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Tania Marie: [New post] Happy Chinese New Yea r of the Snake! – Shed into Your Inherent T ruth

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      New post on Tania Marie s Blog Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake! – Shed into Your Inherent Truthby Tania Marie s Blog I posted this Year of the
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      New post on Tania Marie's Blog

      Happy Chinese New Year of the Snake! – Shed into Your Inherent Truth

      by Tania Marie's Blog
      I posted this "Year of the Snake" information a little over a week ago in a blog about this weekend's Reiki workshops and particularly today's Reiki Master Teacher workshop I would have been teaching, coinciding with the Chinese New Year. The workshops are being rescheduled due to the storm that cancelled all flights, but synchronously, not being there this weekend created a brief, but auspicious and magickal experience last night for me, alongside some other supportive unfoldings personally.
      Red envelopeA very sweet man (I could feel his warm heart through his gentle eyes) walked up to me while we were out eating dinner with a friend at our local vegan restaurant - Native Foods, just a couple of blocks away. He immediately noted seeing my snake tattoo on my hand and wrist, which I have had many people stop me about, so I figured he was going to ask about it. However, he did not discuss the tattoo itself, but said that it was the snake that drew him over to give me something. He then proceeded to share how the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Snake was upon us and that if you're given an envelope of money at this time, you will have an abundantly prosperous year in many ways. He then sweetly handed me this lovely red and gold envelope with two golden $1 coins.
      I was aware of the Chinese New Year of the Snake and its symbolism, but I had not been familiar with this tradition of a red envelope exchange. The red symbolizes luck and traditional red envelopes are often decorated with gold Chinese characters like happiness and wealth.
      It was so magickal, but moreso it reminded me of a recent quote I posted from my morning Yogi tea:
      "Goodness should become human nature, because it is real in nature."
      I remember pondering this and my feelings about it, as well as explored the implications. I also remembered a conversation I had on my hike yesterday (hiking or walking is where the best conversations and channeling come I have found) that revealed my heart believing that inherently there is good and kind-heartedness in all of us, just sometimes on its journey to discover it.
      So it was a beautiful little universal gift to connect in that moment with this man and this belief in manifestation...one of those stand-still-in-time moments where I could see and feel the bigger and little one, all at once. There was something about this man and this small token of generosity and giving that substantiated my beliefs, but also felt to be demonstrating an allegorical symbolism (something discussed on our hike).
      Needless to say, it was a loving experience and I feel blessed and grateful, believing there IS so much goodness out there and how important it is to keep cultivating it.
      Anyway, I wanted to wish everyone a beautiful, happy, healthy, and abundant Chinese New Year of the Snake and pass along the good blessings, fortuitous experiences, love, and joy to each of you.
      My sacred snake tattooHere is some symbolism about the energy of this year that I posted in an earlier blog:
      Snakes symbolize cycles, rebirth, patience, fertility, creation energy, eternity, connection to the shadow worlds, secret knowledge, pointed focus, assertive power, primoridal life force, search for balance, eternity, cunning, intuition, awareness, healing, intellect, protection, solemnity, rejuvenation, transformation, the hidden or occult, knowledge, male/female duality, and kundalinin energy.
      Water snakes, or nagas, embody the feminine aspects of nurturing, benevolent, wise qualities, in addition.
      2013 is the Year of the Black Water Snake. Changeability, mobility, and dynamism are the Water characteristics that the Black Snake will embody. The reigning color is black, which is the color of deep waters, space, and abyss and hence will carry the creation, visionary, and imagination energies, as well as the energy of the emotions, unconscious, spiritual focus in life, dedication to quiet introspection, interest in understanding the underlying meanings and mechanics of life, flowing, and pooling your resources together in readiness and strength so you are ready to make a move forward when opportunities present themselves.
      This heralds a year of unexpected changes abound and the need for cautious, careful planning, while remaining as flexible and versatile as you can (like the Snake) in order to flow with the changes and strike at opportune and aligned moments. If you are able to ride the transformative waves by embracing the energies present, you can aid a return to balance and harmony, which this collective #6 year is about, rather than get caught in the imbalances and inconstancy that will be brought in with the Snake year – all to help you evolve and learn to “be” the energy of Water, which shifts in chameleon-like ways.
      In summary, some other things the energy of the year will bring includes a time for deep transformation and healing, major out-of-the-blue changes, a time for reflection, going within, and withdrawing rather than being involved in tons of social situations, in order to focus on steady, methodical progress, details and serious responsiblity.
      This will also be a time for “shedding” the very deep-rooted old in order to release and begin anew, realizing that hidden aspects may surface for your gentle integration. Having all of your senses on conscious-awareness-high-volume will aid you in not being taken by surprise, as well as assist in understanding the perfection of the unfolding. This is a great year for physical healing of the body as well as moving into a more spiritual way of life, if you haven’t already. Or, you will start integrating more of this into your life in deeper ways – having it become your way of being, rather than a novelty or side focus.
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