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White Wolf Journeys: Planetary Update (Saturn Retrograde 2/18 to July)

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  • Ash
    Excellent article and towards the end the upcoming Mercury Retrograde with insight to give encouraging incentives in how to grow and excel during both of these
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2013
      Excellent article and towards the end the upcoming Mercury Retrograde with insight to give encouraging incentives in how to grow and excel during both of these periods. :)

      Weave the Web
      Planetary Update
      Saturn is going retrograde on February 18th and will be retrograde until July.   When Saturn goes into retrograde it is time to reexamine everything in our life.  It is important that when we examine our lives, we take  the time to identify all that is not working and focus on changing our patterns and our reaction to others.  Do we react with anger when things do not go as we plan and keep pushing?  Do we keep holding on to a relationship that is going nowhere by making excuses for that individual?  Do we take on too much responsibility and then have nothing left for ourselves? Do we give up when something doesn't come together in the time frame we think it should happen?  Do we continue to blame others for our unhappiness?  This 4 ½ month retrograde period will provide many opportunities to gain clarity on our relationships including the one we have with ourselves.  Saturn is slow moving so it will feel like even our greatest idea or project is suddenly on hold.  This is to give us a clear opportunity to examine what we truly want in life.
      It is a time for us to restructure and find balance in our life.  Saturn  is about duty, loyalty, perseverance, endurance, boundaries and  responsibility. This retrograde cycle is about creating a solid foundation.  Without a solid foundation, we become unstable and cannot fulfill our soul's destiny for this lifetime. Many times it appears we are unable to manifest what we desire.  This is only because we do not have the foundation to build upon and if we were to get everything we asked for before we were truly ready, the very thing we dreamed of could actually create a burden.  We have all heard the saying, "Be careful what you ask for".  If we journey without direction  or clear vision, we feel frustrated and at times depressed.   A Saturn retrograde period will assist you in completing anything that you have left undone.  Projects you started but never completed.  Inspired thought you never acted on.  Dreams you discarded.  Renovations within your home, clearing out closets, discarding items you no longer use.  Saturn in retrograde gives you the opportunity to step through your fear and insecurities but requires committment and focus.
      Saturn is the planet of karma.   When it is in retrograde it brings to us an awareness of our own personal power and our perceived place in this world.  Look inward and not outward. Issues of power and control will come to the surface during this retrograde.   When you are triggered, don’t blame someone else.  My favorite teaching of the Dalai Lama applies during Saturn Retrograde.  “The person who hurts you, angers you, betrays you the most is your greatest teacher, providing the opportunity for you to Master unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness”.  I have had many great teachers in this lifetime and each day I continue to learn and grow.  One thing I  know, is no matter how much I choose to blame someone or a situation, it is only  me who created the situation  and only me who can  make  the change.
      Saturn retrograde assists in pushing you beyond your limitations by showing you that you are capable of doing far more than you thought you could.    Saturn gives  you  the ability to see more deeply into people, situations and things around you.  It brings  more wisdom to you  if you choose to do the work.
      This retrograde will help you define clear boundaries and determine when you are truly in service and when you are in sacrifice.  Reexamine why you do things.  Do you do them out of guilt, fear that you will not be loved, or a false sense of responsibility?  Do you do them from the heart or the ego looking to be acknowledged?  If you do them from the heart then you do them without expectation or a need to be acknowledged.   If your actions are not coming from the heart then you will find anger and resentment when someone does not respond the way you expect them to respond.   Make sure you take the time to acknowledge others.  Instead of pointing out their flaws and weaknesses, see greatness. Our words can either empower someone or they can disempower someone.  A great teacher once shared with me the following.   “Before you speak,  think about  your words, breathe them into your heart.  See if these are the words you still wish to use, then speak your truth”.   I have never forgotten that teacher.  It is my role to empower someone not to tear them down because I am angry.  If you need to walk away and find your balance do so, then speak.  You can say your sorry afterwards, but you can never take back the energy you have just sent to another in your anger.
      At the same time, give yourself permission to allow others to have their own personal journey so you may have yours.  You ARE NOT responsible for theirs.  You can be if you choose but then you are pulled into their drama.  Ask yourself if you have a need for drama?  At first when we try to make change there will be resistance.  Be strong and stay true to you.
      At the same time Mercury is going Retrograde on February 23 to March 17th.   This is my ruling planet so I am already feeling  the impact of this as Mercury begins to slow its course down.  Again what I know is the influence Mercury has.  During this time, we can feel mentally unstable, forgetful, and become highly sensitive to noise, to chaos and to others.  We may feel like retreating.   We are unable to make a clear decision.  This can be however a great time for renewal and self-reflection.
      This period has great potential to actually move us forward when it goes direct and can be used constructively if we choose. Retrograde means redo and reinvent.  This is not the time for new plans, to sign contracts, agreements, etc.  The influence is quite real and felt in varying degrees by everyone.    When Mercury is retrograde, we tend to have more problems with all forms of communication (verbal, written, electronic, postal, mental), and with transportation matters. 
      Prepare in advance for a Mercury Retrograde.  You will want to back up your computer.  Get your paperwork in order.  Schedule meetings that involve lengthy communication for after the retrograde if possible.  Reconfirm everything as there will be confusion about appointments and time schedules.   Do not sign contracts or make large purchases and do not make decisions during this time if possible.   If you do, when it goes direct you will be questioning those decisions.   If you already have something in motion and are clear on your decision before Mercury goes retrograde such as accepting a new position or making a move and the actual signing of the contract takes place during the retrograde,  just review everything and confirm dates and times. 
      While Mercury can create difficulty with communication it can also enhance our ability to receive information and to catch details ordinarily missed in our daily lives if we work with this energy effectively.  Journal, meditate, this is an excellent time to take classes on developing your intuitive skills.  The second week of Mercury Retrograde is the most challenging but also the week we have the opportunity to really fine-tune our ability to receive guidance from our teachers and guides if we take the time to open those lines of communication. When Mercury is retrograde this is the time to do all the things we classify, as "I will do this later when I have time".  Take the time now,  because nothing else is going to move forward.
      I am sharing this with you not so your eyes roll back in your head and you sigh with frustration and the thought… “Here We Go Again”  I do so to give you insight how to work with these powerful energies and to let you know…. School is back in session here on Planet Earth.
      Wishing you beautiful days of reflection, building a solid foundation for your light to shine brightly and days filled with laughter, play, joy and most importantly love.
      Love and rainbows from the amethyst mountain, Robbyne
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