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Quado's Garden: Glow From Within

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  • Ash
    Awareness: A deep self-awareness is a cornerstone of today s foundation. This message comes in perfect timing as we are now within the very beginning of this
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 23, 2013
      Awareness: A deep self-awareness is a cornerstone of today's foundation. This message comes in perfect timing as we are now within the very beginning of this current Mercury Retrograde cycle. This self-awareness is not becoming self-absorbed; it is becoming more conscious of who we are, how we project our energy and ourselves and especially in how our energy and choices interact with, and can affect, others. We are stifling ourselves nor are we "on hold" but this awareness does assist us in growing to learn more and how to walk within our integrity with ourselves and others.

      It is always prudent to take the time to examine ourselves but also to keep in mind not to be overly critical toward ourselves in the process. Have we been overly critical toward others? Shift the perspective to see where that originates and we will discover that strong criticism does stem from a very similar or mirrored view of ourselves. What we focus our attention, our energy, our thoughts upon we do draw to ourselves. Hence when we are overly critical we find ourselves surrounded by those of a very similar mindset or attitude. Learn how to give and receive constructive criticism especially toward yourself. Let that be from an attitude that is not judgmental but from a place of respect and love. That you are wishing to inspire and encourage yourself and, by virtue of that, you will do so for others and you will find yourself surrounded by those who give the same towards you.

      Combine the skills of a counselor, a detective and a surgeon together to See and learn more of Who You Are and rediscovering your personal Truth. Remember just as we grow, change and evolve in life so too can your Truth do the same. This can be a journey that we embark upon with a fresh air of Openness and excitement. In the process we are learning and relearning how to be more accepting, understanding, compassionate and loving toward ourselves; again as we so think and focus so will we project and attract. So the more you make that conscious choice to be tolerant, respectful, honest, forgiving, understanding, compassionate, loyal and loving those become apart of your fire, of your radiance. You are those and more as you find yourself, center Your Self and allow You to glow from deep inside of you. We learn how to project this out from Spirit who dwells within and has always been apart of our Heart, our Soul.

      As today's message affirms embrace your Truth, whatever that may be, with passion and love allowing yourself to experience your Truth passing and moving it in and through Love, Compassion and Tolerance. That is a purifying process where you remove the any and all that does speak to and from your Heart, your Soul. You begin moving from reflecting the energy of others to tapping into that Deep, Eternal, Divine reservoir which is endless and always apart of You. The more you glow from within you find greater strength, deeper love & compassion and equally as deep a passion for life. You have worth, value and meaning. Your Truth, Your Gifts, Your Radiance with glow with self-respect, love, peace and compassion. That is more than enough and you will see more of those who find their own Center, Truth and Worth. Surrounding ourselves with those who walk in their own integrity and shining their Truth with Love. Then we are not placing ourselves to where we need to fend off anothers energies that we do not care for or does not resonate with our Truth. We are creating a beautiful Divine Synergy together with those who do. That is apart of the foundation in the world is changed as we have already begun to change ourselves from within. As Within So Without.



      Glow from Within

      Today, be aware of the energy you are projecting.  Be aware of its effect on others and its effect on you.  You are, at all times, projecting an aura of energy that affects your health, your attitude and the way others perceive you and react to you.
      If you are overly critical of others, you will be surrounded by critics.  If you are judgmental, you will be surrounded by judges.  If you are overreacting emotionally, you will live in a world of drama.  If, on the other hand, you are peaceful and centered, caring and compassionate, you will find that the others around you calm down and move into a more peaceful state along with you.
      Today, be consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they are translated into energy.  Then take your energy out of your mind and center it in your heart and your solar plexus.  Find there the light that is burning, the storehouse of energy that you are generating.  Then open and allow yourself to glow. 
      From your center, glow with peace and a deep understanding of your personal truth.  This is who you are and you can learn to project it out energetically.  And from your heart, glow with love.  Take your truth and move it through love, compassion and tolerance before presenting your truth to the world.
      Consciously cease reflecting energy from others and instead move to your own storehouse of self-generated energy.  You will find that the supply is endless.  And the more energy you project from these centers, the more powerful and energetic you will feel.  The more you glow from within, the less exhausted you will be from trying to fend off other energies you do not care for.  Make your glow so strong, that you are never concerned with what others project.  You are glowing with self and truth, love and peace, and it is enough.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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