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Elizabeth Harper: Prophecies of Change

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Prophecies of ChangeĀ  Endeavor as you look on any physical form to look into that form and to the spirit. See
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      Prophecies of Change 
      "Endeavor as you look on any physical form to look into that form and to the spirit. See it in the very roots of the trees, in the trunk, branches and the leaves. Look always for the spirit behind or within all form." White Eagle
      For this Love Letter I did the same thing I did last week, I asked Alim my guide to guide my hands as I scanned my computer documents with my eyes closed. I came to a folder called "Prophesies." I began reading documents I had on the Native American, Nostradamus, and Mother Shipton prophecies. They all pretty much say the same thing - we're moving to a new state of consciousness and while we may see chaos and pain there is a natural order during this shift.  
      Everything has its natural order, it's perfect time, and it's right place in the universal scheme of things. I remember asking one of my teachers why when one door closes does it take so long for the next door to open up. Her channeled message from Chan, her guide, appeared to be accusatory stating that I had a tendency to hold onto the concept of the next open door. As a consequence my consciousness did not allow it to open in its natural course. I have learned that many others have this same tendency.
      My husband and I watched a program on television about global warming and the effect this is having on the planet. We were made aware that while this is a natural process, after-all the planet has been through many ice ages, we as human beings are speeding up the progression of change..........everything has its natural order in the great universal consciousness.
      The 21st December 2012 has come and gone and so many predictions of doom and gloom focused upon the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world didn't happen.  Just like clockwork the coincidence of another perfect show on TV caught our eye. It was about the Mayans and their ability to work with time and the natural rhythm of the cosmos. Here we discovered that the Mayans did not predict the end of the world but instead predicted a new consciousness emerging from this change after the year 2012..........everything has its perfect time in the great universal consciousness.
      As I was writing this I felt inspired to look at my bookshelf and see if any book wanted to be a part of this month's message. It did! One of White Eagle's books called Spiritual Unfoldment almost jumped off the shelf. On the back of the book it says, "Endeavor as you look on any physical form to look into that form and to the spirit. See it in the very roots of the trees, in the trunk, branches and the leaves. Look always for the spirit behind or within all form"............everything has its right place in the universal consciousness.
      I opened the book at a chapter about the work of the Angelic Hierarchies. It says that many of us are aware of the teachers with us in spirit, but that few are aware of the grandeur and extent of the heavenly hosts such as the nature devas and angels. While these wonderful energies are concerned with our spiritual growth they are also concerned with the evolution and the building of form. White Eagle says that we see the chaotic conditions in the world, but that behind governments there are greater minds working for the human race. When we see what appears to be a catastrophe even here the master is at work. The Angelic organization is working behind the scenes to bring the race to perfection. We are part of a vast plan that can only be understood by looking at the greater picture...........when one door closes another opens
      So, when we see wars and famine, earth changes and global warming, we have to remember that there is a greater intelligence behind this change. Instead of seeing the negative look to the spirit!
      As for global warming we can be active rather than passive.
      • Unplug the television, computer, or anything that shines a light when it is not in use. This alone saves so much electricity.
      • Turn off the television or radio if it is just for background noise.
      • Change light bulbs to long life energy saving bulbs.
      • If you're going to buy new household items look at ones that have been made from recycled products, also check the energy saving items.
      • Recycle everything that can be recycled.
      • Plant a tree whenever you can.
      You can also assist the angels in their work.
      As healers you send energy to people all the time. Your thoughts of healing and love are directed to the right place, to the person most in need of help. So why not send the angels who are looking after the area you live in some energy too. Meditate on them and ask what kind of help they need. Connect with nature spirits and give them energy as well. If you have plants talk to them. They have a consciousness. Maybe if we all work together in this energetic way we will not only see a shift in consciousness but also a change in the way governments handle their politics.
      If you are waiting for that next door to open have faith that everything has its natural rhythm, everything is at its right time regardless of what you think, and everything has its right place. If we force a blossom to open at the wrong time it will not have the life or energy that it would have had blossoming at its own time and rhythm. Nature has many profound lessons for us, including the earth changes.     
      Let me know your thoughts, post on my Sealed With Love LLC Facebook page. We are still working on merging pages, so don't post or message me on my Elizabeth Harper page, this will be merged - when the Universal Consciousness is ready:)
      Love & Coloriscious Blessings
      elizabeth XXXX
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