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Expect Wonderful: Emerging from the Void as Keepers of Frequency

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  • Ash
          life at the ideafrontier upcoming event     The Shift... Through 2012 and into this new space, left many us is in a the void.    We get glimpses
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      life at the ideafrontier
      upcoming event
      The Shift...
      Through 2012 and into this new space, left many us is in a the void. 
      We get glimpses of what we may want to do or create, yet there has been a lot of incoming energy to process and not so much movement. 
      The energy released in February -- within the Earth through an astonishing number of earthquakes and supported by heavy solar activity -- created even more spaciousness.  Now in March, the movement drawn forth from this time of stillness begins. We start to emerge from the void. 
      Experiences like this time in deep transformation, re-calibration, solitude and not-knowing, allow us to return to life refreshed, with a sense of spaciousness and new possibilities.
      Each of us is bringing the fullness of our own harmonics more completely into our human system. As keepers of frequency in this reality, we are altering the harmonics of human consciousness. 
      You, cycled out from the Great Central Sun to be here in this moment...
      Join us this Saturday for a special event to explore our new tonality!
      Keepers of Frequency: 
      the New Harmonics of Consciousness
      Saturday, March 9 at 11:00 am pacific time
      (or via Audio Download at your perfect time)
      In this event we will explore our own tonality and sound as a transmitter of information and energy and to begin to work collectively with sound to co-create and anchor frequency.
      Embodying a fuller presence of our Soul Song is an innate ability of all beings, and one which will become increasingly important in the establishment of the new reality. 
      Your ability to recognize and open to sound as healing, as information, as guidance, as orienting, will assist you in recognizing the subtle energetics which are harmonically distributed within your experience on a daily basis and how they are changing.  
      We will begin to organize our interpretations of sound and work with light as sound for co-creation and manifestation.  Learning more about our own harmonics and the shifting energies of light as we emerge from the void created by the Shift into movement.
      Explore your relationship to the Universe while here in human form, with others around the globe -- aware and awake and joyously participating in establishing the New Reality!
      join us! click HERE to learn more ...
      For more about what's happening in terms of energy and the new qualities, here are links to Archangel Michael's recent messages:

      Note: these events are powerful and generally it's a nice idea to have time afterward to integrate. 
      I celebrate your beauty and participation in this co-creation of our new world! It's an awesome task to carry light. We need each other to do this work, that's why we're all here.
      Blessings and love to you, Family of Light!
      © 2009-2013 Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful. All rights reserved.  

      Expect Wonderful | PO Box 2433 | Pasadena | CA | 91102


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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