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Gaia Online Tarot: Death ~ the Wheel ~ the Canoe

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  • Ash
    There are many ways collectively and individually that we celebrate and honor Imbolc. This morning message comes to us in the same light; on a collective and
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      There are many ways collectively and individually that we celebrate and honor Imbolc. This morning message comes to us in the same light; on a collective and individual level in the same moment. With the advent of Spring is the passing of Winter. We are presented with a special gift of Sight during this time. The opportunity to see where we are making our transitions and there can be multiple of levels and ways in which this is taking place. This is a twofold vision: What is dying in our life and what is nearing to be born. Is there a sting to Death? Of course and there are a great deal of emotions that can accompany when this happens. Grief is apart of that process and when the tears Know that these are not an indication of weakness. These are a sign of your strength and of your compassion. For it takes great strength to Open yourself and experience these. Be patient with yourself and what you are experiencing. There will be comfort and support through the compassion and love that will add to your strength and healing through those loved ones near and close to you but also from those beings who are close to you in Spirit as well as that which is coming up from within you. That Divine Presence which gives a soft, strong, compassionate and loving Touch. There will be phases where we shift back and forth but through it all you will come through. Love has not slipped nor flown away. In those moments where it may seem we are bereft of it Love magnifies its Self to surround you, lift you, fill you and encourage you. Ever patient and continues to stay with you. That is when you begin to see those roots of new birth begin. From deep inside of you that seed has burst open and rises up to reach toward the Light Above which responds to that Light Below. Together creating a synergy that is Divine and in which you Co-Create Healing, Wholeness, Peace, Love, Passion and a Renewal of Life. Within that is Change.

      Change is often compared to apart of the Death process. How many of us have known those who have voiced how they dislike or fear change? No matter which side of the spectrum, or in between one may be, change does come for that is the way of all life. It is how we perceive change that can be a boon or a hindrance. When we can begin to embrace Change for what it is and begin that process of releasing and transforming past, present and future to be  in the Moment...that is when we begin to find our chrysalis opening and, as a butterfly, we are setting ourselves free. The opening and outpouring of our soul. Will this come in an instant? Yes and no. Beginning to embrace change for what it is does not mean that it is instantaneous. Cycles come and we become more cognizant, more aware of where we stand, what is taking place, etc. We may not have a clear view of all that is taking place but that is apart of our growing and, yes, apart of our changing. It is holding to the Truth and Love and Divine that is inside of you and Knowing everything will come into place. Make yourself ready and be prepared to dive into the river and open your wings for you will soar and fly to new heights. Made streonger through your passage through the cycle, the transition from one death to life, and there will be that clarity and focus and vision which will seem to come in an instant akin to your personal epiphany. Your catalyst as become more focused, disciplined and stronger through your Heart, your Soul, your Love and your Passion. Whatever this may be...health of the body, a new career, a change of location, becoming a parent...set your heart and vision to where you See yourself already making that completion and You will find yourself coming into that. The process will be that. A process and along the way will be many wonders and achievements to experience with your beloved guides and souls here around you that give their guidance, love and support as you give the same to them.

      No matter what it may be you do have the strength, the heart, the love and the focus to see life born new inside of you, around you and in the Earth Her Self.

      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      13 - Death
      Dying and being born

      You have the opportunity to become aware that while something in your life is dying, something else is nearing its time to be born. Take the time that you need to grieve for that which is dying, whether it is a cherished dream, a relationship or a belief system. Don't rush the process or deny all your turbulent feelings. Death isn't pretty; it hurts. It's painful. Whatever dies, is dead, and it will never return again in the same form. But just as the Dark Moon gives way to the New, and Winter gives way to Spring, Rebirth will surely follow Death. When you are ready to let go of grief, you will find yourself emptied out and clean, and ready for the next stage of your journey.
      10 - the Wheel
      Cycles and seasons

      You are being challenged to embrace the change that is imminent. One part of a cycle is becoming another. What is passing away in your life right now, and what is coming into being? Where do you stand right now on the Wheel? Can you see that what is happening does not happen in isolation, but is part of a pattern? Sometimes the change that is coming is obvious and striking. More often, it creeps up on us when our attention has been elsewhere — the trees are suddenly bare and we didn't even notice when the first leaves began to fall. So this card also challenges us to be mindful. Keep track of the cycles of the sun and moon, which mirror our own inner cycles. If things seem chaotic and disorderly in your life, focus on the still point of the turning wheel. Remember that with prayer and the magic of sustained focus, all things are possible.
      7 - the Canoe
      Focused on your path

      Resolution comes with staying focused on your path, and exercising self-discipline as you work towards your goal. Set aside anything extraneous that would distract you or keep you from completing your task. What is your goal? What do you want to accomplish? This may apply to your life in the everyday world — pursuing a course of study, a career goal, a fitness plan, a creative project. It may also apply to your inner life; perhaps you are in a recovery program or are healing from a trauma. Whatever it is, set your intention, take your first steps, and your guides and allies will be at your side to help you on your way. Be of great courage! No matter how hard it seems, you have what it takes to win the prize.

      Post image for Death


      Dying and being born

      A heron lies dead in an old decaying boat near the beach. Ants and spiders crawl on the carcass and a vulture hovers overhead. Wild roses and elder- berry grow up through the rotting boat and butterflies flit through the greenery. Sinuous ropes like snakes are coiled below the deck. To the west are the islands of the Otherworld, and late afternoon sunlight sparkles on the water.
      In Celtic mythology, the Otherworld — often conceived as islands — always lies to the West, and travelers often set off on their last journey by boat. Heron is a guardian spirit who stands at the gateway of life and death. Vultures feed on dead flesh and purify it, leaving only bones behind. Elderberry is an herb that is both medicinal and toxic.
      The flash of sunlight on water has been called the “White Lady” in some Celtic traditions, and is seen as an epiphany or manifestation of the Goddess. When the heron sails home through the gates of the Otherworld, those of us who are left behind stand in awe of the Great Mystery.

      Wheel card Gaian Tarot deck


      Cycles and seasons

      The Wheel of the Year turns and spins, as one season transforms into the next. In this card, the fiery core of the Earth is at the still point of the turning world. Trees of each season are rooted in Her body. Around the trees we see the eight phases of the moon, which correspond to the eight holy days of the solar year. The zodiac is aligned with the seasons and the lunar phases. For example, the Dark/New Moon corresponds to Winter Solstice, the shortest night of the year when the sun begins to wax again. Winter Solstice occurs when the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. So these three — Dark/New Moon, Winter Tree and sign of Capricorn — all line up on the card, and so on around the Wheel.
      The cycles of nature teach us that all of life moves in a wheel. Wherever we stand on this wheel, we are certain to move to the next point and the one after that, until we are brought full circle to the place where we started, and as T.S. Eliot wrote, we “know the place for the first time.
      Outside the wheel of the solar year, the lunar month and the wheel of the zodiac, we see a circle of prayer beads. This rosary, or mala, is divided into six sets of nine (the magical number of three times three). As we say or sing repetitive prayers, counting beads as we go, we enter an altered state where anything is possible, magic happens, and butterflies — symbol of the soul — break free of the turning of the wheel.

      Post image for Canoe


      Stay focused on your path

      The paddler sets out on his quest, unencumbered by baggage or even excess clothing. He is focused on his goal, in- tent, looking neither to the left nor right. The phrase “paddle your own canoe” indicates self-determination and self-reliance. He brings his strength, will and courage to the task at hand. A boat often symbolizes transition from the material world to the spirit world. Here the paddler makes his way in the world while exploring spiritual depths. His task is to live his life with meaning — to infuse everyday life with his soul purpose.
      His paddle is his magic wand, his tattoos his armor. His companions on the journey are Eagle and Salmon, each bringing their own gifts — swiftness, power and keen sight from Eagle, wisdom of the deep from Salmon. The black- and-white Orcas bring their own powerful magic, the balance of playfulness and fierceness. No doubt they will both challenge and guide him.

      All content © Joanna Powell Colbert 2003-2011. Please do not reproduce art or content without permission.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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