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Katie Weatherup: An Invitation to Death Valley and "Why Be Fully in your Body?"- Hands over Heart Newsletter

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    In this issue: * A Shamanic Message- Why Be Fully in Your Body? * A Message from Katie * A Shamanic Experience in Death Valley with Katie and Mara- March 15-19
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      In this issue:
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more* A Shamanic Message- Why Be Fully in Your Body?
      * A Message from Katie
      * A Shamanic Experience in Death Valley with Katie and Mara- March 15-19
      * Shamanic Transformation for 2013- A Special Shamanic Healing
      * Spiral Healing- A Personal Shamanic Healing Program
      * Individual and Distance Shamanic Training
      * Share my Healing Space
      * Fr*ee resources
      * Other Recommended Events: Goddess and Drumming Circles with Mara Clear Spring

      A Shamanic Message- - Why Be Fully in Your Body?

      Someone asked me recently, "Why should I be fully in my body? I like how it feels when part of my energy is dancing with the stars." I talk to people all the time about grounding and being in their body. It occurred to me I might not have spent enough time talking about why. First and foremost, having your spirit fully in your body is good for your physical health. It takes an enormous amount of energy to sustain a soul that is dancing half in/half out of a body, since the energy has to travel at great distance. It's like pushing a really long extension cord out from your body, there's a huge loss of power and energy from one end to the other. This means the body has less energy each day, which means that after it's made your lungs breathe and your heart beat, there may not be a lot of resources left for repairing that injured knee or detoxing the liver.

      Plus, being half out of your body tends to make us crave things that are hard on the body like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, or other drugs. This is because we need a stronger experience to feel the body and we're trying to make up for the discomfort of not being fully here. We are way more vulnerable to injury, mishap and bad luck when we don't have our energy fully present in our lives.

      Like our physical health, our energetic health is stronger when we're fully in our body. Being half out leaves dangerous voids that can be occupied by anything from entities to psychic debris floating around the fr*eeway. We are most protected from harmful energy when our energy is present, so there's no space for something from the outside to intrude. Also, people who don't fully reside in the body often end up using space inside their energy field as a storage compartment for old pain and wounds. Being fully in a body keeps energy moving, so old stuff gets cleaned out, allowing you to be permanently fr*ee of it.

      Being partly out of your body will undermine with your ability to effect change and manifest the things you want. You're not here all the way, so you act in your own life almost like a ghost. If you're wanting to have financial security, a romantic relationship, a home, children, a job, it's very, very hard to bring in those things without being fully engaged in the human matrix. It's hard for someone not fully present in their body to set and enforce boundaries as well.

      Perhaps most of all, the existence of half in and half out is fundamentally unfulfilling. It reminds me of when I have a head cold. I may still be able to walk and talk and read email and eat food, but it feels like it's from a great distance and the world is seen through a gray cloud. Someone who isn't fully grounded in their body will never taste the full flavor of food, feel the intensity of heart connection to a loved one, or see the vividness of colors in the natural world. All the beautiful experiences of being human will be muted and distant. And whatever soul lessons or contracts are being played out will often take much longer to complete. If you have a learning lifetime, this way of being is like cutting class half the time.

      So what about dancing among the stars? I love that feeling. Having spent many years somewhat dissociated and not in my body as well as many years being present in my body, I can say that far and away, my most intense ecstatic energetic experiences have happened when I had more ability to ground. There are a lot of circuits in a human being that allow us to feel ecstatic pleasure and the intensity of that experience when profoundly connected to spirit is muted if you're not equally anchored in your body. I love how it feels when the energy of the stars flows through my being and physical body.

      Being fully here takes a lot of commitment and intention. It means being present from moment to moment and being willing to work through old pain. But for most people, the health of the soul and the physical body as well as quality of life are immeasurably improved by being fully here.

      A Message from Katie
      Wow! The last month has been intense. I've had challenges pop up on all sides. Yet, each challenge has been addressed with a fraction of the energy that I've spent on the same issue at other times in my life. And I've been unbelievably supported by my community and friends at every turn. This speaks to what I think of as right alignment. It doesn't mean I won't need to replace my older computer or have my car repaired, but it means that circumstances and people conspire on my behalf to make these things happen with grace and ease. I'm grateful and a bit worn out. For everyone who has been wishing me well, thank you so much!

      I'm so looking forward to Death Valley and being in the desert and hot springs. I hope you'll consider joining Mara and me. It's one of the most amazing things we do.

      My travel ebook- "Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for your Vacations and Vision Quests" is so very close to done. My best guess is that it will be up on Amazon before the end of March. It will have information about things like meeting the land guardian, doing a mini-vision quest, energetically clearing and protecting your hotel room, and how to create your own shamanic mesa with objects from your travels. I'm so very passionate about travel and excited to share ways of making the experience even richer. I'm intending to price it at $0.99 so it will be super accessible.

      If you want more shamanic content, check out The Shamanic Voice for my monthly podcast and the podcast of fellow shamanic practitioners. http://www.theshamanicvoice.com/. You can also stay more connected by sending me a friend request on Facebook.

      A Shamanic Experience in Death Valley with Katie and Mara
      Friday, March 16 through Tuesday, March 19 2013

      Come with us! Join Mara Clear Spring and Katie Weatherup in Death Valley and experience deep healing and transformation activated on sacred land while you are held in a safe container anchored by two shamanic practitioners.

      Surrender to Death Valley, a powerful Earth Altar where you'll shed layers of old beliefs and limiting self-images.

      We'll spend our days exploring the heart of Death Valley's sacred sites and tapping into the profound reservoir of Earth energy and wisdom.
      In the evenings we'll gather at a rustic Hot Springs resort, integrating our journey gently by immersing ourselves in the crystal-infused, magma-heated waters.

      - Connect deeply to yourself, your soul, and your guides on this sacred land.
      - Receive profound initiation and activation.
      - Experience the rocks and stars and soak in local hot springs.

      We will begin Friday evening with opening circle. Saturday, Saturday and Monday will include group shamanic activities, visits to power spots within Death Valley and time for personal vision quests and integration. Space is limited!

      Single Occupancy: $665
      Double Occupancy: $505

      Rate includes 4 nights lodging and retreat fee. Gas and food not included. Choice of occupancy subject to availability, first come, first serve. Carpooling to and from the event will likely be available.

      Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval with Mara or Katie

      Shamanic Transformation for 2013- A Special Shamanic Healing
      Visit the "healing" page of my website for an .mp3 describing this healing. In short, each session includes the following:

      Past Life Clearing- I"ll work with your guides, my guides and Huascar (lord of the Lower World) to clear karma, pain, old contracts, and stories. The intent is to allow you to be released from everything your soul is ready to be done with from the previous cycle. It"s a powerful past life clearing and healing.

      Winter Healing Ceremony- I'll work with the current moment to help ease your burdens, clearing pain and weight that you're carrying. Using a Winter Healing Ceremony channeled by Mara Clear Spring, I'll then carry your burdens to the North Star and return with new energetic gifts.

      Manifestation Activation- I'll bring in your own personal manifestation download to juice up your abilities to dream your world into being.

      The following are the two options for the session format:

      Email: When you sign up for the session and send payment, I'll invite you to send me your intentions about things you want to release and what you want to bring in. Then, within a week, I'll do your journey and email you an .mp3 recording about the journey.

      Cost: $50

      Phone or In Person: We'll pick a time to meet in person or connect over the phone. We'll talk about your intentions, then I'll do the journey on your behalf and report what the guides have shared.

      Cost: $75

      Spiral Healing- A Personal Shamanic Healing Program
      This program is designed to place you under the umbrella of my shamanic care and attention. I will help you juice up your manifestation requests and offer deep individual healing. What's alive for me is to go deep with people. I love when I get to hold vision, connection, and support people in an ongoing way. This offering is around my ability to hold profound space on a shamanic level for your life to unfold for the highest and best. It is about holding the vision for your journey while working with the guides to call in profound destiny paths. I want you to have what you want.

      There are a number of different kinds of healing work I do for my clients, depending on what is most needed. This program allows me to go deeper, providing healing in specific areas. In a normal healing session, I might do ancestral healing if it's more urgently needed than extraction and past life healing. In this program, I'll do all three and more.

      Having shamanic healing work done in such a focused way provides an opportunity for your soul to become healthier and stronger at a highly accelerated pace.

      The program will offer personal shamanic healing in the following areas:

      * Strengthening of energetic connections to heaven and earth and auric repair as well as ensuring your team of guides is in place
      * Cord Cutting and Clearing
      * Shamanic Extraction
      * Chakra opening, repair, cleansing, and empowering
      * Personal Power Healing
      * Past Life Healing
      * Inner Child Healing
      * Ancestral Healing
      * Shadow Work

      What's included:
      * Two general .mp3 recordings each month with information about the type of healing you will receive that month
      * My personal intention on your behalf- I will work with my guides and your guides to support you in whatever you are wanting to manifest.
      * General space holding and intention- you can write me throughout the month as things come up. I will hold intent on your behalf.
      * Personal healing journey- each month you will receive a personal healing journey related to the two topics for the month. The details of the journey will be emailed as an .mp3 recording.

      Space is limited. Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval

      Cost: $135 per month for 5 months

      Individual and Distance Shamanic Training
      I offer ongoing distance and one-on-one shamanic training. I've created .mp3 recordings of my Spiral Wisdom classes that cover the various topics like cord cutting, ancestral healing, shadow work, past life healing, etc. The distance training includes a combination of the recordings, email support and individual sessions. Learn to talk directly to your guides while embarking on a powerful personal healing journey.

      Share my Healing Space
      My healing space is currently underutilized. If you're starting a practice or want to offering healing work, classes, massage, or just have a quiet meditation space, please consider renting some hours. A five hour block of time each week is available for $100/month, which works out to around $5/hr. Pictures are available on my facebook page:

      Fr*ee resources
      Check out the "articles" page at
      www.handsoverheart.com for an article on fire ceremony, a powerful healing and manifestation tool. Also, there is a fr*ee .mp3 for manifesting money and one for emotional balance.

      Other Recommended Events: Goddess and Drumming Circles and Shamanic Training with Mara Clear Spring

      Myztic Isle Shamanic Drumming Circle
      Tuesday, 3-12-13, 7 pm, $20: Your 2013 Power Animal It's the Year of the Water Snake for the entire world, but what Helping Spirit is ready and willing to come in just for you?

      Tree of Life Shamanic Goddess Circle
      Friday, 3-22-13: Reclaim Your Goddess Zone! Space Clearing and Setting for you at the Tree of Life in Ocean

      Spring Renewal Ceremony at the Fire Ring Drumming Circle, Saturday, 3-30-13

      Healing Sessions with Mara - Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Healing, Chakra work and more.

      Contact Mara at Mara@... or 619-972-2469. Or visit her website: www.maraclearspring.com.

      To make sure my emails always come through, add katie@... to your address book.

      For any questions, contact me at 619-518-7658 or at katie@... or visit www.handsoverheart.com
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