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Tania Marie's Blog: [New post] Nature is Poetry to the Heart & Guidance Back to You

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      New post on Tania Marie s Blog Nature is Poetry to the Heart & Guidance Back to Youby Tania Marie s Blog This is just a short post reminder of how vital
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      New post on Tania Marie's Blog

      Nature is Poetry to the Heart & Guidance Back to You

      by Tania Marie's Blog
      This is just a short post reminder of how vital Mother Nature and our connection to her is to the quality of our lives. Every day I am in awe of the miracles abound and how my life shifts optimally when I am in communion with the natural.
      Inspired by this stunning rose (from a bouquet my parents sent me for my birthday) that took my breath away this morning with its reflection of All That Is, the mineral-gritty richness of the dirt I hiked yesterday in the hills above the ocean, the ocean's aroma that consumed my soul, and silken refreshing slippers of water she bathed my feet in thereafter, I felt guided to share these few thoughts and quotes in hope that they may touch and move you in some way to bring more of nature into your own life.
      me at the beachThe most valuable thing to me is to be authentic and to follow where my heart leads. In doing so it leads me to a deeper sense of peace and back to being in flow with the rhythms of nature and the natural. Days like yesterday (which I plan to enjoy again today on a bike ride) spent in nature's serenity is priceless. Nature is a powerful teacher to understanding life, who you are, and your connection to everything, not to mention, enriches your entire experience.
      Taking some time each day to be still, present, patient, aware, in your heart, and to breathe in the magick will change your life in abundant ways. And, in that presence and miracle of nature embrace, you will come closer to the nature of you. ♥
      The radiance in some places is so great as to be fairly dazzling . . . every crystal, every flower a window opening into heaven, a mirror reflecting the Creator.
      --John Muir
      The world is full of poetry. The air is living with its spirit; and the waves dance to the music of its melodies, and sparkle in its brightness.
      Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.
      --Lao Tzu
      Man's heart away from nature becomes hard.
      --Standing Bear
      Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.
      --Rabindranath Tagore
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