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White Wolf Journeys ~ Weave the Web: Returning to the East Coast ~ Robbyne LaPlant

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  • Ash
      Weave the Web           February 11, 2013         Dragon Magick and tools for 2013 Be Empowered to Be All That You Were Born to Be   Facilitated
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      Weave the Web
                February 11, 2013      

      Dragon Magick and tools for 2013
      Be Empowered to Be All That You Were Born to Be
      Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant
      Ceremonial Leader, Earth Walker, International Spiritual Teacher
      Keeper of the Old Lore
      Saturday, March 30, 2013
      1:00am – 4:30pm
      Private sessions for soul life readings available
      Sunday, March 31st, Monday, April 1st
      Tuesday, April 2nd, Wednesday, April 3rd
      and Thursday, April 4th
      Please contact Barbara Slaine to schedule an appointment at liphebalance@...
      or 203/912-2791
      Space is limited for this powerful day so registration highly recommended
      The shift of 12:21:12 has occurred and we are now vibrating in a higher frequency than we have ever been in. The 12:21:12 was prophesized to be a significant opening for humanity.  This workshop is designed to help you reconnect to your Divine Goddess Self as we merge the past and the future into the present.  The unseen world provides everything we as humans need to find balance, to heal our body temples, to manifest the new dream.  Be everything you were born to be as you awaken to your full potential.  During this powerful day you will:
      • Discover the power of dragon magick,  how it can assist you in overcoming fear and doubt to step forward into your full potential through the veil of uncertainty about the future.   Dragon is the guardian of earth wisdom and the knowledge of the violet flame.
      • Experience through ritual and ceremony your connection with the mythical beings. Unicorn who guards the celestial waters for emotional healing.  Pegasus who guards the portals of air and wind for clarity of purpose, and Phoenix the guardian of fire to open your intuitive abilities and restore balance.
      • Gain an understanding of the importance of ritual and magick in your life.  We will perform a sacred fire ceremony calling in the Phoenix to give birth to the new dream.
      • Feel your entire bio circuitry rewired as the beautiful melodic sounds of crystal singing bowls from Mount Shasta bring you into a state of deep inner peace and bliss, shattering old illusions of lack and 
      • Experience EB, the obsidian stone being who serves as a transmitter of this ancient knowledge after being in the sacred sanctuary of Stonehenge at the time of the Venus Full Moon.
      This is a powerful day to retrace your souls journey, transform your life and gain insight and clarity as you step with confidence into the future you are creating.
      Cost: is $85.00 includes all ceremonies, rituals, ritual tools, meditations and magick.
      Location:  36 Michaels Way   Weston, CT  06883
      Contact and registration:
      Barbara Slaine  - email: liphebalance@...
      If you would like to pay with a credit card please contact Guy Seaman at guyseaman@... and request a PayPal invoice to be sent to you.
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