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SURRENDER! Simion Transmission Feb 2013

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  • Ash
    The Transformation Series February 2013 SURRENDER! SIMIONthrough Amariah Mara _________________________________________________________________________ We are
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2013

      The Transformation Series

      February 2013

      throughAmariah Mara


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.
      We ask you now at this moment in your journey to Surrender! 
      "What?", you may ask.  "But, we have worked so hard to get to where we are.  We cannot give up now!" 
      And we say, this surrender is not about giving up your light work, it is about surrendering to obtain your long due rewards.  Surrender to being your truth and knowing the truth of your place in the universe. 
      "What do I have to surrender to know this?," you may ask. 
      And the answer is, you must SURRENDER EVERYTHING to know and be EVERYTHING.  
      Is this the surrender required of cult members?  The surrender of your worldly possessions to the messenger?  Absolutely not, as that is not true surrender, that is the concept of surrender manipulated.

      white flag of surrenderThe surrender we speak of is a surrender to your soul and its connection to the divine source of all consciousness, which is all existence. It is a surrender to the power of one's soul within the whole of all being.  It is in this type of surrender that all is found.  It is in this sacrifice of all that you are holding onto that appears real, that you will find what is truly real.  As you surrender the hold that the illusions of your psyche have created as your surroundings, your life, your everything; all those illusions will no longer govern you.  This is true freedom and where true creation can begin from a point of inner power and connection in unison with your co-creators.
      This may feel like you are giving up your power.  But what you are giving up is the illusion that your identity as a human being is your power.  That has no power at all and is thrown around at the whim of what it purports to be real.  Your ego self thinks it has power in the form of money, job, influence over others, etc.  All of this can be taken away in the blink of an eye, and is transient. 

      When you give up your physical form in death, all this illusion goes away and is sold at a yard sale, and the job and relationships are replaced by someone else's identity.  What continues on is your consciousness and the inner strength you developed as you learned to recognize your self as a creator.  If you failed to see that you created the illusions, the material losses can devastate you.  Only when you see them as a playing field on which to learn and explore your creative powers, and you see these experiences as not who and what you are, but rather you see them as an aspect of your expression, will you know your true power. 

      Thus, if you can surrender to that higher power within you, and the universal expressions before you, then you will find you have increasing governance over what you experience and you will express your reality from a new level of soul power.  This is not a giving up of your identity as the being you occupy now.  It is a surrender of the facade of ego control, so that your universal self can gain real control. 

      letting go of the ego facadeIt appears scarey to surrender because you think you are giving up!  You think it means that you will lose everything.  The opposite is true.  However, to get to this truth you must have a great deal of profound TRUST!  You must have what your religious folk label as Faith.  But the Faith is not in a God that is separate from you.  Nor is it faith in a master, such as Jesus or Buddha to save you.  Although, you can put faith in the messages that these beings relayed to you to give you guidance.  The Faith we speak of is in knowing that you are the same as those messengers.  And you are just as much a part of the God Source Consciousness as they are.  That is what you are surrendering to. 

      What you must surrender up is the belief that your ego is all that you are and that you are powerless to external forces.  Surrender to being a part of these outside forces and thus you gain a power in their creation.  Surrender to the GODLINESS within yourself.  As you surrender to the GOD within, you are surrendering to your True power as a creator.  This is what we wish for each being awakening to their own truth within this GOD source.  

      Now that you have an idea of what you are surrendering to; how do you surrender?  Do you go out onto the streets waving a white flag?  Well there is certainly some symbolic power in this image.   Why does a white flag symbolize surrender, and why is it taken as weakness or giving up the fight?  The white flag implies a clean slate that can now be written upon.  It implies the ego's demise and you often mistake this as weakness.  After all, what are you without your ego controller?  You think you are nothing, but again, this is when you can truly be everything.  Allow yourself to wave that flag and become a clean slate.  You do not literally have to wave a flag, but think of the meaning in your consciousness. 

      prayingIn your religious practices it is common to get on your knees to pray to God in some form or another.  This is a powerful gesture of surrender to the God force.  It is also a gesture of surrender to the Mother Earth as you kneel on the ground before her consciousness and recognize her power.  As you surrender to these powers you join forces with them in recognition of your unity with the consciousness on the whole as One universal being.  Thus by taking the action of bending down before this greatness, you become this greatness.  By trying always to stand up to control your world, you cut yourself off from the power of being One with the truth and your are blinded. 

      But this bending down in prayer mode must not come lightly or out of Religious habit. To truly surrender on one's knees before the power of all consciousness, one must feel that sense of surrender of giving up the ego control and Trust with utter certainty that you are surrendering to your GOD source.  This is the ultimate letting go. 

      So if you have financial trouble, surrender it.  If you have been given gifts, surrender those.  If you have relationship conflicts, surrender that.  If you have things to be thankful for, and things that cause stress, surrender it all to the higher aspect of yourself in faith and trust that it will be taken care of in the best possible way for your most Godly expression on this Earth.  Not Godly in the sense of Morality that has been put upon you from an outside belief. But rather Godliness in the sense that you surrender to your most evolved and evolving expression of the God within.  Andas you let go with bent knees you then put your hands together and project your power into the universe.

      praying handsIf you can do this about everything in your life, then you will find matters working out in a way that helps you evolve to your most joyous and fulfilled expression. Your experience will be of surrendering to the rewards of being in your finest frequency and all that attracts.  Use prayer, ritual, meditation, yoga, art, music, or whatever feels right to express your surrender.  Sometimes a good cry will help you put up the white flag.  True surrender is humble before the power of the universe. 

      Just as the one who surrenders in a battle in your wars is put before the mercy of their conqueror, you will be putting yourself at the mercy of your highest self and the divinity of all the energy that causes that to be.  Instead of being submissive to another controlling ego force, as in the surrender in battle to another similar force, you are allowing your soul to take charge and flow with the power of your true creative energy.

      surrender the fearYou will also note, that when you surrender, you give up fighting, your weapons of destruction are released, and the fear of loss no longer drives you.  In this surrender there is a feeling of peace that overcomes and new beginnings can arise from the unknown. 

      So go ahead and let go of all that you think you have and are, and offer the ultimate sacrifice of your illusions. Seewhat will be written on that white flag by your soul.  Trust that it will be better than your ego identity could have imagined.  Surrender to your soul's purpose for being in this mighty Earthly expression now! 

      Be in the peace of your surrender!

      ~ Simion, from 7D

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