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Jennifer Hoffman: Soul Wound clearing and the New Earth March call

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      What my father taught me about soul wounds
      March 8, 2013

      Dear Friends,

      Soul would clearing will be the topic of this call and it's also the New Earth March call. 

      My father was my greatest soul wound teacher because he limited his life through the pain of his soul wounds.

      This is my favorite photo of my father, holding me. He was 23, I was 1 month old. Feb. 28 was the 24th anniversary of his death at the age of 52, I was 30. I thought he was so old and then, when I turned 52, I realized how young he was and how much of life that he missed. Despite being funny, brilliant and extremely talented (he was a Formula 1 race car mechanic as a hobby, an electronics and communications expert, and an international shooting champion, among a few of his talents) he was a sad, lonely, haunted man. Abandoned and orphaned by his parents as a child, he let his pain limit his life and despite his many talents, he never allowed himself to be successful or happy. 

      He was my greatest soul wound teacher and one of the reasons why I am so attuned to others' soul wounds, I lived my whole life with someone who was so wounded that he eventually died of a broken heart (that wasn't the official cause of death but I know he had given up and could not find any joy in life, so he decided to leave)

      He always had a haunted look in his eyes, the kind of look that people who have endured great pain or trauma have. A brilliant, funny and extremely intelligent man, he let his early life circumstances limit everything he did. He was emotionally distant, quiet and rarely interacted with us. Professionally, he turned down many opportunities for success because he had a secret unworthiness complex based on his early abandonment, although it was due to his parents' painful and difficult circumstances, and not because he was unloved. And I have a few fond memories of him being kind, supportive and loving, but only a few because his pain prevented him from openly sharing any aspect of his life and himself.
      So many people today go through their lives limited by the secret pain of their soul wounds, afraid to speak up and thinking that they are unworthy, undeserving or incapable of love, success, and joy because their pain becomes their path. I see it in clients all of the time, a painful memory, whether current or past life, becomes the focus of their life and everything around their life revolves around that pain. It's something I will talk about in this upcoming call about soul wounds because once we heal them, the pain is gone and it no longer their life's defining moment.
      I am inviting you to attend a *f.r.e.e* 1 hour teleseminar on soul wounds, how they are the path to joy when we know what they are, how they impact us and what we need to do to release them. 
      In this call I will talk about 
      • The purpose of soul wounds -- what they are and why we have them
      • Soul wound centers of pain and transformation
      • 5 soul wound markers (how to know you are dealing with a soul wound in every situation)
      • 3 soul wound reactions (when you react from the pain of your soul wound instead of the potential for release
      • The 5 steps of the path to joy
      • The one thing no one ever does with their soul wounds and yet it is so important and the only way to fully release them
      • What is possible for you once your soul wounds are healed (hint: the possibilities are limitless).
      This call will also include details about the earth's soul wound paradigm and how it is linked to ours. We'll combine the March New Earth call on this one.

      The call details are below, signup is not required, the call is recorded and you will have access to the recording for 72 hours after the live call.  I hope to see you there, I promise it will be enlightening, informative and shed insights on what limits you in your life.  
      Title: Soul Wound Clearing - the Path to Joy
      Time: Monday, March 11th at 7:00pm Central
      Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
      To attend, visit: 

      Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
      Pin Code: 632684#

      I will also be introducing my new Soul Wound Clearing program, which I am so excited about because with it you can heal your soul wounds and find out what potential exists in your life, when you can live it beyond the energetic imprint of your soul wounds. Find out about it by clicking here
      Many blessings,
      Jennifer Hoffman
      Author, Intuitive Mystic, Channel
      Your Guide to Masterful and Evolved Living

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