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Goddess Light Teleconference: Activating Your DNA

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      Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!
      Here we are, moving through 2013.  Time feels as if it's flying, as we are moving at a faster and faster rate in time.  In fact, it feels as if we can bend time more easily than ever!!

      I anticipate I'll be in the conference on Sunday, but I may cancel at the last minute if my daughter goes into labor!!  I just wanted to give people a heads up.  She's due at any time now so one never knows.  This is a truly glorious light who's coming in to bless our family and the world~~  He's a boy, but no name as yet.
      We have the Equinox coming up next month!  I’ll be offering a channel on Friday, March 22nd.  It will be available through the Any Meeting or if you’d like, you can join me in person. I have a sense that we'll hear from the Pleaidian's  perhaps the dolphins and more. Here’s the information to register:  SPRING/ FALL EQUINOX CELEBRATION.
      I’m now publishing each of the teleconferences on my YouTube station!! If you want to watch it live, it’s in a ‘hang out’. You can find me listed as GoddessLightShelly  In addition, I am now posting the video’s in my website.  When you click on the link in the teleconference section, it will take you to the transcript, the video and the audio.   
      I am available for Private channels or perhaps you’d like to download one of the meditations.  They are available as mp3 download or CD.  Now is a time for transformation in your life!!

      I love to meet up with you on Facebook, so please check out my LINK TO GODDESS LIGHT PAGE  I’m also on Twitter as Shelly Dressel.  Then in YouTube at goddesslightshelly. Then lastly www.theawakenet.org where I do channels once a month.  I’d love to hear from you!   
      For those of you who prefer Skype for the teleconference, it's finally working better!!  When in Skype, please use the address freeconferencing.0075 This is a more secure link.  You then click 'call' across the top and look for the keypad on which to then dial in the room. 


      Sending lots of love and joy~



      Latest Goddess Light Teleconference:
      Activating Your DNA
      The Goddess began this channel with speaking of love and referencing the last channel which was Pure, Unconditional Love from 02-03-13.  The energy immediately was flowing through all who were present. From there she shifted in the place where everyone’s higher self resides. 
      One of the differences in the channels since the beginning of 2013 is that the Goddess is creating a space where we can really know our higher selves.  Prior to this year, we would shift to the magnetic grid; pause and then move into the crystalline grid; pause and then move into the Soul Plane.  As a part of the shift in energies, she’s working with everyone so that you’ll really know your higher self and have a greater ease with connecting to that energy.
      Once we were in the All That Is, the Goddess began talking about DNA.  She spoke of the various strands and the transitions that are taking place.  She said that there were a potential for 144 strands of DNA to be activated.  She also said that the higher strands were in alignment with the higher dimensions and levels of vibration. 
      As she spoke of the DNA, she invited everyone to align with their own as a form of reference.  I could see the parts of DNA that aligned all of humanity to each other. As each person was linking with their DNA, she spoke of the various experiences that people have in their lives.  She gave as an example; perhaps 50 people have a particular strand or pattern say that aligned with cancer; 20 people got cancer, some had a scare, some had no reaction.  She spoke of the intention we make prior to being born for certain things to happen in our lives.  So while some may have a potential for something, they never tap into it.  She spoke of how we can work with the DNA to create a change.  I perceived strands where many were dormant, but certain ones were highlighted or different.  In aligning with those that were illuminated, but associated with something we wanted to move beyond; she spoke of working with the energy to shift it and create a greater balance.   It was truly very powerful!!
      From there she pulled it all together by bringing in the Lightbody energies as our highest, lightest vibration.  Then allowing that to flow through illuminating our mental bodies, emotional and physical bodies, it gave us a chance to shift through those parts of ourselves.  So in essence, we can make changes in our lives, from the level of our most basic physical – our DNA to our lightest most transparent – our Lightbody.  What was interesting to me was that our DNA was in alignment with our Lightbody to a degree; as if all came full circle.   

      NEW!! You may now watch the YouTube video of this channel from my website if you're interested. 
      There is soooo much available to you in my website! I'm in there every day and I hope you will take the time to explore everything that's available.  It's so much easier to read now that the channel and the Q&A are separated.  You can catch up on things more easily.  

      Private Channels
      Testimonials:Here are some of the comments I receive from people about the channels they receive; some private, some the Goddess Teleconferences.  

      Thank you Shelly, something very big is healed.  I feel so happy. .....I feel so clear right now, like I can focus and silence my mind for as long as needed having no thoughts what so ever.  I’m back!  Talk to you again

      ****I have enjoyed working with you on a monthly basis because I know that things are moving and that it's only a couple weeks until we get together again! Thank you for that. 
      There are different ways in which to receive a private channel.  You can speak directly with the angels through the telepohone or Skype.  Or you can communciate with Shelly, submit a list of questions or intentions and they will do the channel for you without  you being present.  Both formats offer a tremendous amount of potential for change.  In most cases, either format can leave you feeling transformed. 

      Shelly has an ability to create a very clear link with the Angels, guides and God/ Goddess.  She's very effective in her channeling whether it's about information, healing, you're present or remote.  See what it'll bring for you! 

      There are packages available if you would like to sign up for multiple channels that would be spread over time or combine it with a meditation.  
      Next Teleconference
      Sunday, March 3, 2013
      9:00 pm Eastern Time
      Access code : 642149#
      Featured Lightworker
      Featured lightworker:  I believe we are all here in support of each other.  For every expansion one person has, so do the rest of us.  In this section I am sharing with you people who I’ve come into contact with that I think you may also enjoy.  I will at times feature an organization or others who are even more well known.  If you would like me to feature you and your work, please send me your information.

      Today I'm posting about another one of blogs! Maybe I'll change this to a 'blog review'.  We'll see.  I am offering this blog in two places. It's in WordPress and my website.  I'm seeking to create conversation about the teleconferences.  So I write the blog about what my experience and perceptions were during the channel.  I'd love to hear what your experience was like~~~

      I am a little slower to get this blog posted! I’m not sure what my resistance was, but recognize I probably processing something.  How much of the time are we processing things….. that we don’t even know we’re processing?  I think that goes on a LOT!  I have learned over the years to just go with it.  For me, many times it means I’m reading, reading, reading.  I’d imagine people are thinking cool what books; as if they are wonderful metaphysical books.  NOT, sorry :)  I read books that are mindless that I don’t have to think about or focus upon when I’m in this space.  This time it’s been 3 back to back books about shape shifting by Patricia Briggs.  Now today I’ve gotten more done this morning that all week!So I guess I’m where I need to be. 

      Anyway, back to my topic on this blog.  I’ve just finished re-reading the channel from the last teleconference: Activating Your DNA.  Can I just say OMG!! No wonder I’ve spent a week processing.  There was so much information in this channel and the energies were really transformational. 

      We all have our DNA.  It’s what makes us who we are; it’s what makes us a part of humanity.  As the Goddess took us upon this journey, she opened up a door that allowed you to access your own DNA at a deeper level.   

      What was interesting is that as I read through the teleconference today, I could hear people saying ‘Who do you think you are, God?’  or ‘Why are playing around with that? It’s not your business.’  or ‘You have NO RIGHT going there’.  Is this me thinking this? Am I feeling it from the many people who have already read or listened to it?  I don’t know that it really matters where it came from, if it’s something in the energy, I’d like to talk about it. 

      We all have created potentials for ourselves prior to manifesting into life.  I think we as a soul essence had certain things that were pretty strongly intended.  I think we then realized that there would many different ways to have that experience.  So as we are living our lives, we are opening to different experiences.  I choose a life of flow.  I choose to allow things to pass me by whenever they create drama to a feeling of banging my head against the wall!

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