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White Wolf Journeys ~Robbyne LaPlant : The Dance of the Sacred Waters

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    Weave the Web February 22, 2013       The Dance of the Sacred Waters       As I flew into Maui the winds were so intense that the plane literally rocked
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      Weave the Web
      February 22, 2013
      The Dance of the Sacred Waters

      As I flew into Maui the winds were so intense that the plane literally rocked from side to side.   The weather forecast was  rain and heavy winds for the next five days.  My daughter had sent me a text  just before I left San Francisco saying, “You better talk to your people.”  I began focusing on the weather the entire flight.  As I closed my eyes down, I could hear the sound of the whale's ancient song.  It didn't matter to me what the weather experts forecast the  conditions to be, I knew I needed to physically go into the water to receive the messages the celestial guardians had been calling me to Maui to receive.
      As we approached the airport, I looked out the window to see a double rainbow greeting us.  The sea from the plane looked wild and I overheard one of the passengers saying this was expected for several more days.    I could see the sun shining down on the water and felt my heart racing with excitement.    I knew the weather beings and the whales would change the weather and all would be as it should.  Whatever the conditions were, I would connect to these magnificent messengers.   They had been calling for weeks and there was no doubt in my mind this was where I needed to be.
      My first day I headed to the beach, the same beach I have gone to before, but today as I walked along the shore, I was pelted with sand. The winds were heavy and the waters very choppy and white capped.  It was questionable if we were going to be able to go out on the boat that Bonnie had organized.  The morning trip had already been cancelled.  For now, I knew I needed to jump into the water and greet the whales.   I had answered their call and wanted to send love into the sea to acknowledge them.    I had come seeking  their wisdom and the ancient knowledge that could be unlocked with their song.    As I dove head first into the water I could hear the audible sound beneath the sea as these majestic beings began to speak to one another.    I had a dream the night before of swimming with them and I could feel through their sonar sound, an energy of pure unconditional love moving through the waters.  I stayed in the water for 20 minutes sending love to them.  As long as I could, I would hold my breath to stay beneath the water.   When I came back to the beach I sat down waiting for a sign.  Within five  minutes one of the most magnificent creatures breached from the water just before me.  The alliance and exchange had begun.
      Chyan, my daughter had talked to someone from one of the boats who had suggested this was not a good day to go out on the water and we had decided to cancel.  I was leaving it up to spirit.   Moments later the winds began to die down and the sea seemed to calm down as well.  Just then Bonnie text me with her message,   We were a go and my heart jumped inside with excitement.
      As we boarded the brand new Catamaran, there was no rain in sight, the sun glistened and a magnificent light shone on the water.  As we pulled away from land a beautiful double rainbow appeared behind us. Our  small group which consisted of Corina from Switzerland, her son and daughter inlaw, my daughter and her boyfriend, Bonnie, her good friend  Doris who I had met in Avalon and just adored, and her cousin Dee who had also flown in with the intense winds the same day as me and few others.
      We would be gifted with a magnificent display of these joyous animals celebrating life.  What a performance they put on for us.  They seemed to stay with our boat.  Mothers with their babies and their escorts.  For me this was a clear message.  We are not alone.  As we are reborn into our full potential we have the support, protection and guidance from our own spiritual escorts.  There were moments as I felt the wind blow my hair (still violet by the way) and the spray of the water  touch my face, that I just knew with unquestionable certainty we  as a global community would be all right.
      I smiled as I thought… In the End…. We Will Be Alright.  We have some heavy winds of change to get through, some stormy seas, but in the end We Will Be All Right.
      I have spent each day in the water, it is as though I am physically and spiritually drawn to be with these celestial beings.  I have carried the andara crystal, the Lemurian stone of Unconditional love that has been blessed in hundreds of ceremonies and held over the hearts of thousands from many lands  reaching across the globe into the sea.  The beautiful prayers and focused intention of thousands  was placed into the sacred waters that hold the blueprint and intelligence of our earth history.   It is clear the whales are carrying the  prayers and vision through the waters with their songs.   I have also carried the Lemurian Seed crystal into the water as well.  Crystal serves as a conduit.   The whale's song is  releasing the original blueprint of our beginning into the crystal record keeper.
      I will share both of these beautiful stone beings with all who join together as we Weave the Web throughout this year, the Year of the Venus Star.
      To be in the presence of these ancient record keepers makes my heart beat a little faster, makes my journey full of light and joy and reminds me of the promise that these star beings are trying to share with us.  We are not alone.  We have never been alone.  They are guiding us home.  There are record numbers of these celestial beings here in these waters since the 12:21:12 when the Year of the Venus Star began.  Every moment I hear their song or see them dance through the waves I remember.  I remember why I am here. 
      Love and whale kisses from the waters of Maui with a wish that today you dance and follow your dream.  Don't sit this dance out, celebrate who you are.
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