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Rheanni Lightwater/Robert Morrison: Tipping Point Game - The End of Bullying

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      Soul Resources © 2013 All Rights Reserved

      Following the Sacred Cow Tracks
       Today’s Sacred Cows are a triple threat that every bully, batterer and opportunist depends on. Without these first two in place, a bully would have nothing to stand on:
       "Authority is something that comes from the outside, not the inside." and
      "Take things personally."
       Whenever we buy into them, this third Cow can easily dominate any situation:
       "Dump your emotions, insecurities and self-hate on others."

      I know a little something about this because I spent the better part of my life giving other people authority and ignoring my own.
      As a result, these are the messages I listened to:
      • "You're to blame for my mistakes."
      • "You've no right to say that (do that, have that, be that) because I don't like it."
      • "How dare you hope for something better?"
      • "I know better than you."
      • "Do it my way, or hit the highway."
      Behaviors that I routinely put up with from others were:
      • Constant unpredictability
      • Lots of lying
      • Being bossed around and yelled at
      • Being told what to do and then have the same person get mad when I did it
      • Witnessing bullies yelling at the people around me
      • Listen to the bullies while they told me what they were doing to other people
      Even though I rebelled against them, the bullies were still running my life because I spent a tremendous amount of time and energy being upset, trying to prove them wrong or feeling resentful.
      Finally, a good teacher of mine got up in my face and showed me just how much of my power I was giving away. Until I was willing to let go of all my reactions and come back into integrity with myself, I was lost, afraid and hopelessly in denial.
      How can we reclaim our personal authority? We could start by releasing some agreements that keep the bullies in positions of authority. Simply gaze at the Soul Contract Circle below while you use these affirmations. Visualize the agreements like old contracts burning up and turning to ashes.
       "I release my agreement(s) to buy into being bullied at any time, for any reason."
      "I let go of all tendencies to react as if their behavior is about me or is my problem."
      "I release my agreement(s) to be a dumping ground for anyone."

      "I decide to hand back all their fear, anger, jealousy and lies."
      "I am free of taking other people's emotions and behaviors personally."
      "My new agreement is to love and take good care of myself."
      Now take a moment and think about all the dumping that's gone on in your life - past present and future. Pretty scary, huh? Are you ready to let it go yet?
      If you are, use the symbol below for dissolving destructive mental and emotional blueprints. All you have to do is breathe and have the following intention as you gaze softly at the image:
      “I let go of the patterns of giving away my power,
      taking things personally and
      being a dumping ground for other people's stuff.
      I let the whole mess dissolve, like a cloud dissipating in the Sun.”

      Once the cloud is gone, you're ready to play the rest of the Tipping Point Game, which will help you reclaim your power, attract more cooperation and benefit into your life. 
      Perhaps you know of someone that could really use letting go of today's Sacred Cows. Be sure to play it all the way through and feel free to pass it on.
      Love & Light,
      Rheanni Lightwater
      Co-owner of Soul Resources
      (505) 271-4612
      Release more Soul Contracts that Bind us to Powerlessness 
      Many of the energy healing circles in our Games come from Gifts from the Rainforest 
      Private sessions and tutorials are available with Rheanni in ABQ or online through Skype.
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      March 22nd - 24th, 2013 in Albuquerque, NM
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      Thank You For Being Part of The Moo-vement!

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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