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Shamanic.net: Soul Retrieval Training: Costa Rica-April 2013

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  • Ash
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      This Shamanic.net Email Newsletter is available only to those who have chosen inclusion in Jade Wah'oo Grigori's email list.
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      Dear Shay, 
      With honor do I carry the responsibility of making these Shamanic Ways accessible to the Peoples. As my predecessor and mentor, my Grampa Peña, told me, "Grandson, we (Shamans) belong to no people. We belong to all people!" So it is that I continue to bring these Shamanic healings, teachings and spiritual investigations forth to all peoples, regardless of race, gender or culture.

      Guided by tradition, birthed in authenticity, speaking the language of the modern world, I seek to make these practices available free of the glam and fluff that one so often finds in association with similar practices.
      You will not find, in my offerings, simulations or emulations of Native American traditions and ceremonies. You will find authentic Earth based ways of knowledge and, hopefully, wisdom, presented in a respectful manner.

      If this appeals to your sensibilities, and you have an earnest desire to engage your own spiritual path with assistance from an ancient and authentic heritage, please consider joining me in Costa Rica for this Soul Retrieval Training.

      With Peace and Ease~
      Jade Wah'oo Grigori 


      Earth Soul Retrieval
      A voice lonely, lost and afraid calls out from the Darkness. In your dreams and in those moments when your attention is free-floating, you hear this yearning call. Shivers of unsettled memories accompany the tearful voice from the Shadows. You have just heard your Soul call out, reminding you that it is disconnected still, that there is no wholeness without the integration of that which is lost.
      Our Earth Soul (we have three Souls: the Earth, Underworld and Celestial Souls) is the Soul from which we experience Life in all its grandeur. Cognitive functioning, linear thoughts, short-term memory and the immune system are all elements of its domain.
      When, due to trauma or to insure the sanctity of our life's most sublime qualities (vulnerability, safety, innocence, trust, etc), the Earth Soul will disengage, carrying with it those qualities of life that were experienced as being threatened by the situations of abuse, demeanment, negligence or disavowal of one's right-of-being.
      When the Earth Soul disengages it retreats into the Dream Realm, which is mytho-symbolic in nature. The place of security is, within the Dream Realm, presented as a Cave. It is into this Cave that the Earth Soul retreats.
      Our own Underworld Soul provides a Guardian to stand in protection of the vulnerable Earth Soul within the Cave. The Guardian might appear as a character from classic mythology, pop culture, or an animal. However it may appear, its job is to prevent any further harm to the Lost Soul.
      Where the Guardian is encountered in standard psychotherapeutic or energetic-based work, it is seen as being the 'blockage' that is preventing the person from engaging their full potential. All attempts to get rid of, or vanquish the perceived emotional obstruction are doomed to ultimate failure, as the Guardian is not a blockage to be removed; it is an expression of the person's very Soul!
      In the Shamanic paradigm the Guardian is not seen as the problem, but honored as that which has enabled the traumatized person to prevail and survive. When honor is given the Guardian for its dedication in protection of the Lost Soul of the individual, it is released from duty. The Guardian shifts, transforms, to become the person's Advocate and Guide, promoting that which will best enable the person in fulfilling their life's path.
      The actual retrieval of the Earth Soul may now transpire. An important element of a full retrieval is the integration of the person's creative passion. Whatever the Earth Soul's inherent creative passion is, they will have engaged in during their time in the Cave. It is critical, for full integration, that the person commits to the participation of their Soul's creative desires in their 3D life.
      The return of the person's Earth Soul having been accomplished, that person will experience life with a greater verve and passion, an enthusiastic engagement of life, with a grounded presence and sharper focus in all arenas of life. Life becomes joyfully awesome, at last!
      Soul Retrieval Training: Costa Rica
      What has been described above is what you will be trained in: being able to do your own Soul Retrievals. Each and every aspect of what is required to effectively and safely perform Soul Retrievals upon your own self is contained in the training program. We will be covering - not just as topics, but through direct practicum experiential involvement - diagnosis of the need for a Soul Retrieval, entering into the self-induced Shamanic state necessary to Journey into the Realms of the Soul, proper methods of engaging the dynamic forces encountered therein and how to authentically effect the return and integration of your Soul.
      Step two in the Soul Retrieval Training series will provide a person with the requisite knowledge and experience to begin doing Soul Retrievals on behalf of others, such as family members and clients. The second training in the series will be offered when a sufficient number of people have completed step one and have expressed the desire to continue on to step two.
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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