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Power Animal of the Week: Raccoon and Koala

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  • Ash
    These two beloved messengers accentuate many of the areas that today s Quado s Garden touched upon in living our Truth. The Koala brings her guidance into how
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2013
      These two beloved messengers accentuate many of the areas that today's Quado's Garden touched upon in living our Truth. The Koala brings her guidance into how we can adapt to any situation while still maintaining our integrity by discovering, embracing and living our deepest and highest truth. Immersing ourselves to where our thoughts, our heart, our choices, all aspects of our life, comes together in unity and focus to live abundantly. Raccoon brings an even deeper root of confidence and teaches more of how we can assert ourselves intelligently as well as passionately. The many masks of raccoon are also a key aspect of adaptability and how we can balance that without stepping out of our integrity. As the message with raccoon touches upon the ability to blend our personal integrity into social acceptability; without looking to others for approval we stay clear, focused and rooted within ourselves, expressing and sharing our truth. Just as koala speaks on being comfortable and blending harmoniously the physical world we live in and the spiritual world we are also equally apart of.

      One key special note, especially during this time of where the energies are deep and powerful around us and moving within us is the need for rejuvenating, restful and peaceful sleep. Whether we are having difficulties in going to sleep or waking up and still feeling tired, whatever the cases may be, we benefit greatly from Koala's teachings. A powerful duo of guides to walk with us this week!

      The Raccoon
      Intelligence          Assertiveness          Confidence

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the raccoon fill you. Click here to listen to the Raccoon's Song.

      The raccoon brings you the great gifts of intelligence and assertiveness.  You will find, with the raccoon energy within you, that you are able to face new situations with confidence, knowing that you are capable of discerning exactly what is going on around you and finding creative solutions to any issues that arise.  You will also find that you are able to move situations toward the resolution you desire, balancing open communication with an assertive push toward the end you have in mind.
      The raccoon is also highly adaptable.  You will now find that you are able to fit easily into many situations.  You may sometimes find it helpful to put on the raccoon’s mask, allowing you to be who you are, yet be appropriate to the situation as well.  This is a very special gift of the raccoon, to blend personal integrity with social acceptability.  Just take a deep breath and ask that the mask come across you, so that others may see what they need to see, even as you remain who you are.
      And now, you are all of this:  intelligent, capable, assertive and confident, adaptable and appropriate.  How fortunate you are to be the raccoon!

      The Koala
      Higher Truth          Adaptability          Peace

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the koala fill you. Click here to Listen to the Koala's Song.

      Welcome the gifts of the koala into your life.   From his life high in the tall gum trees, the koala brings very unique and powerful energy.
      The koala brings you the power to lift yourself up out of your everyday concerns and take the longer view. He will help you to live closer to your higher beliefs, immersing yourself in spirit every day as you go about your life.  With the koala energy within you, every thought and every choice is infused with your personal truth, brought close to you through your proximity to your higher self.
      The koala is also a master at adaptation.  Koala power will allow you to fit seamlessly into life, adapting to your chosen environment with ease, at one with the community and the environment around you.  Conflicts will dissolve as you find you are able to balance being exactly who you are in this world with your higher view of life.  For with koala power, you are comfortable in both worlds, that of the earth and that which touches the heavens.
      The koala is also an excellent sleeper.  If ever you have trouble sleeping, pull in koala energy and let it infuse you and allow you to sleep long and peacefully, no matter where you are.  Just wedge your furry, padded bottom into that tree, breathe in the koala power and doze peacefully, knowing that you are exactly as you should be, right now, in this warm cocoon of koala life.  Ah, how blessed you are!

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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