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Hilary Raimos: April Pilgrimage, Super Bowl Mega Ritual, Pink Dragons & Twirling Swans

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      Newsletter FULL Banner
      In This Issue
      Super Bowl 2013 Symbolism and Mega Ritual
      Pink Dragons & Twirling Swans: A Journey into the Dreamtime

      2013 Pilgrimage San Francisco Mountains Arizona with Hillary Raimo & Maria Yraceburu

      April 7th-11th 2013

      San Francisco Peaks: These Hallowed Winds of Change
      The Way of Balanced Power
      Gate of Accepting Love

      Price: $850 per person
      Group Size: Tour limited to a maximum of 12 guests.

      Included in the tour cost: Breakfasts, Lunches & 1 Introductory Dinner; materials where applicable; Tours, Guide, Park & Land fees -
      NOT INCLUDED - transportation, dinners & lodging

      Registration Closes
      March 7, 2013

      Details & to Sign Up
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      I have just returned from a pilgrimage to the Crystal River Indian Mounds in Florida 2/6-2/12 with Apache Holy One Maria Yraceburu, a very close friend of mine and beloved teacher. We traveled with the Jemez Pueblo Elder Sal Yepa and Phil Chavez, along with some long time students of Maria's and some other family members.

      I was the central focus in a very special passing of power ceremony ritual that we did on Sunday 2/11. I was told I would be the focus of the ceremony prior to leaving for the trip, but nothing could have prepared me for what I experienced and continue to experience ever since. In many ways I am still processing what happened. Many things have swirled around in my heart and mind since and still so much continues too.

      I was unprepared for how Florida and it's landscape would transform me back to an ancient time as we explored the connections to the descendants of the Atlanteans. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees, the glorious lagoons and crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico all added to a crystalline-like chorus of divine gateways back in time. Bridges built in the sparkling waters and the stars above. I had spent many Summers on the Gulf when my Grandmother lived there before she moved back North. It had been many years since I had returned there. My Grandfather spent his last days in central Florida and that is where he passed almost 15 years ago. It was a coming home in so many ways. This journey was symbolic in almost every way possible.

      I invite you to continue reading about our pilgrimage on my blog. I will be going in-depth into my visions, dreams, remembering and I will be sharing from my heart the outcome of what it all represented from my perspective. You can continue reading here..........

      Now we prepare for a continuation of the Florida Pilgrimage as we travel to the San Francisco mountains in Arizona.  Maria Yraceburu is a time charter and a Apache Holy one. She is Founder/diiyin of Yraceburu EarthWisdom. She has been called "a master in the arts of Making Relations" and "a idealist of the 5th World."

      Yraceburu's organic style of Tlish Diyan is immediately accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. Her approach allows students to quickly experience the joys of Tlish Diyan energy flow along with the deeper sensations of connection with earth. When we travel to these places Maria has charted we are walking straight into lands that are waking up and we are imbued with that energy and it aids and strengthens our ceremonies. Our intention is to aid in the creation of love and to allow ourselves to receive it in return from the Earth and the Heavens. I have been a student of Maria's for many years now and I continue a close apprenticeship with her even today. Maria and I have collaborated on several mutual projects and we will continue to do so in the future.

      I have done many trips over the years. I have invited many of you to come along and some of you have. You may want to consider joining us in April. The theme is understanding the crack in the Universe. The words that describe the pilgrimage are just words. Nothing can prepare you for the EXPERIENCE. I turn 40 on April 15th. As we journey I will be entering the time of my solar return. We will be honoring another family member in a sacred ceremony as we did in Florida and we will be offering the Star Bundle we made at the mounds to the star beings in Arizona. For details on the pilgrimage and to sign up click here.......

      I know that these kinds of trips are personal and you must be called. You must feel it in your heart and your bones. There are so many beautiful offerings from so many people in the world and it may be hard to choose. You choose by trusting what you feel. If you are meant to be there, you will be there. This will complete the pilgrimages set up by Maria for 2013. Next year we continue with Colorado and the Ohio Serpent Mounds, both trips I will be on. The coordination of when and where to go is done by Maria as she applies an ancient knowledge taught to her by her ancestors. I am a member of the Yraceburu family. So when you decide and commit and follow thru on that commitment you are joining me and my family. I honor that decision and I welcome you.



      The Super Bowl 2013 Mega Ritual

      Before I left for Florida I wrote up my thoughts on the symbolism and deeper meaning of the 2013 half time show which I see as a kind of Mega Ritual performed to unconsciously program the masses. I know there are many out there who have written about the dark side of the symbolism but I am choosing to see a higher message. As I write that higher message up and share it with others it transforms the energy perhaps intended to program for other more sinister purposes. I am well aware of those forces and their meanings. I am transmuting the energy into a higher meaning that transcends it.

      You can read my article here

      Dreams of Pink Dragons and Twirling Swans

      I am a firm believer of searching our dreams for deeper meaning and for prophecy. I have been an avid dreamer all my life. I love my dreams and I love dreaming. Part of my work with Maria is dreaming work and it is extraordinarily fulfilling. 
      This particular dream happened right before my pilgrimage to Florida. It instigated several very real synchronizations for me that were very important and began a series of events that coordinated a great leap in understanding for me.

      I am a synchromystic. I follow the way of Synchromysticism. So when this happens it is God that I feel closest too. It is like my religion because I believe that the code of life exists in the synchro happenings between people and between one self and nature. 

      My dream is twined into research and dots connected because of it. I have written it up to share because I believe in sharing it the synchs begin to spread like a ripple. It may jar open an AHHA moment for you or cause your mind to seek out something relevant and important to you. This is how I live now. This is how I find inspiration, love, higher self and a deeper more meaningful level of love.  


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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