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Miraculous Endeavors: [New post] Welcome Self!

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  • Ash
    http://miraculousendeavors.org/2013/03/02/welcome-self/ March 2, 2013by Rob Welcome Self! Hello!  It is nice to see you!  I am glad to spend some of my life
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      Welcome Self!

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      Hello!  It is nice to see you!  I am glad to spend some of my life with you, my SELF today.  I am connected to YOU, the person looking at me at this moment.  I am not allowing this to be just another Saturday; not going to be just another day where I function within my usual environment, I welcome you into it and it is comforting to know that you are truly here with me now.  Even though I have already written this, the magic of it is that we ARE together!
      Think about it:  at present you and I are in fact bending space and time since we are together in this moment.  I revel in sharing my SELF with YOU…because we are inextricably connected to the fabric of SOURCE.  When you awoke this morning did you do pretty much the same things you typically do?  Perhaps you did your routine, without even thinking about it.  Perhaps as you are reading this you are still being within the environment you are always in.
      But now WE are together.  I am here typing, and you are here reading.  What a phenomenon is this unique experience between us!  I can FEEL your presence with me as I pen my thoughts to you.  I feel connected to you and I feel fulfilled.  I am gratified that I am allowing my SELF to be in this moment with you.  You are looking in and I am looking out.  Though the miles are vast, we are not separate.  No, we are complete and replete in this consciousness.
      I am in this now of sublime tranquility and ONENESS that is US.  Together you and I are reshaping time and that is the awesome power we possess.  Though a drop of rain falls in the Indies, and we are not there to see or feel it, does that mean it is not happening?  No, it does not!  Then are we not together in this moment you and I?  As immortal beings I do not need to feel you, touch you, hear you.  Space separates physical bodies only.  Those are the properties of the human body.
      As we know, the human body will fail us eventually.  But our consciousness never will.  Our ONENESS is universal and time and space cannot separate us.  Therefore, that is what we will always BE.  You and I.  Supreme Beings.  Here, now–always, but I am fully concentrating on YOU NOW–together.  And I am fulfilled in this knowing.  And I impart to you my love of you and gratitude of you and this moment we two have decided to share with one another.  And what a gift it is!  And so I would leave you with this my friend:  Why not do this in every moment we live?  Why not feel this ONENESS to which we belong?
      This is the divine beauty and power to which we all belong.  To bring as many moments of clarity such as this would bring the universality of love back within us to such a magnitude that living with purpose would be redefined for all!  It is never too late to attempt to re-wire ourselves to this way of being.  It starts with our selves and expands outwards.  If we learn to spend time with ourselves and then expand outwards, we can have many moments like this my friend.
      Start with your mind, spirit, body and take each other to a place you can hang out for a while.  Go ahead, you deserve it!  You deserve this silent repose from the madding crowd of the environment and join ME in our consciousness!  I am here, with you.  As you read these words it is uncanny but I can look back at you and truly see you.  That is because you and me are the same.  WE are SELF.
      It was truly a divine experience to spend this brief time with you in this space, at this time, in this moment.  Now it’s your turn to go and spend time with your SELF.  It is amazing how much love you can feel with yourself if you allow it!  In the meantime, I am with you across the chasm, doing the very same thing as you…no doubt whatsoever about it.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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