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Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot: Falme of Surrender w/ Fifth Chakra

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  • Ash
    It is an important reminder that surrender, true surrender as is emphasized within this message, is not giving up nor is it allowing another power over you. It
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2013
      It is an important reminder that surrender, true surrender as is emphasized within this message, is not giving up nor is it allowing another power over you. It is the opposite. Surrender is when we release and allow ourselves to Open more. It is discovering that inner joy, love and strength that enables you to let go of doubt or fear. This is about believing in your Self which has its roots within how you come to Know your Self with a deeper clarity that gives birth to wisdom, insight and sees our awareness, our consciousness, our heart expand, evolve and grow.

      As the message affirms: "Believe in the possibility of your own resurrection and enlightenment" then take that next step. Have that belief become Knowing...that you Know that the power of resurrection and enlightenment lies right there within you. This comes from no one else, no outside source. This comes from within you. Yes there are those souls and beings who can and do give guidance, comfort, and support. They give wise council and can be of a great encouragement and balm yet keep to heart they do not make that happen. You do. All of this potential and manifestation is apart of who you are. Discover those fears and doubts inside. Call upon your courage, your will and especially your love to see them for what they are. Surrender to Your Love, Your Courage, Your Self for in those you will see not only the seed but the root and and the fruit of your own Divinity. You can Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that as you stop the struggle you do not feed into those fears and doubts any longer. You begin to release and transform those as you move from the imbalanced ego to the center of Source, of Spirit, which is that Highest and Deepest part of YOU.

      It may not seem easy to divest yourself of so much that you have contended with, to empty yourself yet that strength of purpose, of will is there because it has never left you. Forgive you with unconditional love and See your Self for the Beautiful, Divine Soul that you are and, yes, reclaim your birthright. 

      For you are the Source and the Messenger speaking your Truth with clarity and purpose born from Love, Compassion and Courage.

      12. Flame of Surrender
      Your card is...

      12. Flame of Surrender

      Soul Message: As swimmers dare to lie face to the sky and water bears them, as hawks rest upon air and air sustains them, so would I learn to attain freefall, and float into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace, knowing no effort earns that all-surrounding grace. --Denise Levertov

      Alchemy and Transformation: This card acts like a soothing balm, gently enticing you into the quiet caverns of your soul. At this stage of initiation, one’s sense of identity shifts from the small self—motivated by fear and the instinctual drive for physical survival—to the soul-spirit self that is characterized by unconditional love and an understanding that nothing of real value can ever be lost or taken away.

      Awakening to the Archetype – Mother of Compassion: The Flame of surrender card invites you to part the veils of your own ego and extend yourself into the realm of the Great Mother of compassion who wishes to embrace you with Her warmth and protection. Free yourself from the confines of fear and doubt. Believe in the possibility of your own resurrection and enlightenment.

      Everyday Encounters: On a personal level, living the essence of the Flame of Surrender requires great skill and willingness. It is not always easy to empty ourselves of false promises of safety and security and leap into the flames of the abyss. However, when this card is presented to you, it is without doubt your time to release something old, and free yourself from the ancient shackles of shame, fear, doubt, guilt, and denial. Forgive yourself, set your soul to the light, and rise up to reclaim your birthright.

      Nature’s Healers: Passionflower

      Fifth Chakra

      Fifth Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Blue) (Function: Communication, Creativity, Connection)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in the throat and neck region of the body and extending upward to include the lower region of the brain or cortex, this area holds the communication center. Through the Throat Chakra one may speak long-held truths of past hurts and, in the process, find much inner peace and a sense of personal freedom. With a healed and healthy fifth chakra, one’s words are kind, clear and truthful.

      Healing Flower: Morning Glory

      Keywords: Truth, Self-Expression, Song, Poetry, Clarity, Communication

      Affirmations: I am the messenger. I speak my truth with clarity and courage.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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