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Gaia Online Tarot: the Tree ~ the Wheel ~ Gaia, the World

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    As this begins the first day of the Mercury Retrograde let us be mindful of those areas which are a key focus during these periods. A time of quietness, prayer
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2013
      As this begins the first day of the Mercury Retrograde let us be mindful of those areas which are a key focus during these periods. A time of quietness, prayer and meditation. This is not in any way meaning that we put our life "on hold and do nothing". We are, in fact, doing the opposite. Mindful prayer and meditation has the connotation of doing nothing when the reality is that this is an powerful action: One that we discover deep inspiration and illumination. Rediscovering that even in the midst of the world around us seemingly out of control you are not out of control of yourself. You surrender, and keep to heart what true surrender represents, to swimming against the flow and open ourselves to the flow of the river, to the heartbeat of the Earth, to the Hand of Spirit there within us. We have a Divine Opportunity to shift our perspective, to see with a renewed eye and vision in reclaiming our serenity, our peace, our lives.

      When the Tree states "You are no longer in charge of your life" take that opportunity to shift your understanding. We are no longer in charge of the life that we have lived, the one that we knew before. One where we lived in confusions, doubts, fears...one that we perceived being powerless to effect the course of our lives, our world. All of those attachments and now it is time to release that life we are no longer in charge of because we release that life and all of those mindsets, those attachments. We can contest or wrestle with this transition or we can Open ourselves to stepping into the new life that is birthing right here within us. Where we are reclaiming our power. We are dying to the old life and being born into the new one. One where we have all those illusions cast aside that saw we are at the whim of capricious universe and world with no meaning, no hope, no clear path nor understanding in life. We are the life that we choose and we can choose to come into this new life Knowing that change is imminent and calls to us because we have called to and for that change.

      The change that comes is a reflection of the change that we have made, are making and stepping into making within us. We Are The Change that comes into our world. Yes some of these will be challenging yet, there again, shift our perspective in how we See and receive challenges. Oftentimes many of us hear of a challenge coming to us or see a situation as a challenge and there is a type of reactive thought of concern, worry, etc. Not being sure if we are up to the task and a "Why now?" or "why me?" question. Challenges are not designed to hinder, limit nor reduce us especially not within this new paradigm we are entering and creating. These are answer to us and from us which are designed to strengthen us, encourage us and ignite us. Instead of "why now?" perhaps our thoughts can be "finally now!", "Yes I can!", "I am more than ready", and more.

      Some change will be subtle, some will be more evident yet in each instance we can become intuitive to recognize the cycles and the change which come with us, from us and to us. Remember to keep the first message key to your mind, soul and heart. That place of quietness and reflection. Thoughtfulness, prayer and meditation. These are the actions that produce deep and great change and there will be a continual and perpetual outflow and spring of unconditional love there within us. That reservoir which brings us to the Resolution of Gaia, the World, and that is the resolution, the Knowing that "All shall be well" for you are at peace inside. Releasing the need to "figure out the process". Instead coming to the realization that You Are The Process and through the experience themselves you come to Know your Self, our Mother Earth and Source for what these show the integration of your mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Seeing that they have never truly been separate. All has been a perception and how we grow. Seeing this beloved Earth, Spirit/Source and You as all apart of the Divine Presence and outflow of life brimming with an expanded consciousness of how all of life is deeply connected.

      As was shared at the beginning...yes you are no longer in control of that life which you once were, the life that was. For you have stepped into a deeper and higher life that are able to See Your Self at the center of and in that there you have found Your Divine Self. Your Purpose. Becoming Your Path and Know the majesty of Who You Are, Your Connection To All Life and The Unconditional Love of the Ages that brings change and with that peace, serenity, wholeness, passion, healing, joy and the music that fills this Universe for these blessings come from and flow to you.


      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      12 - the Tree
      Letting go

      You have the opportunity to release attachments and surrender to the flow. You are no longer in charge of your life. It isn't a time to resist, for everything is out of your control. Give it up. Your world may feel like it's been turned upside down. You can fight this reversal — you can go into it kicking and screaming — or you can surrender with grace and take it as an opportunity to see your life from a different perspective. It is a time to take no action, other than meditation and prayer. Learn to be still. During this time of suspension and waiting, you may discover within yourself the gifts of inspiration, enlightenment and unconditional love.
      10 - the Wheel
      Cycles and seasons

      You are being challenged to embrace the change that is imminent. One part of a cycle is becoming another. What is passing away in your life right now, and what is coming into being? Where do you stand right now on the Wheel? Can you see that what is happening does not happen in isolation, but is part of a pattern? Sometimes the change that is coming is obvious and striking. More often, it creeps up on us when our attention has been elsewhere — the trees are suddenly bare and we didn't even notice when the first leaves began to fall. So this card also challenges us to be mindful. Keep track of the cycles of the sun and moon, which mirror our own inner cycles. If things seem chaotic and disorderly in your life, focus on the still point of the turning wheel. Remember that with prayer and the magic of sustained focus, all things are possible.
      21 - Gaia, the World
      May all beings be blessed

      Resolution comes with knowing that "all shall be well." This card is the best of all possible cards to get in a reading, because it is the culmination of your spiritual journey. It signifies wholeness and an integration of your spiritual, emotional and physical lives. A major stage or cycle of your life is complete, and a new one will soon begin. You may have had a transcendent experience where you became aware of the life-energy of the planet, and you knew Mother Earth as a living being. This kind of cosmic consciousness is hard to describe, but once we have experienced it we never forget it. Our lives become a cosmic dance in which we forget and remember, forget and remember. When this card appears, you remember your birthright as a Child of Heaven and Earth.

      Post image for Tree


      Letting go

      The Hanged Man has always been one of the most mysterious and compel- ling images in the Tarot. Here the dream-like figure is suspended in the yoga posture called vriksha-asana — the Tree. Her grace and balance is a mirror of the serenity of her inner being. She is able to stay centered even when her world is in upheaval, when the horizon is off-kilter and all things are topsy turvy.
      Perhaps our yogini is right side up in an upside down world. Her practice and devotion are evident in the way that she has become at one with the sky and sea. She ignores the discomfort of her position, finding harmony with a deeper vision. She shows us how to “let go and let God/dess.”

      Wheel card Gaian Tarot deck


      Cycles and seasons

      The Wheel of the Year turns and spins, as one season transforms into the next. In this card, the fiery core of the Earth is at the still point of the turning world. Trees of each season are rooted in Her body. Around the trees we see the eight phases of the moon, which correspond to the eight holy days of the solar year. The zodiac is aligned with the seasons and the lunar phases. For example, the Dark/New Moon corresponds to Winter Solstice, the shortest night of the year when the sun begins to wax again. Winter Solstice occurs when the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. So these three — Dark/New Moon, Winter Tree and sign of Capricorn — all line up on the card, and so on around the Wheel.
      The cycles of nature teach us that all of life moves in a wheel. Wherever we stand on this wheel, we are certain to move to the next point and the one after that, until we are brought full circle to the place where we started, and as T.S. Eliot wrote, we “know the place for the first time.
      Outside the wheel of the solar year, the lunar month and the wheel of the zodiac, we see a circle of prayer beads. This rosary, or mala, is divided into six sets of nine (the magical number of three times three). As we say or sing repetitive prayers, counting beads as we go, we enter an altered state where anything is possible, magic happens, and butterflies — symbol of the soul — break free of the turning of the wheel.

      Gaia or the World card Gaian Tarot


      The World —May all beings be blessed

      The silver-haired Grandmother of All holds Mother Earth in her arms, gazing at her with all the joy and tenderness a mother has for her newborn child. The Daughter is here too, in the form of a swallowtail butterfly. (Can this be the same swallowtail we saw on the Seeker card?) Prayers for the planet are perpetually made as prayer flags flutter in the breeze. The wreath of blessing herbs — cedar, sage, sweetgrass and lavender — creates the mandorla gateway, guarded by animals of the four directions. May all beings be blessed. May there be peace on our beloved Mama Gaia.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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