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World Puja Host to Appear on Oprah, Rikka leaving, New Shows & More!

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  • Ash
    CLICK HERE to download the February World Puja Network Calendar View this email in your browser World Puja Host to Appear on Oprah, Rikka leaving, New Shows
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      World Puja Host to Appear on Oprah, Rikka leaving, New Shows and More!

      Welcome to the One World Puja Network Weekly Preview!

      Wow, there's so much going on this week, I'm not quite sure what to share with you first!!!

      Here are the shows for the week.  I'll be including the whole lineup from now on since so many listeners enjoy getting the full show descriptions for the week.

      Thank you so much for being part of the One World Puja Network! Enjoy!

      Congratulations Panache!!!
      Panache Desai, World Puja Network host and creator of shows The Guru Is You and Real Talk, will be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on her Emmy® Award-Winning series Super Soul Sunday premiering  Sunday, February 24 at 11 a.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. We'll be sending a mail out on with all the information about the show. Panache is offering a free one hour seminar called The Power of Grace to our listeners who are part of the interview launch. CLICK HERE to sign up for it.

      Marlise Karlin, author of The Power of Peace is In You and creator of the Simplicity of Stillness Method, launches her new show Real Power / True Peace on The World Puja Network on March 7th!

      Her first guest is Hay House author of many books including, The Spirit Whisperer, and Born Knowing is one of the most respected psychic mediums and spirit messengers in the world today. Marlise will be exploring how to tap into your natural talents and how to access the psychic abilities we are all born with.

      “There’s a special language that transcends time and space -
      a language that’s not constrained by the limitations of just words,
      but one that consists of signs, symbols, energy, and thought.” ~ John Holland

      John has graciously offered a drawing for a chance to win two tickets to the I Can Do It Conference in Pasadena, or a collection of three of his books: The Spirit Whisperer, Power of the Soul and Born Knowing. CLICK HERE to register for the drawing.

      Rikka Zimmerman has decided not to renew her contract with the World Puja Network at this time.
      Her last show will air on the 27th of February. 
      We've created an online "thank you Rikka" survey so that all of her listeners can thank her for her show and let her know what it's meant to have her in their life these past two years. Please contribute to her by submitting your farewell messages and wishes. We will be sending them to her on March 15th along with our best wishes for her continued success in whatever ventures she pursues.
      CLICK HERE to send her your own best wishes.
      Thank you Rikka from The World Puja Network!

      Please keep in mind that if you haven't yet signed up for the Lifetime Membership Renewal Rate Special, we will close the offer as soon as the new website is launched. So, choose now to lock in your renewal rate for life at $48/year. It's our way of thanking you for being a part of the World Puja Network. 

      and now for...


      Wednesday, February 20th
      11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern
      and 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern


      The show with Stuart Wilde has been rescheduled for March.
      Internationally acclaimed Master Intuitive, Kerrie O'Connor. Kerrie's powerful lifelong connection to Spirit has honed her extraordinary intuitive abilities, which she has dedicated to using through the spoken word to help mankind remember and re-awaken to their Divine Heritage and Empowerment worldwide.
      Kerrie's mission is to help mankind step out of their stories and into their Divine Power. In Kerrie's words, "when we understand that we constantly co-create our own reality, we become masters of our own lives; write our own scripts with intention and live fulfilling and enriching, joyful lives.

      Wednesday, February 20th
      2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
      and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern


      Receiving Support from the Unknown
      What would it be like to be humble enough to allow the unknown to support you? The Universe is a miraculous space of infinite possibility. What if all of that energy could support you in ways that your cognitive mind could never understand? Energy is ever expanding and any disharmony in your body or life is attempting in every moment to be resolved back into infinite flowing energy. This energy that is all around us is waiting beyond the confines of what we believe and what we are willing to experience for us to open the door to the unknown and allow the miracles to flow. Would you like to go on an energetic adventure to find out what miracles lay in the unknown for you?

      Thursday, February 21st
      2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
      and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern

      Pushing The Envelope of A New Era

      What do we have to look forward to in this new era? What can we expect and what is the prototype for what humanity will become? Those visionaries, mystics and seers among us deem this to be a time wherein new dimensions of consciousness and love will take place. We owe it to ourselves and future aspects to think outside of the box in regards to human development, physical perfection, spiritual acumen and the realization of new communities seeded in Unity Consciousness.
      Friday, February 22nd
      9:30 am Pacific / 12:30 pm Eastern
      and 4:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 pm Eastern

      What If
      What if we could create a kinder, gentler, happier world? What if you loved waking up every morning? What if there were nothing wrong with you?
      What if you're not nearly as screwed up as you thought you were? What if you're far greater than you thought you were? What if you're secretly happy? What can the question unlock in your life? Come find out!

      Friday, February 22nd
      11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern
      and 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern

      The Making and Marketing of the Sirius Film
      Chris Crescitelli is working with Dr. Greer on the making of the Sirius film and especially on maximizing the effectiveness of the roll out. Using his extensive media connections his help has been invaluable . He has great ideas about how YOU can help make this movie a world wide phenomenon that will open up the UFO and New Energy subject to huge new audiences. An inside look at the making of Sirius and what you can do to get it out to as many people as possible.
      WRITER/DIRECTOR: Christopher Crescitelli
      Christopher Crescitelli has been a career freelance creative artist, writer, producer, and director for almost two decades. In 2004, Christopher founded The Dream Factory Studio, a creative development and production company that specializes in stereoscopic 3-D animation and live action acquisition. His creative collaborations cover the spectrum of artistic expression from film, television, and theatrical projects to newly emerging 3-D entertainment technologies and live event marketing ventures.
      In 2008, Christopher founded the 3-D Film & Interactive Festival (3DFF), which is celebrated as the first digital 3-D film festival in the world to feature an entire program comprised of stereoscopic 3-D motion picture and interactive content.

      Monday, February 25th
      2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
      and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern

      Soul Mate Family, Friends and Animals
      Sanctioned soul mates come in infinite forms. Many times you will reincarnate with specific parents and soul mate friends because you agreed in advance that they would present karmic lessons to you. The mindbender is that you, as their child, may have agreed to present them with lessons. If you are parents, realize you and your children have karma with each other. As a parent, look for ways to help your children along their path. You all agreed to help each other with your lessons on this side.
      The lessons we'll review are:
      • Don't blame others for painful relationships.
      • Be grateful for the lessons learned from others.
      • Relax. Sometimes soul mate friends and animals are there to have fun and provide unconditional love!

      Tuesday, February 26th
      2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
      and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern

      Encounters with Merkabahs, Diamonds and Motherships
      Join James Gilliland and Victoria Liljenquist as they discuss:
      • Close Encounters in Colorado
      • Latest Contact updates
      • Increased Contact since Solstice Internationally
      • Challenges of operating in high frequencies
      Brief bio for Victoria:
      Contactee of Angels & Light Ships (UFOs)
      International TV & Radio Guest Lecturer, Recording Artist
      Documentary Film Producer
      Visionary * Clairvoyant * Clairaudient
      Specialized Healing & Clinical Therapist - 30 years
      Wednesday, February 27th
      11:00 am Pacific / 2:00 pm Eastern
      and 6:00 pm Pacific / 9:00 pm Eastern

      Layin Down the LAW
      Wonder how the Universal Laws came into being... Maybe a Judge-meant to create a set of boundaries for us... but we are so supposed to be unlimited. Maybe Earth is really a place where the slow learners are sent to learn the Law! Like Alkatraz...? We are each encased in our own cellular structure... What are you in for? Are we soulmates or inmates?

      Wednesday, February 27th
      12:30 pm Pacific / 3:30 pm Eastern
      and 7:30 pm Pacific / 10:30 pm Eastern

      Time Travel Journey to Ancient Egypt
      Many of us have experienced multiple Egyptian timelines. In this Light Body Adventure we will travel back to Ancient Egypt to balance unresolved karma. We will re-activate skills, talents and wisdom from those timelines that we can bring forward to support our current soul purpose. We'll visit the Hall of Records in the Sphinx and the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid to awaken and reactive initiations and mastery.
      Wednesday, February 27th
      2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern
      and 9:00 pm Pacific / 12:00 am Eastern

      Unlocking Body Pain
      Is there any part of your body that is in pain? Is pain real or is pain something that we create? Your body is your greatest conscious facilitator and it is always trying to get your attention to show you anywhere you are limiting its vibrational receiving. When you don't listen, it turns up the volume and results in pain. What if any disharmony, sickness, disease, pain, or disorder in the body is just stuck information? Your body is 99% space; what if all that is required is to shift space. Easy right? Join Rikka as she takes us on a journey into your body and unlocking any of the stuck vibration that might be creating disharmony.

      Please visit the website at www.worldpuja.org for more in-depth descriptions of the shows.
      Thank you for supporting the work of our hosts and the network. If you enjoy the network, please share this email with a friend.

      With love and joy,
             Cynthia Torp
      Director of The World Puja Network, LLC

      Copyright © 2013 The World Puja Network, LLC
      The World Puja Network, LLC
      6911 Thompson Creek Road
      Applegate, OR 97530

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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