a difference.  Know the thoughts you think and the feelings you have, are creating the you of tomorrow. They all matter, not only for yourself and those dear to you, but for the entire world.

      The world is moving now into its magnificent stages of change and transformation.  It is moving each moment towards its final opportunity to expand and become a planet of Light.  Each of us can make a difference.

      I know with your help we can assist the final transformation of our beautiful planet into a world filled with Light.  I know this can be done!  I know it is within your heart and the heart of each human to Awaken into this level of Love.  And I know you have the ability to make it happen!  I know this because I know your heart is great and your love is deep and strong.

      I know with your assistance we can help this world become a great beacon of Joy and great Light in our Universe.  I ask you to lift your Heart towards the heavens and do your part to carry Love in your thoughts as you walk as a gentle giant in our world.  I ask you, when you feel challenged by the events of life, to reach into the deepest parts of your Being and find the wisdom to rise to a higher level.  And I ask you to reach out to others and assist them on their journey into greater Light.

      Each moment counts and each opportunity to expand and serve is essential.  That is why I am offering The Activations of Awakening as a gift, free of charge. In this way more Light can fill our world and more Light will fill your life.  Please be sure you are registered. Each person receiving The Activations will raise their vibration even higher and speed their journey into Light.  The more often you can attend, the more rapidly your vibration increases.

      I would like to invite you to assist in helping to Awaken our world by helping others to know about The Activations they can receive as a gift. There is very little time left to spread the word, March 23rd is almost here!  There are still so many hundreds of thousands of people around the world who would greatly appreciate this opportunity if they only knew about it.  Perhaps you can let some of them know.
      All they need to do is go to the home page at jodunning.com and sign up so their name is on the list.  Anyone who puts their name on the list will receive The Activations, even if they are busy doing other things and unable to listen to the workshop.
      Whatever you can to do let others know will be a wonderful act of loving service to our world.       
      Please remember, in order to honor Free Will, each person must add their own name from their own email address.  Multiple listings from the same email address are automatically deleted by the computer system.     
      Thank you for your help in bringing greater Light into our world.  By assisting others, we also assist ourselves and help serve and uplift the entire world.

      My love to you now and always.  Thank you for your help in Awakening our world! May you find great joy in your life and great Lightness in your Being.
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