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Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot: Path of Balance w/ Sixth Chakra

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  • Ash
    There are times when a message on balance comes that some responses automatically gravitate toward the questions of where one is out of balance. However the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2013
      There are times when a message on balance comes that some responses automatically gravitate toward the questions of where one is out of balance. However the message of balance need not be one that is pointing towards how to regain balance but to give encouragement and affirmations on the balance you are walking within this period. This will speak to each of us where we are in this moment. Should this point towards areas that need to be addressed and refocus on balance let this not be perceived as a judgment; rather as a loving guide showing you have the strength and clarity to see more clearly along with the wisdom to make those choices for your highest benefit. Should this be encouragement for those who are embracing balance allow this to bring deeper insights as you walk your path. From either spectrum and/or in between let us show gratitude for the gifts and messages which come to us and, indeed, rise up from within us.

      One particular expression given within today's message shines clear and bright: "It is time to become the rainbow bridge between the worlds..." We as stewards of our Beloved Mother Earth. Allowing our inner radiance to shine brightly and utilizing our abilities with confidence and walking within our integrity. Coming into that place within ourselves secure in our own authority, as this messages touches upon, with no fear of treason from within nor an attack, in whatever form these may be, from without. 

      "The archetype of Athene embodies feminine logic and practical skills and acumen." It could not be emphasized any less that the guidance, teaching and leadership of women is growing more and more each day and they bring much needed balance overall into the world. Men are not cast to the side but rather we have the opportunity to pull up the weeds and roots of the ego and transform ourselves through the wisdom, love, and passion that women bring to us and assist us in reactivating that from deep within us. In this way men and women can, do and will step back into the harmonious roles of complimenting one another. Rediscovering the Clarity of Spirit with Divine Wisdom and Focus. Listen to our Heart, Follow our Intuition and let go/transform all of the desires to attempt to dominate, control, and more that were apart of those mindsets.

      Especially important is the message on power and to not be afraid of take or reclaim your power. This power is what comes from your Higher Will and activating that to deeper and higher levels we can perceive, embrace and experience that this power is of great strength bearing courage, wholeness, focus, passion and joy. For these comes from the greatest power that resides within us and has shaped the Universe inside and out. The Power of Love. So see the Light of your Love and Know it guides you clearly. Listen to Love, Embrace Love, Experience Love and Be Love. Love becomes your Truth, your Word, your Life, your Passion. That can, is and will be our Source of Balance together as we live and love in this world together.

      4. Path of Balance
      Your card is...

      4. Path of Balance

      Soul Message: Follow diligently the Way in your own heart, but make no display of it to the world. Keep behind, and you shall be put in front; keep out, and you shall be kept in. He that humbles himself shall be preserved entire. He that bends shall be made straight. He that is empty shall be filled. He that is worn out shall be renewed. –Lao-Tzu

      Alchemy and Transformation: At the time of the Agricultural Revolution, the Goddess began to withdraw, making way for humanity to initiate itself into ego. Fear and the need to control began to dominate. It is time now to forgive ourselves for such deeds of destruction and do whatever is necessary to turn things around. Only a ruler secure in authority can project this path of peace, fearing neither attack from without nor treason from within. It is time to become the rainbow bridge between worlds, the light-worker, the steward of the earth.

      Awakening to the Archetype – Athene: The archetype of Athene embodies feminine logic and practical skills and acumen. Her goal is to harvest the power of nature for good purposes; carefully respecting the natural world, while meeting the real needs of the human community. A positive representation of the masculine principle in our culture, she uses intuition and knowledge to maintain a clear head when challenged, find solutions, and rise above conflict. Never indulging in attempts to control, violate, or dominate, She lives each day walking a Path of Balance.

      Everyday Encounters: Begin to embrace the notion that from the ultimate perspective there are no victims and no perpetrators. Find the power of your higher will and activate it in all that you say and do. You have the choice each day to embody the values of Athene or live outside the boundaries of balance and self-respect. Do not be afraid to take power. Power has strength. Power is courage. The most potent power in the world is the power of love.

      Nature’s Healers: The Oak Tree
      Sixth Chakra

      Sixth Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Indigo/Cobalt) (Function: Intuition)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows, it is identified with the Third Eye. This chakra asks that a person look within to find the wisdom of the soul. It affects the brain and the neuralgic system, which stimulate the endocrine and pituitary systems.
      At the highest level, when this chakra has connected with the Heart Chakra, divine love and light emanates out to the world.

      Healing Flower: Star Tulip

      Keywords: Clear Vision, Genius, Imagination, Dreams, Quiet, Inner Peace

      Affirmations: I see the light and it guides my way. I listen, I hear, I speak the truth.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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