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Expect Wonderful: Happy Equinox! Ascension -- it's REAL!

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  • Ash
          life at the ideafrontier march 20, 2013      Happy Equinox! The palpable tenderness of love is so prevalent! We re actually beginning to deeply
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      life at the ideafrontier
      march 20, 2013
      Happy Equinox!
      The palpable tenderness of love is so prevalent! We're actually beginning to deeply realize that what we hoped would happen, that our devotion to ascension envisioned, is actually, truly REAL.
      It's an incredible experience.
      I've noticed an amazing sweetness, a feeling of expanded freedom, so much innocent joy and the ability to see beauty in all kinds of things, to see through the veneer and into the love in people, plants, single leafs even. 
      "Why didn't you tell me you exist?" I wanted to cry out to a small leaf on an fragrant alyssum I noticed while out with my dogs today.
      All at once I knew -- viscerally, the divinity of that leaf. The infinite sentience, the limitless, eternal quality of love. And this moment of sweetness keeps unfolding.
      The Equinox initiates a deep, cosmic experience of stillness. This spaciousness comes from the depth of alignment and balance. Can you feel it? The equipoise of it all?
      I created a photo-post about how alignment and balance open us up to beauty for the September Equinox of 2011. It has some incredible images that are very inspiring to us and speak too, to the new ways of relating. You can see it here:
      May your Equinox be beautiful!
      If you'd like to join our global gathering today, there's still time to do so. You can join live, or via audio, as you wish. Link/details below.
      It's a powerful day to release unwanted experiences. 
      It's a powerful day to choose what you feel might further enhance your life, and chose that, envisioning it and feeling it deeply. Then let go, and let the Universe respond. 
      A week from today, March 27 we have a Full Moon, so we can allow ourselves to ripen with these beautiful energies, expanding our wholeness.
      Here is the event link if you wish to join.
      You are love. Even when it doesn't feel like it. Even when it's elusive to understand. All of you, from the quantum particles that make up the space of your physical body, to all the cells to the life force that flows into you as an extension of your Universal wholeness...all of it, is love.
      It's time to harmonize and dream together.
      After the Equinox I will share the recently received channeled message I received about Atlantis returning ... so look forward to that. Enjoy this beautiful day.
      I love you!
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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