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Sharon McErlane: "When the Wisdom of the Grandmothers Is Heard, the World Will Heal"

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here   Grandmothers Speak February Message     UP-COMING EVENTS ________________________________ California
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 8, 2013

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      Grandmothers Speak February Message

      California Gathering
      LAGUNA BEACH, CALIFORNIA Gathering of the Grandmothers, March 22-24 at the beach. There is still time to register. Registration
      Gathering in Australia
      AUSTRALIA Gathering of the Grandmothers in Mt. Tamborine (near Brisbane). April 27, 28. We will meet at the Old Church in the midst of an unspoiled rainforest to deepen our connection with the Divine and with one another. All are welcome.
      To register for the Gathering, contact australiangrandmothers@...
      Carolyn Somers mobile: +61 0417 130 139
      To share with women and men in Grandmothers Speak, go to the
      Grandmothers Speak page on Facebook.For more information on Grandmother Groupmeetings:

      "This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. The time is now and women must lead. It can be no other way." The Great Council of the Grandmothers are calling us to step into our power.
      All are welcome to this work. There is no charge for the Grandmothers' Empowerment.
      "You are Gold"--Grandmothers February Message
      A Grandmothers' Beacon from Georgia wrote, "The Grandmothers never mention all the negativity that dominates life on earth and controls the ways we connect with each other and Mother Earth. They never talk about this stuff," Debbie said; "they just keep it simple and encourage us to work with the Net of Light. They're smart. After all, why waste your time fighting something when you can supplant it with the Net of Light." I admired the way Debbie had put this, but once I read her note, I forgot about it.
      That night I woke shortly after midnight and couldn't get back to sleep, so I began to work with the Net of Light. And as I thought of it holding the earth and blessing everyone, I became aware of it inside me. I'd felt the Net of Light in my body before, but this time it felt viscous, like a river of molten gold that was moving through all my systems. I lay there for a while, bathing in it, and then the Grandmothers spoke.
      "There is a true way of connecting," they said."Not the way people connect in the world today, but a golden way," and I smiled when I heard the word 'golden'. "Instead of connecting through your hearts, you have been taught to relate in false ways--acting out roles, judging, and evaluating each other. But living like that doesn't feel good to you and it isn't good," they said, shaking their heads sadly. "It's not a true way of connecting," they stated, and now I remembered Debbie's email.
      "What you are feeling in your body is true," they said, referring to the river of gold flowing through me. "The real gold is within you. Pathways of gold underlie everything on earth," they explained; "connecting life, linking you to what you call God, to one another, and to the earth. Golden strands of the Net of Light bisect your body and carry light to your organs and energy systems. Some of them are large while some are small, and they transverse the world inside you and outside you. Right now you are aware of this golden flow but what you don't realize is, because you are held within the Net of Light, this gold is always present. You are gold," they said.
      "Each time you take your place on the Net of Light, you broadcast and receive a blessing from the Net. This calms your mind and fills your body with healing. The thoughts you send out at such times are golden," they said, "bringing love and joy to everyone. Connecting in this way is the greatest service anyone can perform.
      "Simply think of the Net/Grid/ Web of Light that covers the earth and once you have, let yourself be held in it. Take the time to feel the connection in your body," they said, "then think of it moving through your heart and linking you with everyone, everywhere. This is the true way to relate to yourself and others," they said, "connecting in light. All else is false. Other ways of relating may mimic connection, but unless they are anchored in love, they do not support life. Only what is heart-centered, can bless the earth.
      "We have come to bring you a joy you cannot begin to imagine," they said, "and what we have come to give is simple and true. The power of the Net of Light that holds the earth must be amplified now and because only human beings can do this, we are asking you to step forward and amplify it. Step into beauty, love, and good feeling," the Grandmothers said. "Take your place on the Net of Light and hold this golden light steady. As you do, you yourself will heal and you will heal your beloved planet. This work will make you glow from the inside, out," they said, smiling; "glow so much that others will respond to the light within you. Watch for it," they said. "Your candle will light many."
      Note from Sharon I am struck by the power of this lesson--the alchemy of working with the Net of Light. Here is the real gold that human beings have been searching for, for eons. Not the stuff we wear on our fingers, hang around our necks or horde in bank vaults, but the real thing. Now we can turn the base metals of fear, grief, jealousy, rage, envy, etc. into the true gold--love. The Net of Light is the transformer. Imagine what this alchemical transformation will do for life on earth! The Grandmothers have given us the actual philosopher's stone, in the Net of Light so let's get to work and amplify the Net!
      To learn more about working with the Net of Light, go to the last chapter in A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak or Our Love Is Our Power: Working With the Net of Light that Holds the Earth. http://grandmothersspeak.com/online-store2/And to find more, look for Net of Light on the Grandmothers' archived messages. (http://grandmothersspeak.com/category/grandmothersmessages/)
      Grandmothers wisdom
      To order the Grandmothers' books, go to: http://grandmothersspeak.com/online-store2/
      Once you've read the first book and want to start a group or study circle in your area, contact us at:info@....
      Call To Power
      Our Love Is Our Power
      California and Australia Gatherings of the Grandmothers
      Laguna Beach, California, March 22-24.
      Sign up now! 7th Annual U.S. Gathering of the Grandmothers in a canyon by the beach in Southern California. Films on the work of Marija Gimbutas, discoverer of prehistoric 'Mother' sites in 'Old Europe' and on Meinrad Craighead, powerful artist and Catholic nun, explaining the many forms of the Divine Feminine. Sandra de Graaf from Holland will teach us how to dance and move the energies of Yin and Yang in order to heal and empower. Join your grandmother/sisters and brothers for a weekend of deep connection with the Divine, friendship, ritual, singing, dancing and meditation. Sharon McErlane, author of A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak and Our Love Is Our Power will lead the Gathering.
      To register: Register
      Mt. Tamborine, Queensland, Australia, April 27,28.
      2nd Annual Australian Gathering of the Grandmothers at the Old Church on Long Road. We meet in the midst of a rainforest above Brisbane to deepen our connection with the Grandmothers, with one another, with the ancestors and with Mother Earth. Sharon will be with us and will share a film on the work of famous archeologist, Marija Gimbutas, discoverer of prehistoric 'Mother' sites in 'Old Europe'. Plus another film on the work of Meinrad Craighead, powerful artist andCatholic nun, explaining the many forms of the Divine Feminine.
      To register for the Gathering, please contact:
      Carolyn Somers mobile: +61 0417 130 139
      Messages from around the world
      From Holland,
      Hello dear friends of the earth,
      Just now I read this last news from the Grandmothers and I like to share my experience. I sat in my chair and I saw our beautiful earth with a golden circle of Divine light around the world. The sun shines-beams through this golden circle of energy and so our earth gets this energy and becomes also positive. It is a wellbeing for everything living on earth.
      And in the evening and I sat again in my chair and I went deep down into the earth. I saw vaguely dark figures and I gave this part of earth also this golden light. I made many holes in the earth, so that the sun could shine into her. I am sure, that when many people together visualize our golden planet, many problems will be solved. I pray, that every man or woman will have the ability to drink and eat and have a roof over his head and may live in PEACE.
      With love,
      Stephan van de Mortel.
      From Kansas City, MO
      When I saw the message from the Grandmothers -"You are not alone"-it hit me right in the heart. A couple of years ago, my mothers' car gave up and she needed a new one so I bought one for her. One day she said, "Honey, I need to pay you for the car." "Don't worry about that, Mom," I said; "instead of that, why don't you send a bouquet of flowers each month to someone in the hospital who has no one. Mom was volunteering at the hospital then so this was a perfect fit. She did it faithfully each month and loved finding someone who needed a lift.
      When Mom died this year, I continued the practice. So each month, someone who has no one to be with them in the hospital, receives a beautiful flower arrangement with a note saying, "You are not alone." It's something I do for Mom now as well as for them. So when I saw the Grandmothers' message today, it touched me and I cried.
      From Aotea Roa, New Zealand
      We are having the most beautiful summer with long endless days of sun and heat. It is the best summer we have had for years and years in fact decades really although there have been many fires up and down the country. Still, I am just so enjoying every day and am in continous awe of the natural world, waking just before the dawn and watching it come silently and then listening to the first call of the dawn chorus.
      It is so beautiful to hear the birdsong reach it's climax and then gradually decrease in volume. The Australian aboriginals say that the call of their well known bird, the Magpie, actually lifts the sky at dawn to allow the sun to rise and do you know I think that is indeed what the dawn chorus is about. The vibration of the sound of their songs does that exactly and it is the same in the evening.
      Aroha to you and to the beautiful women we know through the Grandmothers . Give them our aroha too.
      Makere xxx
      From somewhere in the U.S.
      Before I started reading your books I heard a voice say, "Call the Grandmothers." I did and they all came. What a beautiful experience.
      Pat McDonald
      From Massachusetts
      I was looking at raindrops yesterday, marveling at their intricacy and watching carefully because they seem to find places to land, creating a beautiful lattice of shining dots of water, and then, of course, another will land on top of one, and this does create overflow, and a tributary. But it is astounding that on your last newsletter I saw such a lovely picture of, just this.
      The Grandmothers are right, and you are so beautifully transmitting a message that is universal. It feels like the world is ripe for change now, as they say, and it also is so comforting to know one can address "them" personally.
      Yes, I do believe, but I also see, going deeper, as I must, given a life of near total visible synchronicity, that, it's ALL GOD, and so the Grandmothers are Divine Messengers, and are directed by, The SOURCE that directs us all.
      This particular message, about how we are all doing IT separately and collectively is the same truth I am getting and sending out, and it's the same truth others too are sending... as this is so much about what is being emitted, and being brought into the light. We're all here for a reason.
      Keep sending. You are a true messenger.I will continue as always, to send people the Grandmothers' way, as I feel the depth of all of this.
      Beauty IS Truth.
      Grandmothers' Videos

      Video Section (click on the link to view): Sharon McErlane and the Net of Light
      Wishing you all the very best, Sharon McErlane & Louie
      Sharon McErlane
      Grandmothers Speak

      email: gmothers@...
      phone: 949 338 4691

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      The Grandmothers Speak | 483 Linden St. | Laguna Beach | CA | 92651

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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