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Expect Wonderful: Manifesting Support for Self-Expression

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          news from the ideafrontier 19 february 2013     Hello Beloved Friend.   I just glanced over my keyboard and saw the top book on my pile, which is
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      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth   
      news from the ideafrontier
      19 february 2013
      Hello Beloved Friend.
      I just glanced over my keyboard and saw the top book on my pile, which is titled:
      Daring Greatly*
      It makes me smile, because although I've not yet read it at all, the title strikes me as an exact articulation of the state of being we're called to live.  To dare, means to have courage to do something, and courage, the word, comes from the word that is the same for heart--it in essence calls us to speak our truth. This my beloveds is it: live and speak our truth.  Express ourselves.  Liberate ourselves to freely be you and freely me.  Wow. Be-you-til-full. Love it, right? Yet how.
      It's a process truly, to live your truth. More and more I see that this is so BIG for most of us, and for most of this life it's been hard to consistently do. It's hard to know where to begin and easier to be distracted.  Regardless time unfolds, and the waves of life ebb and flow, and we have big dreams and longings that simply do not really ever go away.  So there you have it. Only now--it's really and truly a different landscape. And within this New Reality, it's up to us to embrace our own gifts and become skillful multidimensional humans = Divine Creators!  This is the playing field now, the new game and our role. 
      This is where we find ourselves--in a world filled with new potentials and different energies and old structures, systems and ways of being. It's a lot and some of it is a real mess!
      How to...?
      We begin. We begin in the only way that truly matters--with ourselves. We know in Unity that it is as ourselves, that we affect the whole and manifest reality is a reflection of our inner state of being. So we make our own life more beautiful, more free, more abundant, more easy-filled and joyful. We focus on appreciation and gratitude for the qualities of life we wish to persist and expand. We withdraw our energies from that we no longer with to experience. We in essence, must become skillful with using our focus and our energy consciously, to apply the mastery of our being to this domain of EARTH.
      The clues to all this and our own happiness are already within our experience. I'll explain by sharing a bit of what I've discovered and embraced. First ironically I see that my role not only continues to be what I've always thought--bringing more truth and beauty into the world--but that it's become more profound and richer than before. I've been blessed by my own awakening and by the shift into the New Reality, in ways that give much deeper meaning to being ME and my presence :)  I encourage you to contemplate yourself in this way. Is it possible that like drinking too much wine, or having more money, that ascension is really just making you EVEN MORE YOU? 
      I can see now that all my efforts in life have prepared me for my role in all this.  Do you have moments like that lately?  For me there have always been two themes--identity and self-expression. I choose to be adopted and create this deep interest in questions of identity--WHO AM I? WHERE DID I COME FROM? With artistic preferences -- as a musician, then writer, then painter--I've continually explored self-expresion. Becoming skillful in the process of how to create and to remove obstacles so I could experience the grace of flow.  Many people self-express through work I realized, in my many years as a career coach. I also worked with executives, teams and individuals going through change--change they initiated and change that seemed to be thrust upon them. And later worked in training and development ... oh how perfect it all seems now. 
      Discover who you are. Learn how to freely express it. Overcome obstacles. Be practical. Learn how to contribute your talents in the world. Learn to create and skillfully navigate amidst change and when you want change. Teach others what you learn. Support and encourage. 
      Everything in my life has prepared me to participate NOW, when self-expression is everything.  When navigating huge personal and societal change is the norm. When questions of identity are summoning expansive answers with implications for life that we never imagined when we were younger. It's destabilizing, spaciously big and somewhat scary and yet--it's all really incredible and wonderful.
      I believe the singular intent of this NOW is for each of us to be authentic, which is our path to being exceptional... expecting wonderful. 
      For me, I will be painting more, writing more deeply, giving space to my musicianship and expanding Expect Wonderful in directions that support and inspire you to live your truth and create beauty in your life. 
      My work will continue to be a champion of our access to joy, ease, abundance. Practical and grounded, direct and avoiding both dogma and the woo-woo. 
      I intend to offer you programs and experiences which support and inspire you:
      • To recognize, recover, cherish and sing with your own voice in life;
      • As you actively create change--shifting aspects of your life so you can live with more ease and more authenticity; 
      • With transmissions and channel energies which elevate our consciousness and perspectives so we might access more of ourselves, be in alignment, and thus create more harmony and peace; and
      • To create opportunities for us to work individually and together that support and inspire us as we grow into the most beautiful version of ourselves.
      I'm thrilled! And honored.  And awed by life's wisdom (oh yes--it's that SOUL THING within me that led me in what now in hindsight so brilliantly prepared me for all this).
      I share all this because I guarantee you, the same sort of amazing tapestry lies visible in your own life experiences. 
      In fact, as part of this Unified Wholeness, I'm counting on it!  It's this willingness to express ourselves most uniquely, most specifically, that in fact, creates the expansion of All-That-Is. And within our collective beauty, are the keys to the New Reality becoming a modern paradise.
      I will be creating some new experiences to expand more in this direction and offer you more opportunities for inspiration and support. For now, however I want to share a bit about two upcoming events that are already in the works to support and inspire your true divine being in this here and now: 
      Manifesting Support for Self-Expression
      Saturday, February 23 (or via audio recording). A 90-minute global webinar/live channeling event with Archangel Michael & the Golden Dolphins.  For the full event description and what to expect, click HERE.
      Self-Expression Liberated
      Sunday, March 10
      A one-day, small group, digital retreat to transform your relationship with self-expression. Click HERE to learn more about how these retreats work from the sanctuary of your own home!
      If you're interested in either, please click the links and read on. I'd love for you to join in!~

      The journey continues.
      Joy, inspiration and the energy of so many of us positively focused upon our ideals and love.  It's an amazing time!

      In case you didn't know it--I love and appreciate you.
      *Daring Greatly, is a book by Brene Brown.
      Life at the Ideafrontier.
      Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy
      © 2009-2013 Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful. All rights reserved.  

      Expect Wonderful | PO Box 2433 | Pasadena | CA | 91102

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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