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[ANGEL} 17 Pisces, The Angels of Life Force

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  • Cynthia Schlosser
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      17 degrees Pisces

      The Angels of Life Force

      Also known as


      The Angels of






      Childless, infertile females are given advice by Forsteton on how to become fertile.
      He, and the angels that work with him, show the means and ways by which they can determine in advance the sex of the baby they expect.
      If asked to do so, Forsteton will remove from man or woman frigidity and increase their sexual powers.
      The methods revealed will enable a person to maintain the sexual and intellectual powers of youth until he or she is very old.’


      Once a person dwells in flowing feelings of deep divine Peace, the natural next step is to stimulate and guide the life force, or sexual energy, of the body so that whatever the wisdom of the heart desires is accomplished.


      The divine virtues of the letters of our name, ‘Forsteton’, ensure right use of physical sexual energy within the body so that it beneficially energizes each energy vortex, or "chakra".


      There are seven primary levels, or chakras, within the body.  Each corresponds to a different aspect or level of reality.


       Right or wrong use of the life force at every level and at all times depends upon the unique path of each person according to his/her inner guidance at each decision point in life.


      Usually it is true to say that when a decision feels joyful and is the highest good of all concerned, the impulse is good for that person at that juncture and can be followed in a way that fulfills divine law.


      Guidance is given in the moment, and whatever is right at one time may no longer be best at a later time. The use of sexual energy is determined in the moment by the inner guidance of the heart which is attuned to Divine Providence.


      The sexual energy storehouse that dwells within the human body temple at the level of the base chackra is designed to travel up the spine to energize and nourish the seven chackras and their corresponding glandular ganglia.

      When sexual energy stimulates these glands,  they secrete powerful chemicals into the body that alter consciousness in a divine way, stimulate the immune system and bring about youth and vitality.


      Sexual energy expresses itself at the first chackra by creating physical security and energizing/exhilarating the five senses.


      The second chakra is the level of relationship. Divine relationships are nurtured  here.


       We teach a woman, even an infertile woman, through the divine virtues of the letters of our name, how to conceive a child, and how to influence the unborn child to embody divine virtues.


      We teach partners how to interact in relationships so that each person sees and reflects the presence of Divine Being in each other.  Continuing to see divine qualities in the lover is the essence of staying in love.  With good reason, falling in love and maintaining this consciousness is one of the greatest and most widely available “fountains of youth”.


      The truth is that if two lovers ever once felt the spark of being in love, that love connection is never lost, but experientially may seem to be gone when muddied by painful feelings.  In practical terms, once painful feelings are triggered, clearing feelings to resolution quickly is thus the key to staying in love, and to reawakening loving feelings as strongly as ever.  Clearing emotions is also the key to maintaining deep love, strong sexual libido, and longevity.  Feelings are the water element and must flow freely to stay pure and clean.  Therefore, learning skills of communication and how to allow emotions to flow in safety and harmony are necessary to stay in love.


      The third chakra (solar plexus) is the seat of will power and self determination. Accordingly, when a person’s will and power to serve the highest good is to be strengthened, sexual energy is brought into the stomach and lower back area to energize the adrenal glands and create security and power.


      Tiredness frequently results when a person’s willpower is blocked.  This tiredness is often related to tremendous amounts of energy being used to suppress feelings of frustration and anger concerning blocks to self-determination.  When this is the case, paradoxically, the most efficient way to re-energize is by very actively, even vociferously, expressing suppressed emotion in a non-destructive way, not by resting, as is commonly thought. Instead of further depleting energy, this emotional unblocking heals the emotions, brings insights that allow the reclaiming of personal power and sovereignity, and restores the flow of sexual energy to higher centers.  Try screaming your frustration into a pillow!  Sexual energy coursing through this chackra harmonizes a person’s personal power to his or her omnipotent Divine Essence with attunement to the highest good of all concerned.


      In the fourth (heart) chakra, when the seeker is ready to experience the ecstasy of flowing feelings of divine love and devotion, sexual energy courses up the spine and opens doors to the cosmic ocean of feelings of unconditional, all-encompassing love. 


      When the heart is closed, drawing up the sexual, (kundalini) energy to the level of the heart is one of the best methods to reawaken the heart (in cases of numbing out). Losing the ability to love is an issue of spiritual life or death, so extreme measures may be taken by the higher self to counteract chronic dead-ening of the heart.  Often times the higher self may use loss and grief to open the heart whenever someone loses the heartfelt, feeling sense, especially when other avenues to re-open the heart have been ineffective. 


      Many means to heal and open the heart exist. For some people the heart opens in the security of loving a beloved pet. The primary key is to embrace wounded feelings concerning love, especially early ones from conception, prenatal and birth times. The cells remember any negativity felt by the parents during conception, or any painfully traumatic times for mother or child during gestation. These and birth traumas undermine a person’s ability to trust, bond, and feel safe not only at the time, but for ever afterwards until these cellular memories are healed. Ask to remember and the cells respond. Trust the feelings that come up. With deep empathy for the tiny infant that you were, allow the feelings to flow with respect and caring.  It is amazing how the feelings do heal and change in the presence of flowing and empathy, opening the heart to trust and love again.


      At the level of the fifth (throat ) chakra, when a person desires to create or communicate, the throat is energized and the thyroid, vocal cords, and parathyroid are stimulated.  We teach how to communicate, not just verbally and intellectually

      but also emotionally, the language of intimacy flowing from the heart as well as the higher centers of wisdom and oneness with Divine Being.


      At the level of the sixth chakra, the "third eye", as a person's heart guides them to remain intellectually young and vigorous even into very old age, we teach them ways to increase their sexual life force energy and draw it up the spine to this chakra to awaken wisdom and intellect.


      When a person is ready to join their personal consciousness with Divine Consciousness, life force goes to the crown chakra, and stimulates the pineal gland. This gland produces over 20,000 neuropeptides that are powerfully psychoactive and lead to ecstatic union with The Divine.  Optimal intellectual acuity, enlightenment, ecstasy and increased libido are just some of the benefits that result from these hormonal secretions.


      The pineal, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands, together, comprise the “Cave of Brahman” referred to in ancient literature as the seat of immortality.


       Aging is retarded by keeping the Cave of Brahman activated, enlivened, and energized. Wholebrain awareness combined with meditation on divine virtues and various practices, in concert with mastery of sexual energy,

      activate the cave of Brahman.


      Breathing techniques combined with visualization, creating mental blueprints of the self as the divine being “ever young, ever loving, and ever perfect”, and flowing with divine feelings are part of the ancient methods to do this.



      Heaven and Earth rejoice when life force is directed according to the heart’s wisdom.


      Upon this principle rests the triumphant destiny of every human life and of the World.









      “Itis not God’s will that any be lost.”










      The key to this wisdom is found in mastering the divine virtues of the letters of our name:




      F…The first letter of our name is the divine virtue representing the legality and harmony of all visible worlds in creation in both the microcosm of the human body and the macrocosm.


      ‘By using this virtue, a person comes to know legality as the most perfect harmony, and furthermore, to see the operation and the laws of analogy of the macro- and microcosm in their truest form.’




      In the intellect, this virtue gives complete understanding of the interdependence of will, thought, emotion, and form.


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