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Crystal-Life.com: Crystal Therapy Workshop/Anklet Sale

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Crystal Therapy Workshop Anklets on Sale - 20% Off February 2013 In This Issue Palm Stones Newsletter Sale
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      Crystal Therapy Workshop
      Anklets on Sale - 20% Off
      February 2013
      In This Issue
      Palm Stones
      Newsletter Sale
      Crystal Therapy Workshop
      Palm Stones

      Palm stones are shaped and smoothed to fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. Much like the smaller and flatter worry stones, they can be used in massage, for crystal therapy, meditation, or just to display.
      Very tactile and comforting, palm stones are also used to relieve stress. Simply hold the stone in the palm of your hand and gently stroke with your thumb.
      Crystal Life currently has palm stones available in aventurine, rose quartz, nuummite, and unakite.
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      High Energy Anklets 20% Off
      Anklets are a wonderful and significant way to carry crystal therapy energy throughout your entire body. Anklets are a significant aspect of crystal therapy, and many of us at Crystal Life personally employ them  - here is why:

      The human connection to spirit has long been recognized in the metaphysical community. The equally important connection to the very beneficial and aware earth energies has been less widely recognized.

      Anklets help connect to the earth energies. You pull energy from the ground - e.g. you ground yourself, or connect to Mother Earth, by pulling up through the feet on the left with the energy line traveling up the left to the arm. One way the energy next travels is a line through the spiritual heart center in the middle of the body's central channel over to the right arm and down through the lower right leg returning to earth. This completes the circuit of energy, and keeps us clear and protected.

      Where you wear an anklet can strongly influence your energy. Worn on the left side, it helps guide and protect your energy as it enters your body. Worn on the right side, it helps you to tailor the type of energy you wish to seriously ground into the earth, or transfer to others.

      We at Crystal Life have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the very highest quality crystal and gemstone tools - ones that you can use on a practical level to assist you in your everyday life and practice - and ones that are attractive as well.

      The incorporation of anklets into your energy jewelry/tools deserves your consideration. To assist you - we are placing ALL our silk cord anklets (we call these High Energy) - on 20% off sale now through March 4, 2013. This is a website and in-store sale. As such, coupons or promotion codes are not necessary to receive the 20% discounted price.
      Crystal Therapy Workshop 
      ISIC's public workshop offering for the Winter quarter is an entire day devoted to working with stones - crystals, gemstones and minerals. 
      Learn how to clear the human energy field using crystals with Atala Toy, make crystal essences with Grandfather Buffalo, use crystal energy to assist your energy with Tammy Johnson & learn beneficial crystal grids with Victor van Slee. 
      This event will be held at the Geneva History Center, 113 South Third St, Geneva, IL. The History Center is next door to Crystal Life Technology. You'll be able to stop in and shop during the lunch break or after the workshop!
      Fee for the event is $50 - or $40 advance registration, up to March 14. Visit crystal-life.com to register today.
      Free Classes

      Sacred Geometry
      Saturday, February 23
      9 - 10 AM

      Sacred geometry is what consciousness looks like before it becomes form. Light develops geometric patterns as it begins to hold energy in place. Atala Toy, author of three books on consciousness, will explain how you can work with scared geometry to bring peace and order to your personal life.
      Atala Toy is President of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. She is an expert, consultant, lecturer and author in the field of consciousness; her books include "We Are Not Alone; A Guidebook on Interdimensional Cooperation" and "Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to talk with and photograph beings of other realms."
      Pendulum Types
      Saturday, March 1
      9 - 10 AM

      Learn the different types of pendulums - French/Egyptian and Crystal - and learn how to use them.

      Grandfather Buffalo teaches earth-centric traditions ranging from crystal therapy to goddess, Celtic, Christian, runic and Native American traditions. While he trained with a Blackfoot Shaman and is part Cherokee, he presents from a non-tribal perspective.

      One Cool Winter's Night
      Friday, February 28
      5:30 - 9 PM

      A fun night of retail exploration made shimmery by outdoor luminaries and indoor boutique charm, topped off with a sultry after party serenaded by one of today's coolest torch singer/songwriters.

      Save 20% on all Himalayan Salt Lamps at Crystal Life during this event!
      One Cool Winter's Night offers special discounts at all participating shops from 5:30 - 9 PM and one drink at Evenflow where the after party will be held.

      Tickets are available for purchase at Cocoon, Odalisque, Graham's 318 & other locations around downtown Geneva. 
      Ions Chapter Meeting - Interdimensional Communication
      Sunday, March 10
      1 - 3 PM
      $10 Donation

      Humans have the internal capacity to consciously and safely comĀ­municate with all existence. You will see photo portraits Atala has taken that show what life forms of other realms look like, and learn ways we can work with these beings for our common good. You will practice simple safe exercises that will enable you to contact these life forms and continue this work on your own.    

      First United Church of Oak Park
      848 Lake Street
      Oak Park, Illinois 60301
      Crystal Life Technology
      121 S. Third Street
      Geneva, IL 60134
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      Crystal Life Technology, Inc. | 121 S Third St | Geneva | IL | 60134

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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