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[ANGEL] 18 Aquarius, The Angels of Feminine Magnetic Power

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    ** ** ** ** 18 degrees Aquarius *The Angels of Feminine Magnetic Power* /Also known as/** /The Angels of/* */ Somi / /or Nulo using Stejnar cipher/ // **
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      18 degrees Aquarius
      TheAngels of  Feminine Magnetic Power
      Also known as 
      The Angels of

      or ‘Nulo’ using Stejnar cipher
      Throughthe Divine Virtues of  Somi’, 
      Divine Feminine Magnetic Power IS FEELINGS,  AND IN THEIR PERFECTION THEY ARE experienced  AS thedeepest, unconditional, all encompassing, blissful ecstatic Flowing Cosmic Love.

       The beauty and the ecstasy of these flowing feelings of highest rapture must be experienced to be understood.
       FLOWING COSMIC LOVE magnetically attracts divine beautiful and perfect  creation into form. 

      All-penetrating-Divine-Will for the HIGHEST GOOD, the highest PARADISE, of all concerned, creates FLOWING DIVINE LOVE.

       Bethe FEMININE aspect of divinity, the cosmic ocean of loving feelings and divine emotions that flow through and sustains ALL LIFE.
        FEELINGSOF FLOWING DIVINE LOVE are  the Waters of Life FLOWING,FLOWING, FLOWING  from the large pitcher held by Aquarius.

       The pitcher represents a mind that is attuned to OMNIPRESENT OMNIPOTENT DIVINE WILL FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL, according to the original purity of all ideas in Divine Mind. 

      These flowing WATERS OF LIFE   are feelings from such a mind that nourish and quicken indwelling Divinity within creation.
      Praise be to Divine Love, praise be to the awakening of the eyes to see DIVINE LIFE AND BEAUTY in creation, according to original
      Divine Will.  
        Thepitcher is even more THE HEART DIVINE, spilling forth LIVING WATERS of Love Unconditional, of deep sincere unity that is peace.
       DivineLove forms the magnetic fluid or lifefluid of manifestation.
       ThisDIVINE WILL for the highest paradise of being, of visualization and will, the highest paradise of thinking, the highest paradise of feelings, and the highest paradise of sensations FOR ALL BEINGS, CREATES ANINFINITE SEA OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
      All-penetrating-Divine-Will is the virtue of letter Sshiningas purple red light with the sensation of warmth and expansion.  This will is seen as shining from a tiny sun in the head region during meditation. A Child of Light  goes into deep delta brainwaves, into a state of pure being and unity with original divine mind and being, one with all creation. Then he or she imagines hi or her SELF as a tiny dot in the solarplexus, which is the region of Akasha, or consciousness-penetrating-all.  The human body is then experienced as a great universe, an exact microcosm of the macrocosm, the “as below” of the “as above”.
       This virtue of omnipresent divine will is the essence of the gall bladder.  By attuning to this virtue this organ can be perfected.
      The Masculine, electric, Creative Will determines intellect. Will and intellect together comprise the Electrical Spirit of a Child of Light.
      Willand mind operate through both Deltaand Theta brainwaves  respectively. Delta is pure being and
      Theta is deep inward vivid thought.
      FLOWINGLOVE DIVINE opens the eyes to see ALL BEINGS as they are created in  Divine Mind.
      The power of this cognition brought about by Love Divine activates TRANSMUTATION.
      Cognitionbrought about by Love Divine is the virtue of umlaut O, eu,  shining asa dark orange light with the sensation of weight-penetrating-all,because it is the most dense expression of the element of Akasha, which is beingness-penetrating-all.  Transmutationis visualized in meditation as a tiny sun in the midriff region of the body.  This virtue is the essence of the ovaries and testicles in the physical bodies of the Children of Light.
      PARADISE is sustained by a heart that is a mighty ocean of UNCONDITIONAL FLOWING DIVINE LOVE.
      We help the hearts of each Child of Light expand until it becomes the infinite ocean of compassion and love throughout all of space,
      a heart that has ignited and merged with the Heart of God.
      “I and the Father are One.”
      Powerfulfeelings of Divine Love transform everything and therefore give the greatest protection at the same time as bestowing the greatest blessings.
      By feelingthe power of Divine Love and intentionally directing it to everything; to every desire, thought, feeling, and form, a person protects both their own inner childlike self and the inner child of all concerned.
      When darkness is loved unconditionally, it transforms just as the sun transforms the night into day each morning.
       The FeminineEmotional Power of LOVE DIVINE attracts manifestation  of perfection  of the physical plane. Emotion and form, together make up the Soul of a Child of Light.
      Emotionand form correspond to both
      Alpha [feeling, psychic faculties/right brain] and
      Beta [logic, memory, five senses/left brain] brainwaves respectively.
      The Divine Virtue of Love, Magnetism, Feeling, Fluidity, and Change is the virtue of letter M.  M has the most lovely blue green light and the sensation of coolness and chill.  It is seen as a tiny sun in the abdomen area, with the abdomen visualized as a hollow space.
       To access these four brainwave states of spirit and soul, it is necessary to reclaim through remembrance and memory the parts of SELF that correspond to them.
      Memory,remembrance, and conscience is a gift of the virtue of Cause and Effect, the virtue of letter I.  It has a light opalescent translucence and the sensation of weight.  It is imagined as a tiny sun in the leg region.  The leftkidney within the body of each Child of Light is brought into being by this virtue.
       Delta is dominant in the first three or four years of life,
      Theta in the next three or four years,
      Alpha in the next three or four, and
      Beta from puberty on. 
      To access powerful will, a person must still be able to function as an infant, a toddler or a very small child.
      “Ye must be as little children to enter the kingdom of God.”
        To accessdeep inner thought, a person must be as a pre-schooler and early grade schooler.
       Toaccess psychic sensitivity and strong emotion, a person must be as a somewhat older child, an adolescent.
       To accessstrong memory, logic, and acute physical senses a post-pubescent person must act as an adult.
      Therefore, to operate with whole brain consciousness, a person must be comfortable and skilled in experiencing all these ages together in a balanced way.
      A person who has developed whole brain consciousness and is ready for World Service has reclaimed access to all these early states of consciousness. Heor she rests blissfully in a state of ONENESS with all that is, like an infant, and is capable of deep inward vivid imagination, like a preschooler.
      His or her heart is attuned to the magic of DIVINE LOVE, like an adolescent, the mystical love that attracts PARADISE into physical reality.
      He or she is logical and interactive with the outer world like an adult.
       Behold the archetypeof Aquarius, a person pouring out the waters of Unconditional Love upon all creation.
       Oftenspiritual seekers want to transcend rather than transform/process negative feelings. They use spiritual practices to bypass so called negative feelings, which they judge not to be spiritual.  They deny negative feelings, which then go underground into the subconscious mind and are stored in the body tissues as tension.  This in turn suppresses the immune system while still attracting, through the Law of Attraction, more negativity.  In this case, their very yearning for high states of consciousness and ongoing harmony makes them more susceptible to magnetically and unconsciously attracting the same unhappy realities they do not consciously choose to manifest. This happens because suppressed feelings cannot heal and transform when they are not allowed to flow safely and lovingly to resolution.  This would be similar to telling an upset child to 'shut up' instead of helping the child reach resolution.
      Strongemotions have great magnetic power to attract new realities into manifestation and automatically do so, intentionally or not.
      Themore passionate emotions are, the greater the power of their attractive magnetism. The strongest emotions have the greatest co-creative power Ourearly childhood emotional wounding and trauma are very strong emotions. These must be healed on every level through acceptance, validation, and unconditional all embracing love. 
      Powerful magnetic emotions of Divine Love attract manifestations that embody Divine Love.
      Strong negative feelings of fear, doubt, anger, confusion, guilt, or shame etc. attract situations that are negative.
      This law of magnetic attraction holds true regardless of whether feelings are positive or negative, conscious or unconscious.
       In the past, limited paradigms of negative emotions dictated that the stronger the negative emotion, the more likely it was to be denied and suppressed by spiritual seekers who yearned for refined enlightened feelings.
       For this reason, we are teaching the Children of Light that especially the most painful feelings must be healed, not suppressed, as they come up in present time.
      Confronting, accepting and allowing the most negative feelings to flow is analogous to the three days Christ spent in the darkest regions of hell before resurrecting into the light.
      “ALL that I do, ye shall do, and more.”
      Whenevera Child of Light chooses Love instead of Fear in flowing with the Feminine Power of Feeling, and allows painful feelings to flow in a sea of unconditional love, the entire Unified Field is made better for everyone.
      Painful emotions need to be transformed as they come up naturally. Healing them requires accessing the little child self and letting emotions flow spontaneously.  In this way access to the childlike consciousness states is the natural by product of healthy emotional release.
      The most powerful negative feelings originally come from early emotional wounding during childhood.  In present time, negative feelings become triggered by events that consciously or unconsciously are remindful of an original traumatic event. These feelings must not be suppressed and pushed again into the unconsciousness.
       If too many traumatic memories are ignored and allowed to accumulate as stored tension in the body, it is unavoidable for a Child of Light to numb out from the pain.  At the present time, this is all too common. In this state, it is very difficult to open the heart to love.
      Numbing out to feelings is a self perpetuating, vicious cycle.
       Once having numbed out, becoming emotionally open and childlike again is difficult because the need to “toughen up” recurs on a daily basis.
      Otherwise, the ever growing burden of unresolved pain becomes overwhelmingly intrusive once allowed to come into consciousness.
       The solutionis staying in emotional awareness and cultivating the willingness and skills to love all desires, thoughts, feelings, and physical manifestations unconditionally, so that all emotions that arise are allowed to spontaneously flow to resolution  in meditation .  By doing this, day to day feelings change, evolve, heal, and at resolution, clear up and become positive. 
      This prevents dissociative states and habitual and chronic deadening of the emotionally alive, child self. 
      Allowing oneself to be emotionally vulnerable like a little child in certain world situations, notably in many business dealings, where often it is necessary to protect and defend oneself, is one the great dilemmas of World Service. 
      This is when the Divine Virtue of umlaut O, eu,
      This is also the time when mastering ALL-PENETRATING-DIVINE-WILLFOR THE HIGHEST PARADISE OF ALL CONCERNED becomes important.  By attuning individual will to DIVINE WILL, they become one. This is the virtue of letter S.
       Together, the virtues of S and Umlaut O,eu, enable a Child of Light to safely BECOMEONE ALWAYS WITH THE DIVINE FEMININE POWER OF FEELING, the letter M.

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