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Emmanuel Dagher: A New Healing Download is Ready!

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Your Minute of Transformation Click -----   HERE to listen to the free mp3 audio healing version of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2013

      Your Minute of Transformation

      Click ----->   HERE to listen to the free mp3 audio healing version of this week's Minute of Transformation!

      If you are unable to listen to the recording, below is the text version:

      Hey my miraculous friend, I'm Emmanuel Dagher & this is your minute of Transformation.

      Jealousy, it's a word & an energy that many of us have experienced, but have a really hard time admitting it to ourselves & others. Whether we have been on the giving or receiving end of it, we've all been affected by jealousy in some way.

      For those who have been on a conscious path for awhile, what usually happens when we feel the emotion of jealousy is that we end up being extremely hard on ourselves for even feeling it.

      But what if jealousy is simply misdirected admiration? What if the experience, person, place, or thing that we are jealous of is actually just feedback letting us know that we too would like to create something similar in our lives?

      Does this shift in awareness feel lighter for you?

      In reality, jealousy IS misdirected admiration. So instead of being hard on ourselves for feeling jealous from time to time, let's fine-tune it by removing the fear that something similar can't happen for us. Then, there's absolutely nothing to ever be jealous about anymore. Instead, we can celebrate the fact that we get to witness this feedback happen for someone else & be so grateful to the Universe for the clarity it has provided us, that we too are open to receiving something similar in accordance to our highest good.

      Healing Downloads (say 'yes' out loud if you'd like any of the following downloads to work on a deep subconscious level)  

      Are you ready to release the pattern of jealousy & step into the pattern of admiration & gratitude?

      Would you like to know how to move out of jealousy without being hard on yourself?

      Are you ready to celebrate the good happening in your life & in the life others with joy?

      If so, say "Yes" out loud and feel the Universe give you a great big energy hug, opening you up to these downloads.

      Notice what's different about your life in the coming weeks and thank the Universe, because through gratitude the Universe blesses us with even more to be grateful for!

      That's your Minute of Transformation with Emmanuel Dagher, have an amazing day!

      *These energy downloads use applied Quantum Physics to shift energy patterns in the body, emotions, and mind that we are ready to release. Please drink 8-10 glasses of water on the day you receive this download, and pay attention to your dreams, insights, and the opportunities that present themselves in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

      Check out a F*R*E*E* archive of all M.O.T. mini healing & make sure to tune in to my radio show Tuesdays Bi-weekly at MIRACLECAFERADIO.COM 

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      Miraculously yours,
      Emmanuel Dagher

      'Creating real life miracles!'

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