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WhiteWolfJourney ~ Robbyne LaPlant: A Cut Can Heal

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  • Ash
    Weave the Web   February 20, 2013   A Cut Can Heal   Now that Saturn has begun its retrograde cycle our work begins.  We have within us the ability to
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      Weave the Web
      February 20, 2013
      A Cut Can Heal

      Now that Saturn has begun its retrograde cycle our work begins.  We have within us the ability to heal past wounds, to change our thought process from illusion to truth and we have the ability to be the change we desire to see.  Saturn the planet of karma will bring up the source of the original cut in our energy field that has created the illusion. No matter how deep the cut, if we choose we can heal it as we review our past relationships, situations or experiences and see how we have gained strength, insight and courage.   This is a truly a grand opportunity to move forward and leave the hurts of the past behind forever if we look through the eyes of love.
      The whales, celestial guardians of ancient wisdom have been coming to me for weeks.  I hear their haunting sound in the waking hours and they come to me in the dreamtime.  There is a sacred sanctuary at the base of Mount Shasta that was once the playground of the whales.   Here their presence can be strongly felt.  So powerful is the call that I am answering these celestial guardians of the oceans and heading to Maui where I have been told they have been dancing in the waves and breaching in record numbers.  Whales are the ancient record keepers and it is said the Pacific Ocean holds the consciousness of the Gods and Goddesses.  The living waters hold the memory and blueprint of ancient Lemuria.  It holds our memory of who we really are.
      Just before the Saturn retrograde began I was given guidance to go to the sacred labyrinth that sits at the base of Mount Shasta and had an experience I still cannot understand fully.  As I entered the labyrinth, which is a walking meditation, I asked specifically to be shown why I was being called to Maui and what I needed to know.   As I began to walk this labyrinth that I have walked many, many times before, many of you have walked it with me.   I found I became disoriented and before I ever entered the center I found myself somehow back at the beginning.  It was clear I needed to begin again, but my thinking mind was trying to understand how this could possibly have happened.  With a labyrinth there is only one way in and only one way out.  I began again and realized how profound this time is.  We get to do it again.  We get to go back to the beginning where we remember who we are and why we are here.  We get to go back to the time before the cut, the hurt or the disappointment.  We get to begin again before we ever doubted ourselves, before we every judged another or judged ourselves.  Before we gave our power away, before we gave up on our dream, before we lost our way.  This time I walked with purpose and the pathway was clear to the center of the labyrinth.
      When I got to the center I stood before the mountain in all of her magnificence and clearly felt the presence of the lady of the mountain smiling down upon me. Next to her was the lady of the Lake and I felt the deep connection between the mountain and Avalon.  As I breathed deeply into the moment I saw a magnificent dragon come from the mountain to acknowledge that the doorways guarded by these magestic beings were now once again opened.  It is clear the star beings are calling and I am to travel to Maui to be with the whales. These ancient record keepers of the earth’s history have something to share.   On February 14th 100,000 dolphin gathered off the coast of San Diego another earth portal connected to ancient Lemuria.   The star beings are here; they are trying to communicate with us.  This is a glorious time to walk upon the earth, we just need to remember.
      After I gave gratitude to the Goddess and the Dragon guardian I began to walk the labyrinth again.  I somehow found myself back at the entrance without any awareness of how I got there.   I had inter dimensionally shifted.  It was not my head guiding me it was my knowing heart.  Instantly I had a massive headache and felt completely out of sync.  This would last for twenty four hours and then almost at the exact moment Saturn went direct, my headache lifted and I felt grounded once again.  As our physical body temples are stepped up to hold the higher frequencies of light we may feel physical discomfort but this will pass.  You may find that the dreamtime is filled with bizarre images that do not make sense and you may find that you are highly emotional and sensitive.  This is all part of the clearing and realignment that is taking place.
      If you choose the Saturn and Mercury retrogrades can be your greatest tools to move you forward.
      For those on the East Coast I have added an additional workshop on how to work with these accelerated energies and the support of the mythical beings as we open to the Wisdom of the Dragon.  Please click here if you are interested in the Westin Connecticut workshop or click here for the  East Longmeadow, Massachusetts workshop.
      For those in the Southern Hemisphere I am offering two different workshops.  Please click here if you are interested in Uki Australia workshop at Castle on the Hill or please click here if you are interested in Maleny Australia workshop at Spicers Tamarind Retreat. 
      Love and rainbows from the sacred waters of the whales, Robbyne
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