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SPIRIT OF MA'AT ~February 2013 Issue

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      'THE SPIRIT OF MA'AT' - February 2013 
      "Mid-Winter Cross Quarter Edition"
           Deep inside the heart of the Earth it is the power of the female that brings the world back to life during the month of February. Halfway between the Winter Solstice and the first day of Spring she releases her fluids into the matrix, to nourish and nurture everything that lives. In the Old Times, the month that is customarily assigned to Saint Valentine and the Groundhog, was celebrated for a number of other reasons. Living closer to nature, the ones who lit the candles, and filled their pitchers with milk, and laid 'Corn Dollies' to rest on the hearth, understood that the heart of creation was ready to open, and that it was time for life to begin all over again. Perhaps this is why "Love" has become the hallmark for the month of February; not because of anything Saint Valentine said or did, but because underneath it all, the force that pours out of the Great Mother at this point in the yearly cycle, is pure, unconditional love. If every other February has held this vibration, one can only imagine what is taking place this year.  
           2013 has awakened humanity to new levels of consciousness. The sense that something out of this world has already infused us with the wish to create from a place of oneness and love, gives each of us the opportunity to enter the miraculous and become part of it. It is in that spirit that we welcome you to our February edition. If you take anything from the information that is included in this months' s issue,  with any luck it will help you to understand that we are the 'New Humanity' - and it is through the power of love, and out of the unity that connects us, that we are just beginning to give birth to a whole new world.
      Join us for the "Mid-Winter Cross Quarter" edition of the Spirit of Ma'at!   www.spiritofmaat.com
      Look for articles from your favorite writers such as Cal Garrison, Randy Beckow,  CC Treadway, Jo Mooy, Julia Griffin, Laura Bertram, Peggy Black, and of course - Drunvalo's Corner!
      DRUNVALO'S SCHEDULE FOR 2013 is now available!  March and May workshops are now full!  The next available workshop is in August so register soon! 
      AND!!!! Check out Claudette's new website and her upcoming workshop schedule. 
      The Blue School Creation Workshops
      with Claudette Melchizedek!  
      FEATURED IN THE SPIRIT OF MA'AT SHOPPE:   http://spiritofmaat.com/maatshop/
      Our Newest Product:
      Inspired and originally engineered by the "true Lord of the Rings" Slim Spurling. Great for environmental clearing, water improvement, energy balancing and much more!
      February SPECIALS AT THE MA'AT SHOPPE:  http://spiritofmaat.com/maatshop/
      The Geobuster - A Geopathic Stress Removal Device Invented by Colin Stabile - Regularly $88.00 - for the month of February $80.00
      Sedona Vortez Orgonite - ORGONITE, based on the principles of Orgone, is a structured matrix of organic and inorganic materials contained within a resin compound. Metals and crystals are combined and suspended in a ratio to modulate energetic frequencies, by neutralizing and attenuating those that are harmful at the mental, physical, emotional and etheric levels. Regularly $92.00 - for the month of February $77.00
      Ground it Out Indoor Grounding Earthing Kit- The light-weight and low profile GIO Indoor Grounding Kit, grounds the body and allows the release of Static Electricity while neutralizing free radicals - Regularly $111.00 - for the month of February  $88.00
      Vitalzym-Cardio Systemic Enzyme Supplements (SEB) - This version of the product is good for people who are concerned with their cardiovascular health. With a high concentration of the soybean derivative, Nattokinase, VITALZYM-CARDIO is a vegetarian formula that attacks and dissolves fibrous deposits in the arteries, and literally eats up arterial plaque. Bodybuilders and people who work physically hard for a living have so much fibrin in their muscular system, the Nattokinase in this formula dissolves those deposits, eliminates the build up of scar tissue, and restores the muscles to a healthy, youthful state. C-Reactive Protein levels, which are used to measure vascular inflammation, have been shown to go way down when this product is taken as prescribed - regularly $129.00 - for the month of February $119.00
      JOIN US as we traverse into new insights and developments - here at www.spiritofmaat.com
      Also:  Check out our friends at www.floweroflifestore.com for cool gift items and other great products!
      This month specials include Flower of Life Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Pendants in Sterling Silver, FOL decals, Precious Stone Pendants, FOL Rings in Silver and Small Yantras!  
      and for upcoming Vortex and Sacred Land Excursions in Sedona and Arizona's Southwest; go to www.oneheartproductions.net
      Spirit of Ma'at
      P. O. Box 687
      Sedona, Arizona 86339

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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