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Gaia Online Tarot: Strength ~ the Lovers ~ Awakening

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  • Ash
    The Mercury Retrograde is quickly approaching and many of us have had challenging periods when these arrive yet apart of today s message does encapsulate this
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      The Mercury Retrograde is quickly approaching and many of us have had challenging periods when these arrive yet apart of today's message does encapsulate this period; for it is during this period that we have opportunities born to delve deeper and connect more fully with ourselves as well as learning more about ourselves in the process. Are we going to be carrying or bringing with us a fear or a situation that has been difficult, vexing or challenging us? Perhaps a relationship whether one that is beginning, in a chaotic period or one ending? Or even, as the first message on Strength touches on, a truth about ourselves that we have had difficulty in understanding, facing or accepting? Whatever the case may this is a time to uncover blessings that are birthed from these types of tests that we face. Keep to heart that any 'test' which comes before is not one designed to limit or lessen us. Rather it is give us a golden opportunity to see our strength, our courage, our perseverance and more to deepen, to grow and to expand. The test will not only challenge you but also be an encouragement and will walk with you, talk with you, having you see yourself in a new light and enable you to become more compassionate, aware, and open to Life, to the Universe, to your Self. This truly is awakening to a new height and depth the fire that is your passion, your joy, your love...all that is gloriously and divinely YOU. Make no mistake that you are forever changed through this and in the highest, deepest and most Divine of ways. Coming out stronger, more confident, at ease and loving and accepting of who you are and, by virtue of that, coming into a new awareness and insight into the world around you, the relationships you have and those you will step into with a clarity and peace that has our focus, passion, intuition and discernment accentuated and enhanced.

      As the Lovers card points out there is the question that will come from you and your support system inside and out: Have you lived your life full of passion and love? Are you willing to take that plunge, climb those steps or leap across the chasm to fly and rediscover and renew that passion and love? If you have questioned whether you have truly lived this kind of life let that not be judgment. Rather see it as liberating as this provides you the means to break whatever chains you may perceive yourself to have and Know the freedom of your Spirit, your Love, your Passion is being unfurled and stepping into that Majesty and Divinity that emanates from you.

      It is a raising of your consciousness to levels that you are reawakening to. A renewal of a commitment you have made to your Self, your Life, your Love. Your choices, your actions, have an impact on the lives of others and the world around you. This awareness is designed to give you a growing sense of responsible, loving peace and confidence and love especially for any who have thought their worth is little in this world and have no true gifts or meaning within it. You do. You always have and you always shall. Give yourself permission to awaken even more and See your Self in a renewed light. Reaffirm choices made and where you are and combine that with changes you wish to make to life passionately and experience Love and Life to the fullest. However it translates out you enter into a Higher Purpose and Service to the world and to You together as One. Know that you have those true to your heart, your soul, your life that give support, give encouragement, give love. Those here with us physically that touch your heart and life and those beloved guides and beings who are with in Spirit. Know that just as they give you assistance You give them assistance, love and guidance as well.

      Awaken to your Divine Self, your Love, your Potential and that and You begin to transform and manifest Love and Life that reaches to all here on this world and beyond into the Universe inside and out.

      8 - Strength
      Courage and inner fire

      You have the opportunity to develop your inner fortitude, which is the unseen blessing of difficult times. When you face your fears, an unpleasant situation or an inner truth that you don't want to acknowledge, you develop the courage that allows you to persevere during chaotic, stressful times. If you've never before been tested, you may be surprised to discover a wild source of strength you didn't know you had — like a woman giving birth alone in the wilderness. Afterwards, you will be changed, and your sense of personal power will grow. Others will see it in you and call it "charisma." Your inner fire will be awakened, and it will never again go out.
      6 - the Lovers
      Follow your passion

      You are being challenged to look deeply into your own heart and ask yourself if you are living a life full of passion and love. What gives you deep joy and fulfillment in your life? Whatever it is, are you pursuing it? When you are living an authentic life, pursuing your deepest passions, it is easy to love yourself and then to love others. If you have a choice to make, remember that the Lovers call upon you to always follow your heart's desire.
      20 - Awakening
      Getting conscious

      Resolution comes with raising your consciousness and "waking up" in some way. Perhaps you have made a commitment to eating locally-grown organic foods, or perhaps you've begun a new spiritual practice. You now perceive yourself to be part of the global community. You know that your choices and actions affect the entire web of life, and you live your life accordingly, as best you can. As you continue to open yourself up to the life of the Spirit, your heart is filled with compassion and you begin to let go of the judgments and criticisms you have made in the past. To live in alignment with your deepest, most authentic Self is not possible without the help of spiritual allies. It's this knowledge that keeps us humble. You know that your life has purpose and meaning, and this gives you deep joy and peace. Service to others may not have been part of your life in the past, but it is now. When each person gives their own unique gift to the world, the entire fabric of the planet is strengthened and enriched.

      Strength card from the Gaian Tarot deck


      Courage and inner fire

      A strong and beautiful woman holds a cougar in her arms. Both wear a crown of flowers. The mountain lion symbolizes her passion, her instincts, her sexuality and her wildness. Instead of believing that her animal nature needs to be subdued, she embraces it and makes it a friend.
      Choices are made from the heart. One becomes a bit wilder, more passionate, more creative. The mindful per- son becomes more spontaneous. There is union between the animal instinctual nature and the “civilized” mind. The infinity sign above her head symbolizes the exchange of energy and information between the left and right sides of the brain — linear and holistic. Inner strength arises naturally from the self-confidence of a balanced, integrated person.
      On the rock we see a carving from Italy (500 BCE) that shows a Gorgon Medusa giving birth, assisted by two lions. When we call upon on our inner strength, we may be calm and resolute or wild and fierce. Sometimes we are the Lady and sometimes the Lion.

      Post image for Lovers


      Follow your passion

      The Lovers celebrate the sacred feast of Beltane (May Day) in their green- wood bower, attended by the swan of Aphrodite and her twin doves. He is re- splendent as the sun and she, green as the growing earth. He is crowned with leaves, she with May-flowers — hawthorn blossoms, which remind us to “follow our bliss.” Between them they hold the blood- red wild rose of summer, symbol of the sweetness and the sting of passion. A bumblebee hovers near the rose, waiting the chance to drink deeply of its nectar. For a moment, they have turned away from being caught up in each other’s gaze to look outward together in the same direction.

      Post image for Awakening


      Getting conscious

      With this card, we awaken to a higher level of consciousness, both on a personal level and on a planetary one. We are called to open our hearts to Spirit, to live in a more meaningful way, and to participate in the life of our communities. We “think globally and act locally” and are aware of the dakinis, angels and bodhisattvas that aid us behind the scenes as we work to heal the planet.
      In this image, a young man opens up to the life of the Spirit. He has emerged from the darkness of the tomb/womb of Newgrange and is now fol- lowing the spiral path of the devotee. The compassionate gaze of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, smiles down upon him. Cranes of peace fly overhead.
      His community encircles him, between the earth and the heavens, creating sacred space where all things are possible. Magic happens, the earth is healed, and so are we.

       All content © Joanna Powell Colbert 2003-2011. Please do not reproduce art or content without permission.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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