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Expect Wonderful: Key Frequencies for Self-Expression

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  • Ash
       lightworker collective event 9 february 2013     Hello Dear One,   Big energy movement right now. I ve been out cold for much of today...had to clear
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2013
      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth  

      lightworker collective event
      9 february 2013
      Hello Dear One,
      Big energy movement right now. I've been out cold for much of today...had to clear my schedule, I just couldn't do anything. Big magnetic shifts are taking place right now. If you're feeling it, surrender is a good idea :)
      I'm writing to share a bit about the upcoming gathering Saturday and the deeper question being asked of us.
      As we orient and become aware of the emerging New Reality, we realize the deep call within asking us ...
      What do you wish to create?
      is endless.  As we orient we realize it's up to up to claim the responsibility for creating our world. This is the deeper question--will you claim your power and step into the new game?
      It's up to us to set our intentions, summon the energies we seek and feel will benefit our conscious evolution.
      To take the initiative to create the experiences that will support us best--collectively and individually--so that we might create a more beautiful life and a more beautiful world.
      Embracing this moment, I'd like to invite you...
      Join Archangel Michael and the Golden Dolphins and I
      For a Global Gathering
      of New Humans with our Angelic, Star & Cetacean Family
      As We Co-Create!
      Inviting, Opening, Summoning & Receiving Transmissions
      -- EMPOWERING -- 
      Key Frequencies for Self-Expression in the New Reality
      An Expect Wonderful Lightworker Collective Experience
      Live, Saturday 9 February 2012
      11:00 am pacific time - or via mp3 at the perfect time for YOU!  
      Archangel Michael shared some details about the transmissions that will be available, and yet the uniqueness of this experience will depend upon us! Who comes, what we ask for, what we each uniquely need. The great and amazing thing about working multidimensionally is that we each receive perfectly what we need, and our intentions bless one another with expanding the potential for the experience.
      To read what Michael shared about this event you can click HERE.
      The reason I've chosen this dolphin image for our gathering is that his input shared this guidance for some of what we may expect to receive:
      The Dolphins will assist us by entraining us with transmissions of the Key Frequencies that balance and amplify our own Energy Blueprint, bringing into more awareness what aspects of our life are rising up for expanded expression in the New Reality, and helping us to begin to orient more clearly to what we personally are shifting into.
      To read more about what to expect of this experience, why this is useful now and to register if you choose to join, CLICK HERE.
      It won't be the same without you--literally! The uniqueness of your being is vital, beautiful and unrivaled. If you choose to co-create with us know, we will be blessed by your unique sensibility and focus...as we are day in day out :)
      I love sharing this journey with you! Thank you.
      Blessings and love,
      Life at the Ideafrontier.
      Expect Wonderful by Meredith Murphy
      © 2009-2013 Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful. All rights reserved.  

      Expect Wonderful | PO Box 2433 | Pasadena | CA | 91102


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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