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Preparing for Equinox: Selacia's Article and 3/16 Event

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    Mobile users: to view as a web page Click Here Selacia s Latest Article:  Preparing for Equinox    A Changing World  with updates on:   March 16 Equinox
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      TopSelacia's Latest Article: 
      Preparing for Equinox
         A Changing World

       with updates on:
      March 16 Equinox Global Meditation
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      Dear friends - below is my latest article ahead of Equinox and our global meditation of March 16 - just around the corner! Please note that below the article is the latest news: including discounted Equinox event admission via the special offer in my free eBook Transformers of Consciousness. Enjoy ... I look forward to your feedback! - Selacia    

      Preparing for Equinox
      A Changing World 
      by Selacia

      What if the world changed and you thought it was the same as before? What if you changed, too, your energy shifting so fast and so dramatically that you didn't recognize your own changes?

      Consider that these things are true. Ponder for a moment to consider what this means - in your everyday life and in a very big-picture sense. As you reflect, examples like the following may come to mind.

      The World

      The world may seem the same over time, or even worse, if you forget to question what you learn from the media and other outside sources. News that makes headlines is commonly focused on problems. Also, most issues that get attention are scrutinized in a linear way - leaving out the shades of gray and big-picture view that naturally exist.

      True change begins on an internal and subtle level, within the structures of society and between people as consciousness shifts. It takes time for the important ripples of change to be fully felt and seen. Trust, though, that they are there. Trust that you are a vital part of the mix too.

      Your actions matter. Indeed, your observation counts too. A brand-new world is created in part through observation - humanity seeing itself in a new way. You must see it for it to unfold. To do this, you need to look more deeply than the average person, noticing the subtleties and the interconnections. If you intend to notice them and be mindful, you will discover them.


      You may feel stuck or delayed at times, but these experiences are not representative of your overall progress. In fact, if you focus too much on obstacles, you may miss seeing how far you have come!

      You are not the same person you were a year ago, six months ago, or even six weeks ago. As part of your awakening process in recent times, you have been exposed to countless new ideas about the true nature of reality. Some of this has occurred in your dream state, a fruitful time when your rational mind turns off and you are more open to experiencing your vast multidimensional self.

      Other factors in your accelerated awakening include your interactions with other people. Even a chance encounter with a stranger can be the catalyst for something big, allowing you to unfold in a grander way. Your very DNA is changing, too, as your body holds more light and you shed old patterns. There is a cumulative effect from these things - they matter even before you can tangibly see them. In fact, they matter right now.
      Tips for Utilizing These Moments

      Make the most of these moments with a few simple practices. If you're already doing some of these things, do them a bit more or with more mindfulness - especially when you feel challenged.

      Ironically, it's often when one is in distress that a person neglects the very spiritual practices and healing tools that could be helpful. However, you are a divine changemaker, not a lightweight. This means that you do have it within you to apply what you know, helping yourself when you most need the help.

      Be Your Own Reality Gauge - When your friends complain about how bad things are, step outside of the norm of black-and-white thinking. Expand your view to include the larger picture. Society is being restructured at the most basic levels and it's going to be a roller coaster ride for a while. Invite your higher self to reveal the goodness at the core of all, and to remind you of the forward leaps already taken and now under way.

      Be Still and Reflect - Much suffering is alleviated when you take moments out of your day to pause. Mastery of multidimensional states requires that you regularly turn off the world long enough to listen to your inner wisdom. In the stillness you can become aware of things that will save you lots of time later. Being quiet is also essential to recalibrate and refuel. Nothing in the outer world can give you the peace that this does. 

      Find Your Emotional Center - Ever notice that you have more intense feelings on some days? One reason right now is the planetary cycle, stirring up all sorts of feelings. In the days leading up to Equinox, emotions will be more on the surface. If you are feeling challenged emotionally, do what you can to work intelligently with the feelings before you act. Take a deep breath and intentionally let go of the discordant emotion. Walk around the block or get some other exercise if you can.

      Monitor Where Your Head Is - Become observant of where you place your focus. If you are spending the majority of your time thinking about one thing - with displeasure, pleasure or any feeling in between - you can get off track and be out of balance. Example: being focused on finding a new job is helpful when you want to get work, but don't discount the importance of having fun and connecting with people having nothing to do with your job search. You might be amazed at what opens up when you simply meet a friend for lunch, and something seemingly random that he or she says triggers an idea that leads you to your new work.

      Become Awake to Yourself - Accelerate your growth by becoming more awake to yourself. This includes your feelings, thoughts, actions, and dreams for the future. You do this in a process over time. Sometimes you do this alone, like when you're being more mindful of your focus. Sometimes you do this with others, including when you work with a healer or other practitioner assisting you with wellness and self-understanding. Sometimes you do this by becoming more conscious about decisions, discovering what motivates your desires and the potential impact of choices in advance of making them.

      Allow for Growth - Accelerate your own transformation by becoming more allowing and accepting as you experience a growth spurt. If you've been around two-year-olds, you know children have little patience or tolerance when they don't get what they want when they want it. Everyone goes through that phase. If the child could only see how fast he or she was developing and what was coming, there would be a sense of awe! Now an adult and on a spiritual path of awakening, you have much more patience than you did as a child. Still, there likely are moments when you feel so stressed that you want to scream "no" and run away. If you can remember to be allowing and patient, you will have a smoother ride.

      Regardless of your circumstances right now, decide that you will fully utilize this window of opportunity ahead of Equinox - to grow, to shine your light, and to help create the new more loving world you desire.  

      Copyright 2013 by Selacia -

      (Note:  for more information about your role as a divine changemaker, please visit http://selacia.com/divine-changemakers.php. A new divine changemaker series is forming now! To be with us for the March 16 Equinox global meditation event, please REGISTER HERE. Additional insights about these unique times are found in Earth's Pivotal Years, your must-have book for living now. You are most welcome to publish these articles on your website, blog, and social media - as long as you provide the source - Selacia - http://www.Selacia.com, http://EarthsPivotalYears.com. Thank you for sharing these articles and for your connection and feedback over the years. May light shine on you and your path!)  
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