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White Wolf Journeys: The Power of Focused Prayers

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  • Ash
    Weave the Web   March 1, 2013 The Power of Focused Prayer A Call To Join Together As my days on the island of Maui drew me deeper into the spirit of this
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      Weave the Web
      March 1, 2013
      The Power of Focused Prayer
      A Call To Join Together
      As my days on the island of Maui drew me deeper into the spirit of this sacred place, the magick with the whales would continue.  On my next trip out on the water, we were greeted with a true blessing as we came upon a baby that had been born only hours before.  So new was this beautiful being born into the earth vibration that the mother needed to balance the baby on her nose as the baby had not yet learned to swim or breathe.  For me this symbolized that we as the awakened human species are just learning to breathe and swim after the huge shift that occurred with the 12:12:12 and the galactic alignment of 12:21:12.  The Goddess is gently embracing each of us, holding us as we move through the emotional clearing that each of us are experiencing.
      Mercury has now gone retrograde so remember, look inward and review what is creating an imbalance in your life.  Remember  plans will change moment to moment so learn to go with the flow.   You or those you love will feel hyper sensitive during this review period and communication will be a true challenge as people feel misunderstood.  The divine mother goddess is holding us up as we learn how to swim, so when you feel stressed, confused and frustrated practice calling in the Aloha spirit, breathing in deeply the energy of love and releasing all negative thoughts, worries and doubts.  Close your eyes down and envision waves of love coming into the heart center, release the breath and release the tension or stress.  Do this 30 times.  Make a point to do this once a day during the retrograde period. 
      As I sat that night at sunset with my dear friends Ded and Ted, we were also gifted with a display of an entire pod of whales rapidly moving through the water exactly when the sun set.  The energy as I stepped into the water to feel their life force was electrifying.  I could feel everything on the earth grid accelerating.    The lessons will come faster and faster now but the healing will be instantaneous. 
      Hours before I was scheduled to depart Maui I could feel the spirit of the island was keeping me here and I was not ready to leave.  I thought it was the whales as there would be a few more encounters but I have found there is more.  On Sunday, March 3rd there is an activation of sending light through the cosmic web that I am asking all of you to support.  Haleakala is a powerful energy vortex on the earth grid and the spirit has called me to remain on the island to assist in a circle that will be created to send prayer and healing to Nairobi where we as a global community have an opportunity to create a shift in consciousness.  I am including a beautiful video that will elaborate on the significance of this event.
      For those of you who can, please hold a silent prayer at the following times:
      Auckland, New Zealand – 5:36pm, March 4th
      Bali – 12:36pm, March 4th
      Beijing, China – 12:36pm, March 4th
      California – 8:36pm Sunday,  March 3rd
      Cusco, Peru – 11:36pm, March 3rd
      Hawaii – 6:36pm Sunday, March 3rd
      London, England – 4:35am, March 4th
      Nairobi, Kenya - 7:36am, March 4th
      New York – 11:36pm – March 3rd
      Switzerland – 5:36am, March 4th
      Sydney, Australia – 3:36pm, March 4th
      Tokyo, Japan – 1:36pm, March 4th
      Tulum, Mexico – 10:36pm, March 3rd
      Fill a bowl of water with rose petals and hold it over your heart for five minutes.  See that you connect to the energy vortex of Haleakala which is in direct alignment with Mount Shasta.  From that point of light see that the energy moves to your sacred space and from your  heart send a prayer to Nairobi.  A small group will gather on the top of the crater at sunset to pray that the past imprint shift and the higher frequency of light ensure a positive outcome for the election that will take place.
      With Mercury Retrograde it is a positive time to heal the past on a global level.
      Never doubt the power we each have when we combine an energy.
      Love and rainbows, Robbyne
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      White Wolf Journeys

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