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1,2,3 JUMP! Simion Transmission March 2013

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  • Ash
    The Transformation Series March 2013 1...2...3... JUMP! SIMIONthrough Amariah Mara _________________________________________________________________________ We
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      leaping people
      The Transformation Series

      March 2013

      throughAmariah Mara


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.

      In the last transmission of this series, we spoke of the art of true Surrender.  That is an important step in your becoming whole.  It is beneficial that you continually consider your state of Surrender so that you will be ready to Jump.  Remember to raise your white flag as you set out for the next step in realizing your soul's creative power, which is that there is a time when you need to Jump! Disclaimer here is that this is a metaphor.  Don't jump off a real cliff tomorrow.

      "First you want us to Surrender," as if that isn't hard enough, "and now you ask us to Jump?"  Jump from what to where, you may ask.  The answer to that, is up to you.  Though, do consider this question deeply before making your leap.

      There may be a series of leaps for you to make.  Maybe you have made a few already and it is time for another level.  Perhaps you have already made a really big jump off a cliff, figuratively.  And landed in a new land.  Maybe it is time for you to make the next leap into the bottomless pond.  Whenwe speak of jumping, it is about fearlessly leaping into the unknown after your dreams and purpose.  You won't realize miracles unless you are prepared to go into the abyss with courage and certainty.  It is this very state of mind that makes miracles and dreams come true.

      standing on the cliff edge If you stay on the edge waiting for the dream to come to you, you will be standing there waiting for a long, long, long time.  You make the dreams true. And to do so, requires a beyond logic faith in your potential within the sphere of your connection to All That Is.  Once you have surrendered to your internal divinity and to the knowing that you attract all your experiences to you, then it is time to Jump into your dream!

      Now, there is this significant, one, two, three part that comes prior to any leap. What happens in those preparatory moments when you are about to jump?  It may go something like this; You stand up and think, "One...Yes, I WANT to do this. You prepare to move and think, Two...Yes, I CAN do this. You get a running start and think, "Three, I am DOING it."  ........and then you DO IT!   You JUMP!  If it is a meaningful leap you go right into the cold water, or out into thin air, or onto the hot coals, unknowing of exactly what will come.  You transcend the fear of freezing, or of loosing your breath, or burning your toes.

      You will not make such a leap if you haven't done your one, two, three.
        This is key.  For many, these three things can take a lifetime regarding the leap that really matters for them.  Many of you already see clearly what the one two three implies, but we will tell you to be sure. 

      leaping ladyOne, is the state of DESIRE.  Two, is the state of BELIEF, and three is the state of ACTION!  The Leap itself, is the state of CERTAINTY!  You are all savvy souls and thus you recognize the significance of all these elements in creation.  We are merely here to remind you of this process and that you can do 1, 2, 3 all day long, but you will not get to #4, where the dreams come true, without certainty.  Without this, you may stop at the cliff edge and waiver.  Some may fall backwards, and say "Whew, I almost went over and would surely have died."  Others will Fall off the cliff and surely will die.  And their dream never comes true and they have not fulfilled their purpose.

      Don't Jump if you don't have the Certainty to match the level of your leap.   We will repeat this; DO not JUMP if you do not have the level of CERTAINTY appropriate to what you are about to leap into.  Find the Faith before you Fall.   You can see why the quality of your surrender may be important here, right? 

      Let's think on our 1, 2, 3's further to make sure you are ready.  First, forget going anywhere if your desire is dim.  DESIRE is your urge, your motivation, your spark of ideas.  It is what makes you stand up and face the abyss in the first place.  It is all revealed, right there, in the number ONE itself.  Stand up and have a direction, a motive, a purpose.  If you don't have one, get up and get one.  This is not a passive process. It is a creative one.  Meaning, create it!  Do not wait for purpose to come to you. Inspire it within yourself.  Many make the mistake of thinking purpose will find them.  They sit around waiting for the impetus to knock them over the head.  At the very least, walk around and look for it. Seek it, look for inspiration and signs that there is a cliff out there that you may want to jump off.  When we see all the humans sitting around waiting to be hit with rocks, we laugh at your silliness, with compassion, of course.

      Runners prep positionOkay, so let us say, you are there.  You have stood up in desire with purpose, and you now see the cliff in the distance.  Excellent!  Now for number, Two.  This is where you muster up the BELIEF in your dream.  We have spoken about this in more detail in a previous transmission.  If you reach number two, you have enough belief to get your legs in that ready to run position, because you have convinced yourself that you can make it. 

      Some will bounce on their heels and stretch and stretch and bounce in this position for a lifetime, going back and forth questioning, can I, or not?  When you are firm in your Belief that you Can, then your stance is strong and you are nimble and ready to go. Are you?  It is helpful if you really BELIEVE before you take off running, or you may stumble a lot when you do.  Is this terrible?  No.  You will just have to keep stopping to get back in your number two runners position and it may take you longer to get to the edge of your new reality.

      Once you are there, do not forget number three, and that is to RUN.  This is you on your way taking ACTIONS.  Action is necessary or you clearly will go nowhere and your legs will get soar from trying to constantly reestablish or maintain that preparatory position.  Without actually running, you may eventually just fall down in place and loose your belief all together. 

      running womanThe RUN is what gives the dream some real legs, some gusto.  It revs up your desire and belief.  It is what allows opportunity to come your way, because you are making it come your way. You cannot JUMP on belief alone, as you will still be on dry, infertile land, since you haven't moved toward your dream yet.  Do you see the importance of taking ACTION! 

      And do you furthermore, see the importance of continuing your ACTION, even if you stumble or lose sight of the cliff edge at times?  If it rains or gets foggy and you can't see the cliff any more, simply stop and regroup.  Keep your desire alive, or even adjust its focus so you can see better, then get in your belief stance again.  No biggy.  Sometimes, the path to the dream or purpose may be different than you expected.  Be okay with this and remain fluid and willing to take your run around a few rocks, or hold off until after a storm passes.  Be fluid in your Actions, but do take them and keep on taking them. 

      Great! you are on number three.  You are off and running.  You are being fluid and shifting around obstacles, but you keep running.  You see the cliff edge in sight!  You maintain a focus on the purpose as you go.  You are also keeping in mind all the while that there will come a time for you to really JUMP?  Or will you be one of those that just keeps running and running and running until you will finally just Burn Out?  We see this a lot on your world also; Runners who never find enough trust to actually materialize what they are running after.

      Thus, this transmissions reminder.  Don't forget to JUMP! 

      jumping ladyWhile you are running, keep surrendering to your divine connection, so that you will be ready and know when you can jump with complete certainty that you will be your dream.  The act of the final jump is this knowing, and it is what creates within the fire, the air, the waters, the earth of creation, the purity of your vision. 

      It is while you are into the Jump that all the elements come together to make your purpose your life.  In that place, you will not burn, be buried, drown, or lose your breath.  Instead, you find yourself fully enriched with new life, warmth, nurturing and invigorating fresh air.

      We want to see you all take this JUMP with the lift of all your 1, 2, 3s. 
      We shall see you on the other side of the cliff!

      In honor of your JUMP
      ~ Simion

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