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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Eight of Crystals

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  • Ash
    ...Look into the deeper realms of your life to discover the gifts that you can share with the world. Allow your hidden skills and creative abilities to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2013
      "...Look into the deeper realms of your life to discover the gifts that you can share with the world. Allow your hidden skills and creative abilities to manifest."

      As today's message affirms to each of us the number 8 can represent the infinite potential with all human beings. That vastness which lies within us. We can See and Know that infinite potential and with our intent, our focus, our passion and our love that infinite potential become infinite manifestations. 

      Strive for excellence is used within our message today and let us keep "strive" in that context that resonates fully for each of us. Here strive is not a struggle nor battle. Within this message strive shows and speaks to our dedication, our commitment, our passion. That we find that inner fire and focus where we hold to nothing less than the perfect expression of any of the gifts that we have and there are many. Delve deeper and discover more that is there and rediscover the wonder and embrace that which speaks the highest and the deepest to you. That which you easily and freely and fully choose to embody and exemplify. For when you make that choice, when you flow into that unity and expression you are walking more fully into what it means to be a Divine Creator. For what you are creating goes into the world around you and spreads across this globe. A service that you give which comes from your Spirit it helps in transforming the world when this comes from a place of Love. True, Pure, Unconditional Love and especially as these gifts are within the fields of art, music and service to others. These gifts that you hold and hone are an extension of YOU. They bring inspiration as they and you lift and touch the hearts and lives of many. More awaken to their potential and become custodians, as today's message affirms, of Divine Love and Wisdom.

      I have been touched by the grace of those special souls who have given, from their Heart and Spirit, their love and support. Seeing them excel in themselves and how they give and stand for their principles and show the beauty of their Spirit that radiates outward have been apart of my own transformation and growth. You know who you are and we are the forerunners to stand and see this world transformed by the transformation we achieve within. We Are The Transformation. Let us continue to inspire, touch and share in that alchemical spark that will transmute and transform this world through the fruits, act and root of Love for All Unconditionally with our passion shining brightly. *:x lovestruck

      Eight of Crystals
      Your card is...

      Eight of Crystals

      The precision of a figure skater is inspiring to watch. The time and practice that must be devoted to the sport are apparent when one sees the grace and form demonstrated by a skater on the frozen surface. As the skater glides and dances on the ice, it appears as if he or she has united with a band of angels, joyfully spinning in the cosmic vortex of life. The figure skater exemplifies a perfect union or balance between nature and humanity. Deep-seated changes and transformation-represented by the number 8-occur for the dedicated individual who achieves excellence in a specialized talent. At this level of inspiration, the influence of greatness affects the greater community. This is the ultimate use of skills that can transfigure the world. When individuals are willing to strive for success in the fields of art, education, and social service, humanity begins to fulfill its potential as a custodian of divine love and wisdom on our planet. The child skater on this card is creating a figure eight, the ancient symbol of infinity (often drawn as a double-coiled serpent biting its own tail). In the Eight of Crystals, the pattern represents the infinite potential of the human being. When this card appears in your reading, look into the deeper realms of your life to discover the gifts that you can share with the world. Allow your hidden skills and creative abilities to fully manifest.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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