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Weave the Web: One Degree Can Make a Difference In Your Life

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  • Ash
    Weave the Web One Degree Can Make a Difference In Your Life         We are in the final phase of Mercury retrograde which will be going direct on March
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      Weave the Web
      One Degree Can Make a Difference In Your Life
      We are in the final phase of Mercury retrograde which will be going direct on March 17th.  We continue to move through the Saturn Retrograde review cycle as  we evaluate our life and determine what do we really want. Change has begun, ready or not.   Some of it we anticipated was coming, some we welcome, and some may hit us with an unexpected force that shakes our world.  It is now up to us to look at our life through new eyes with crystal clarity.  We are getting wake up calls to make change.
      We can no longer ignore the truth or make excuses.  We can no longer blame someone else.  If we are dealt a devastating blow, even then, we can choose if we allow life to dictate to us, or if we examine what has been revealed through the event we are moving through and make the change we need to make.  If you are moving through a loss, give yourself permission to grieve, do something to nurture and love yourself.  You may not see it now, but I guarantee the loss will be replaced with something far grander than you can even dream of. 
      There is a phenomenon about water that I want to share with you.  At 211º water is hot but at 212º that hot water will boil and become steam.   Something as simple as steam, changing the vibration of the water by one degree is strong enough to power a locomotive.
      Just one extra degree makes the difference.  This same theory holds true with every aspect of our life.  One degree of difference can actually empower us to move forward.  Sometimes this extra degree comes when someone disappoints us or angers us.  I have found that anger and irritation when focused can be a great motivation for me.  There have been occasions when my husband has irritated me to the extreme and the only way I can deal with it is to completely ignore him as I find I need to organize and clean something.
      I am convinced that he is actually aware of this and intentionally irritates me if he wants something organized (not my area of expertise) but when I am angry, I have been known to completely clear out all the cupboards, throw away everything I am not using, scrub down the drawers and reorganize everything in a neatly fashion.  (Rare as this may be for my friends who know me, it does happen)  My anger and irritation when channeled creates a new foundation as I clear out the old.
      With both Mercury and  Saturn Retrograde, one way or another we will be asked to look at what is not in harmony in our life.  Always it is our thinking ego mind that is coming from fear, poverty consciousness, lack, worry, old tapes running in our head, or holding on to some unresolved emotion of anger or hurt.  Our past is coming up for review.  Don’t let regret, guilt, shame, or fear of the past repeating itself hold you back from creating something wonderful as you become clear that only you can make it happen.  You can only make it happen if you build the foundation for it.
      One of my spiritual guides that moves at will from the radio to the television when they want to get my attention, did so last night as the movie that came on was Under The Tuscan Sun.  I have always loved this movie.  There is a classic line in the movie where the main character is emotionally distraught wondering if her life will ever be as she wishes it to be.  She questions everything she has done because she has not seen her dreams realized.    Still moving through grief and the loss of her marriage she is in absolute despair and feels like everything in her life is without meaning.  In the movie her friend tells her that a railroad track was created to cross over the Swiss Alps from Venice to Verona long before a train had been built that was powerful enough to make the journey.
      Someone believed a train would be built one day and was preparing for the future by building the railroad track first.   This is what this time of Saturn retrograde is about.  Breaking down the old and building the new train track that will eventually hold our train (the dream we are creating).  Put your energy into building the new and listen to your knowing heart, not the thinking head that continually questions, “But how, where, when and why”?  If we can focus on the foundation we are creating without asking how and when will it happen, we will reach 212º and will find we are empowered  to manifest everything we can dream.  If there is a delay, it  is merely to help us find clarity on our  dream.  Remember the saying Be Careful What You Ask For?  Saturn is retrograde until the middle of July so gather your information, plant your seeds and build your railroad track.
      I am building my railroad track for my new dream.  Every day it seems to change as I explore what my heart is truly asking me to do.  This is a grand journey we are on so enjoy the ride.  Each day examine what from your past you still need to let go of.  Even if you think it is behind you, if you find yourself emotionally triggered there is still something there for you to examine.  Be good to yourself in the process.
      The changes you make, can make the difference between a good life and a magickal life.  It is up to you to move one more degree.
      Wishing you magick and sending love from the amethyst mountain, Robbyne
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