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Sealed With Love ~ Elizabeth Harper: And the Most Powerful Crystal is

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here And the Most Powerful Crystal is....  In every color there s the light. In every stone sleeps a crystal.
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      And the Most Powerful Crystal is.... 
      "In every color there's the light.
      In every stone sleeps a crystal.
      Remember the Shaman, when he used to say:
      "Man is the dream of the dolphin
      Lyrics from the Enigma song, "The Dream of the Dolphin.
      A couple of weeks ago I asked you to share my Bellesprit Magazine cover girl photo and in exchange I would draw a card for you. Some of you did this directly on Facebook and some of you emailed me with your shares, so I was kept pretty busy. Well the long and short of it is, I spent so much time writing on the computer that it exacerbated an old injury on my left wrist, but wait for it, that is the physical part of it and we know that it is always more than just physical, right! My left hand is my giving hand. How do I know that? I call it the "Rule of Thumb." Now as always, you don't have to believe anything I say, but just give this little exercise a go. 
      Put your hands out in front of you, then lock your fingers together and see which thumb rests on top. In the photo you'll see my left thumb resting on top, so I consider this to me my dominant hand even though I am actually right handed. This means that I give energy with my left hand when I'm healing and when I'm offering something it's my left hand that is giving out. Well, it literally "gave out" during my card offering. I believe my left hand said ENOUGH! 
      So for the past couple of weeks I have tried to rest my left hand and not do too much on the computer, a huge challenge especially as I had three magazine columns to get out, a number of Soul Energy Portrait write ups, Internet Guidance emails, and Personal Designs to write about, plus my weekly newsletter, as well as the usual vast number of emails to answer - and I apologize if you emailed me and I didn't get back to you, I will be going through my emails over the next week or so to see who I missed. So, what was I to do? 
      Win and I took a week's vacation in Mexico, you'll see our photo on the "My Psychic Diary Color Oracle" below. I swam in the ocean, had massages, and relaxed my wrist as much as possible. When I returned home my wrist was still an issue. So I tuned in to ask what I needed to do next. I'd tried wearing a crystal on the painful part of my wrist when this first happened, but something wasn't quite right. I just bought an array of crystals, one of them is a Lithium Quartz Crystal. As soon as I opened the package I was drawn to rub it up and down my arm, on my hands, and around the wrist and hand joints for about 20 minutes. Low and behold the pain lifted, my wrist is getting stronger. I have used crystals since I was a child. My mother bought me a crystal ball when I was very young and whenever I could I would collect crystals of all shapes and sizes, but over the years more often than not I would give them away to those who needed their energy more than me. Crystals of course link with my love of color and knowing about the meaning of color helps to know what a crystal will help to heal.
      Lithium Quartz crystals are a little more complex. Lithium is actually used by the medical profession as a mood stabilizer and muscle relaxant. In its crystal form it is a powerful healer and de-stresser. My crystal on the left doesn't look as pretty as all the photo's you'll see of Lithium Quartz, but when I used it on my wrist it felt like it was a toughie. My feeling was that its color implied a bigger and more powerful "OOMPH!!" You'll see in the photo, it's violet, purple, gray with a white fuzzy in the center. Violet is a great color to use for transformation, letting go, and grief, so naturally amethyst would help to heal these emotions too, but the Lithium in Quartz crystal seems to act on other levels, its kind of a Super Charged crystal and extremely powerful. There are other crystals with Lithium and they too are powerful, but apart from Golden C which you can no longer find, the Lithium Quartz only found in Brazil is the most powerful.   
      I've been getting back into crystals for the past 10 or so years. I stopped using them when it felt like they were being drained. The market was flooded with crystals sold by people who took their energy, it was a two way street of course, there was an agreement, but it meant there was none left for the buyer. When I gave a workshop at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London in 1996 I walked past a crystal stand that had enough energy a couple of years previously to knock me out, but the energy had gone. At that time even Stonehenge felt drained - while Avebury didn't so I knew it wasn't me. Crystals gave their energy to those who needed it, but they weren't getting any energy back, there were not enough people who knew about crystals to know how to give back to them. So for a period of time there was an imbalance in the force. Then, as healers gravitated towards crystals the energy shifted and balance returned. 
      If you own a crystal you are not just giving or receiving energy from that one piece. Crystals are linked to all their kind, so you are giving and receiving from the whole crystal kingdom. Drain one crystal and you drain the lot, at least that is what I felt. Enough healers - including you - are giving back to the crystals and honoring their support, so the balance is maintained. I feel the drain won't happen again.
      I am going to be working more with crystals and I'll be offering guidance on using crystals and colors to attract your Soulmates in the upcoming Spiritual Living seminar, Supersize Your Soulmate Vibration! I'll share how to create a soulmate specific Crystal Grid, Gem Essence, and Soulmate Vortex. More information on this and sign up details in next week's Love Letter.
      In the meantime, join me on Facebook and tell me what your favorite crystal is, and what you use it for. 
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      Love & Coloriscious Blessings
      elizabeth XXXX
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      Click on the video to watch on You Tube OR click here to watch on Sealed With Love
      The ColorScope Show
      Special Guest Alicia Isaacs Howes
      This week my guest is Psychic Medium and Akashic Records Expert, Alicia Isaacs Howes. We're using color combinations for Akashic Records inspired messages. Using your intuition select one of the following color combos to receive a message -- VIOLET/GOLD, BLUE/SILVER or GREEN/BLACK - then watch the show and leave your comments on my You Tube ChannelFacebook page or My Website. Sign up for Alicia's newsletter to receive her FREE Soul Story ReVision Kit.
      Elizabeth's Upcoming Schedule
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      108 love
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      My Psychic Diary Color Oracle
      The "Mexican Vacation" Color Oracle   
      This week we're using some Mexican flavored colors - I just returned from a trip to Mexico. So using your intuition, select one of the following colors for a message -
      INDIGOTURQUOISE, or GOLD - then read your message below.   
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      Elizabeth Harper... Expo  ...is a popular and inspiring teacher, color intuitive and visionary artist who empowers others to realize their light. She has been featured in well-known national magazines including Woman's World, Redbook, Prevention and Health, is a magazine columnist and regular contributor to radio and television in the US and Australia, and is the award-winning author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart's Desires. Her pioneering work with color inspired her uniquely revealing ColorScope featured globally in print and online magazines and weekly webcasts. Elizabeth shares her gift of healing through her jewelry designs, Silk Energy Wraps, meditations and oracles. She regularly facilitates workshops at some of the nation's most renowned organizations including the Omega Institute for Holistic studies, Open Center, Lily Dale Assembly, and the Learning Annex. She is the founder of Sealed With Love LLC and co-founder of Spiritual Living LLC

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      Love & Coloriscious Blessings  

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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