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Quado's Garden: You are Deeply Creative

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  • Ash
    Have there been occasions or periods where have questioned the value of ourselves? Of what we share and apart of our basic question that we ask ourselves as to
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      Have there been occasions or periods where have questioned the value of ourselves? Of what we share and apart of our basic question that we ask ourselves as to who we are and our value or place in this world? Each of us have to one degree or another. This comes as a reminder for us that You Are of value and worth. As this message proclaims you are an original; one who brings their unique qualities to this world that are yours and yours alone while also being an intricate part of all of existence.
      Let those doubts, confusions, and fears be released and transformed by asking the questions that affirm, embolden and encourage you. Ask and be Open for the courage, the passion and the love to stand even more deeply rooted into your Divine Creativity and not only reach into that unlimited potential but bring that forth into unlimited manifestations. There is no doubt that you are creative and as you grow, as you evolve so too will your expression and form in how you channel and create life and love that will carry not only into this moment but all that comes; from generation to generation.

      Where does the need for approval come from? It comes from inside of us when we find ourselves not quite certain of ourselves, of our abilities. Approve yourself and remember that you have the love and support of those that respect you, admire you, and love you. Walk within your integrity and rediscover more of your Original Self. There will your deepest truth and joy will Open and you will find that Divine Creative Flame burning brightly. Embrace Your Self and that, in turn, will have you Embracing Life. Full of and sharing Love with yourself and out to all others around you especially those who move, touch and inspire you. :)

      You are Deeply Creative

      You are a deeply creative person.  You are an original, with things to be said and done in a way which no one else could say and do them.  You are unique in all the world, and yet you are deeply connected to all that is and have something important to share with the rest of the world.  Yourself.
      Do not ask whether you are creative.  You are.  Ask only for the courage to shine out with all that you are. 
      Push away the shadows of fear and doubt from your life and open up to yourself.  Shine out with all that you are.  Dig deep and find the courage to say what you believe, to live your life in full integrity, to be a walking, talking representation of your truest self.
      There is a price paid for each time that you suppress your truth because you are afraid someone else will not approve of it.  Imagine if you were to live your life in full expression of your deepest truths and talents, letting your original self shine through.  What a joy that would be!  What freedom!


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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