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Inspire Me Today: Today's Brilliance from Christopher Combates

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    Inspired Quote of the Day™ The two reasons I am here are to enjoy my life as much as possible, while helping others do the same. These are really two sides
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      Inspired Quote of the Day™

      The two reasons I am here are to enjoy my life as much as possible, while helping others do the same. These are really two sides of the same coin. ~ Christopher Combates

      Today's Brilliance™

      Christopher  Combates

      Christopher Combates

      Christopher is the young author of a bestselling book, entrepreneur, self-help enthusiast, and aspiring music artist.
      If I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I've learned so far in life, these are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...
      Simplicity is beautiful, so my message to the world is as simple as can be. Enjoy every moment of your life as much as possible!
      Being that I am only sixteen, I see the world from a different perspective than most of you who are reading this. Billions of people around the globe continue to ask those bold questions "Why are we here?" "What is our purpose?"
      In my opinion, what else are we here for then to enjoy the ride as much as possible. In almost every religion, it is encouraged to live a joyful life, without hindering someone else's enjoyment.
      Whether or not there is an afterlife, depending on your personal belief, why not enjoy the life you are living right now?! Leave the afterlife for the afterlife and keep this simple rule in mind.
      Enjoy your life as much as possible, while helping others enjoy theirs.
      If this one simple guideline is followed at all times, I'm sure you will live a fulfilling life.
      Some people say, "Well what about work? Don't you need to work hard in order to live a joyful life?" I say "Yes, you are absolutely right. But remember the difference between working hard and hard work."
      I work extremely hard every day of my life. I am an honor roll student who has published a book at sixteen, created a business with a website to match, and have lived an awesome social life. Plus, it is only the beginning!
      "Working hard" is positive while "hard work" is negative. When someone works hard on something they love to do, they enjoy it. When someone works by trading their time for money, it is considered hard work. To sum it up, "work hard" on what you love to do and you will never experience "hard work."
      At the end of the day, time spent negatively is time wasted. No matter what the situation is, as extreme as it may be, there is always a positive aspect. Sadness and grief are obviously natural human reactions, which will be experienced from time to time. Although, as soon as you have the option of looking at a situation in a joyful way, it is in your best interest to do so.
      By the Law of Attraction, the more joyful you are, the more joyful you will be. It becomes exponential once you get the hang of it!

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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