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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Cinderella with Ace of Hearts

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  • Ash
    Though we may not understand it at that moment or period throughout some of our most difficult periods our Soul, our Spirit is deeply at work. We are becoming
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2013
      Though we may not understand it at that moment or period throughout some of our most difficult periods our Soul, our Spirit is deeply at work. We are becoming stronger through that form of what we may think of, in retrospect, as a type of purification or cleansing. It takes strength to take that "journey" to the past to reflect and not place judgment upon ourselves. Looking at our lives in retrospect is not taking a step backward. There are periods where we need that reflective time: To meditate and See where we were and, at the same time, to See where are now and how we are growing more and more each moment of each day.

      When we do observe our past, home, relationships (especially with a parent or parents or those that were the crux of family growing up) and more there is a door available to where we can have opened where more areas of life's mysteries Open to us. They give us insight into ourselves and the world. Has there been periods where we have needed to mourn yet have not? When those come back to us within our conscious mind give yourself permission to do so. It is not a weakness. It is strength to find the tears that come. Perhaps these may come when we think that we have already worked through this and question why has it "returned"? This is a way the Universe expressing and showing the depth of your Strength, Heart and Spirit. The Universe is showing that you are ready, you have grown, you are stronger and in that strength of Heart and Spirit here are the "tendrils or roots" of what was that you are now able to fully heal and release from. That is a precious gift and mark of the beauty and strength that You Are. What tears may come are apart of that strength for that is not a weakness either and a very important reminder.

      A humble spirit is not a weak one. That is a spirit full of courage, of deep, powerful inner strength. That is apart of Knowing your Self and building upon who you are to grow in confidence, compassion and love for yourself and for others. Balancing that and becoming one who can nurture, respect and love unconditionally others as you have begun that work within yourself? Might you say "I still have a long road toward this before I can see that light?" You may but remember that the light you look for is already there inside of you for it is the Light that You Are.

      You began by taking that first step, that first thought and see yourself through the eyes of one who has come through stronger, wiser and more compassionate and loving. True joy is yours for that is apart of your Spirit, your Heart, your Being. It has never been absent and the road you have walked, the veils you have parted reveal that strength of character and spirit.

      In all of this look toward your mother and/or the women in your life that have been instrumental and touched you as you have grown throughout the years. There is a great treasure there within them and those experiences. Insights you learn about yourself through those. Teachings and guidance that have always been with you; simply waiting for the opportunities when you are ready to Open more to them and truly listen to their words. Perhaps, as this morning message speaks on, a walk under/with the moon can help to facilitate and usher in that transformation of your mind, your heart, your emotions, your spirit. As one of the most revered and loved of the lunar goddesses Hecate awaits to embrace you and show you that your inner radiance is there. She can be apart of you opening your arms and embracing these changes that are transforming you into a more conscious and loving Spirit. Walking, breathing, being and sharing Your Love, Your Healing, Your Wisdom. All souls, men and women, can experience this through the touch of the women in your life and those same energies within you as you release and heal what was as well as stepping into and embracing your abundant, wise, strong and loving Self. Accept the gifts that come to you through this and the gift that rises up within you and share that with others and the world.

      That is apart of where you see and experience True Love for that is forever apart of you and the union that comes from these depths of healing, transformation and growth. With your Beloved who can be both your Self and another soul. You have this with another for you are growing in your security of the love you have for yourself and the ability to share that and grow in life with those who touch you and move you entering into a new, vibrant and loving relationship with life that he or she shares with you. New opportunities of love are brimming with a full offering to you Knowing that Love never abandons you nor lessens because that Love is forever apart of You. So whatever period you have come through, that is uniquely yours, allow your Heart to Open and experience anew the precious gift of Eternal Love as it flows from you and to you as an flame that reaches higher and deeper illuminating you, one another and our Beloved Earth with all upon it.

      XVIII Cinderella
      Your card is...

      XVIII Cinderella

      When this card appears in your reading, explore your deep feelings about the past, home, the mother, life's mysteries, and the wisdom of Hecate, the ancient Moon Goddess. Recognize the importance of mourning and humility, they are often stepping stones into a profound joy and radiance of the heart. Ultimately, the most difficult tasks in a lifetime are the result of the spirit at work, strengthening our souls for future service on a broader scale. Reflect. Let tears flow if they must, for they are the waters of life. It is not the outer, physical mother who is the invincible protector for a child, but the healed mother or woman within, who emerges once the soul is cleansed and purified. Perhaps a walk in the moonlight will begin this process of emotional and psychic transformation.

      Ace of Hearts
      Your card is...

      Ace of Hearts

      The essence of true love is, above all, faith-in the ineffable reverence that grows out of the union with a beloved. This beloved can be your inner self or another human soul. The root meaning of love is to acknowledge absolute concern for another being. In order to express this empathy for another, one must secure self-love in one's own heart. In this card, two mermaids joyously push a Winged Heart up from the sea. It is offered as an inspired sunrise, touching the golden light of the sky. This heart reveals the acceptance of love at the highest level, for the heart is the vessel of life, adorned with wings of spiritual freedom. An ace in any suit is always positive. This card affirms that a new opportunity in the realm of love is rising out of the depths of the past, symbolized by the ocean. This new love may be a person, an idea, the realization of a dream, or a new creative endeavor. Open your heart to what this card offers you, because it holds the key to exploring the higher dimensions of universal love. Have faith in love, for it can comfort you in times of crisis. Love is like an eternal flame whose steady light can always guide you during times of personal darkness. Love is always there, and will never abandon you.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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