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Pure & at one with the Earth's life force meditation

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  • Ash
    Source/Post: Gaia Minute http://www.naturalbeautytheblog.com/2011/05/katya-horner.html http://www.channelinnomatrix.com/english/main.htm
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      Source/Post: Gaia Minute

      Pure & at one with the Earth's life force meditation

      Meditation ~ Feel pure and at one with the Earth's life force
      You find yourself sitting by this waterfall.  You are warmed by the sunlight and cooled by the gentle breeze.  On the wind you can hear birdsong, which makes you smile.  You can smell fragrant flowers near by and this makes you smile even more.  As you are sitting there you reflect on how wonderful nature is.  Without knowing it you begin to realise that the sound of the water falling has heightened your senses.  Its repetition draws you in and you begin to breathe in rhythm with the falling water.
      Immediately it makes you feel more relaxed.  You notice you are being covered in spray and it is cold and refreshing.  You close your eyes to enhance this sensation.  This allows you to enjoy every drop of spray which lands on your body.  You open your eyes and to your amazement you are now within one of these drops of water.  You can see out, but you know you are enclosed and it feels great.  You can hear the Earth's rhythm.
      It is like a heart beat and your body begins to resonate with the pulse of the Earth.  The energy in your body intensifies to the point where you lose sight of your physical self.  You are at one with the water drop.  You are intensely clean, pure and energised fully.  You breathe in and know that purification is running through the very essence of you.  You begin to recognise the Earth's remedies being given to you and you welcome these.  You allow this to continue for as long as is necessary.
      When you are fulfilled you drop into the cascade of churning water at the base of the waterfall.  The noise is awesome and the power is beyond any force you have experienced before.  You feel within your being an increase in energy, a higher vibration and another level of cleansing given by the sound.  It is as if  everything holding you back has been cleansed away by the water and sound.
      Your chakras have been realigned with the Earth and all she has to offer.  Amazing cannot even begin to describe how you feel.  As the water quietens, the cascades settle into a slow burbling brook, and you find yourself back in your physical frame, re-energised and at peace.  You notice you are in your comfortable place bursting with happiness....
      from the book Enlightenment through orbs by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell
      Love is always with us, blessings always


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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