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The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School: Jupiter Stations Direct, New Tele-Series, and Hawaii 2013

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    Highlights for the Month New Tele-Series June 2013 Maui Event Jupiter Goes Direct Jan 30 The Nourished Soul Event What is Shamanic Astrology? Upcoming Events
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      Shamanic Astrology Banner 2012 Day
      Highlights for the Month
      New Tele-Series
      June 2013 Maui Event
      Jupiter Goes Direct Jan 30
      The Nourished Soul Event
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      Upcoming Events
      Click on the highlighted links for more information.  
      with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
      Feb 20-24, 2013 near Tucson, AZ
      Synodic Cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
      March 16-20, 2013 at Faywood Hot Springs, NM 
      Maui, Hawaii Script & Archetypes Intensive  with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell
      June 22-29 on Maui, Hawaii
      Hawaii Night Sky Intensive Aug 3-10 Details coming soon...
      Checkout all of our upcoming Events HERE  

      New Mailing Address
      c/o Erik M Roth
      10824 SE Oak St
      PMB 278
      Milwaukie, OR 97222
      Cayelin and Daniel april 2009
      with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell

      These classes cover a deepening investigation and way of navigating the upcoming Venus and Mars in the Underworld February 10th, the BIG Pisces line-up March 9th, culminating in 7 planets in Pisces in March, the Uranus Pluto Square March 24th with Jupiter and Mars and finally Everything Scorpio, at The Turning of The Ages, April 6 featuring Saturn's journey through this sign for the next two years.
      Each class will also have plenty of time for Q and A. 
      If you can't make the live classes a downloadable recording will be available soon after each class completes.
      You can join an individual Class or Sign up for the Whole Series.

      Individual Classes:  $30 each for SAMS members
      $40 each for non-members
      Get all Four classes:
      for SAMS members
      $127.00 for non-members

      All proceeds go to benefit the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School a 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit
      Cayelin and Daniel april 2009
      Shamanic Astrology On Maui June 22-29 2013!  
      with Daniel Giamario and Cayelin Castell and Lynne Llamas-Giamario
      This event centers around the Beginning level
      Script and Archetype Intensive. In this week long course you will quickly and easily learn the most powerful tools for understanding your own life purpose and helping others to understand theirs. Plus you get to experience the magic of Maui.
      This event is being held on the north shore of Maui, at a lush tropical garden estate along the wild unspoiled coast going toward Hana. 
      In addition to the regular schedule of classes, the following activities are included:
      • A Holotropic Breathwork  experience led by Dr. Joan Heartfield 
      • A tour and educational introduction to organic gardening and permaculture at a certified organic farm
      • A trip to Haleakala crater at sunset to experience the night sky at 20 degrees North Latitude
      • Trips to waterfalls and a wild primal coastline
      • Beach trips
      • Ocean-view hot tubs, a salt water swimming pool, and an infrared sauna
      Astrological and Astronomical Timings:
      The event begins just after the exact Summer Solstice occurring  June 21st in Hawaii.  
      Sunday the 23rd is the Full Moon at 2 Capricorn 10,
      very near Galactic Center between the Archer and Scorpion. This is the area of the Sky known as the Golden Gate where soul's exit or ascend from this reality.  
      On June 25th, Jupiter enters Cancer,
      heralding its upcoming union with Mars in Cancer, squaring Uranus, and opposing Pluto in July. This means Jupiter is on the Galactic Cross near the Galactic Edge where the Summer Solstice Sun rises. 
      On June 26 a fascinating Mercury retrograde cycle begins. This Mercury Retrograde will transform Mercury into its Cancerian overtone/clan expression.   
      Meanwhile,a Grand water trine has formed, including the Sun and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.  At the same time, a Grand Sextile continues to form, attaining perfection by the end of July. 
      The last days of the Intensive will be under dark moonless skies. At this time of year in Hawaii, in the evening, the Southern Cross and Polaris can be seen at the same time! 
      Space is limited and early Registration Offerings end February 25 so be sure to sign up now! 
      Jupiter Stations DirectJupiter
      January 30th
      by Cayelin Castell 
      Jupiter (6 Gemini 20) is stationing direct stations direct at 3:37 am Pacific Time and 6:37 am Eastern Time on January 30th. This means Jupiter has halted its apparent movement through the stars from the Earth's perspective.

      Jupiter has been retracing its steps since it stationed retrograde in early October 2012 and is now ending its apparent backward motion, pausing at the station point for about 4 weeks (2 weeks before and after the exact station point).
      Over the next couple of weeks Jupiter will begin a very slow forward motion getting ready to make its third pass by the royal star Aldebaran. Jupiter returns to an exact zodiacal alignment with Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull, around the Spring Equinox.

      Jupiter's journey through Gemini includes the expansion of the magic that is possible when we remember not to take ourselves too seriously, to have fun, and to engage in playful creative pursuits expressing as messages In Service to Spirit.

      This is also about stretching our awareness beyond duality into the realms of infinity and total freedom. 

      One way to gain maximum benefit with this station point and the next six months of Jupiter in Gemini is to embrace BEing with what is truly fun, creative and inspiring whenever possible and remember that when we are taking sides on any issue then we are trapped in the confines of duality. Jupiter's intent is to expand our awareness beyond the limits of duality into experiencing and living the freedom of our true divine essence.

      Being with the questions that expand your awareness to include your divine nature can help empower the intent of this timing. Asking questions always brings answers. The art of asking is how you frame the question. the following questions are intended to get you started in coming up with your own questions.

      What points of view are holding you back from experiencing my true self? Are you willing to let go of those points of view for the purpose of experiencing more of who you are in ways that are fun, liberating and joyous? 

      Cayelin has been writing the Celestial Timings for the past 17 years. You can find out more HERE

      Regular price is $30 Now just $22 for Non-Members 
      Regular price is $25 Now just for $18 SAMS Members 
      This hour plus recording explores the special events of 2013.
      Join Cayelin Castell and Daniel Giamario as they provide a valuable resouce for this coming year and discuss the most important astrological and cosmological events of 2013. 
      Special Pricing is good through February 11 so get yours today. All proceeds go to support the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School! 
      Purchase the 2013 Overview Here
      Join Cayelin Castell in Atlanta Georgia at The Nourished Soul Event from April 12-14
      Cayelin is presenting on how we are connected to Time through the seasonal cycles as well as the cycles of our lives.
      Shamanic Astrology refers to these cycles as the Shamanic Timeline. These are the cycles we experience at certain ages in our life and knowing about them and how to navigate them empowers you to live a more fulfilling life.

      This event is also featuring key note speaker Colin Tipping author of Radical Forgiveness one of Cayelin's personal favorites. 
      The first 60 people to sign up for this event will receive a FREE Radical Forgiveness Ceremony with Colin Tipping and other great bonuses. See link below and be sure to tell them Cayelin sent you!

      Contributing Shamanic Astrologers
      Highlighting the Voices of Shamanic Astrology

      Tami Brunk
      Tami has been practicing shamanic astrology for several years, calling her practice, "Heart Centered Astrology."  She writes frequent articles and blogs from here home in New Mexico.  Read more here:
      Astrology for Earth Renewal

      Cayelin Castell
      Since 1996, Cayelin K Castell has been writing and offering free monthly Celestial Timings that take a unique look at the astrology and astronomy of our current times. Cayelin is the co-founder of SAMS.  Read more here: Celestial Timings

      Matthew James
      Known as a "Renaissance Man" by those close to him, Matthew cites his astrological influences from SAMS, as well as Dane Rudhyar, Lize Greene and Stephen Arroyo.  He is currently doing monthly night sky/astrological forecasts from Sedona, Arizona and his writings can be found here:

      Erik M Roth
      Currently the Managing Director of SAMS, he has studied shamanic astrology since 2004 and now has his own astrology practice in Portland, Oregon.  He writes monthly newsletters and his writings and postings can be found here:
        by Daniel Giamario 
       This is the ONLY software in the world that we know of that can run Synodic Cycle Returns and was specifically developed with Shamanic Astrology's unique way of understanding the Synodic Cycles.
      This program runs ALL of the Synodic Cycles for the visible planets both past and future making research easier and helping you find the significant dates in these cycles for you and your clients. 
      We are very excited to be a part of this new Software Program. 
      Tax Deductible Donations and The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
      The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School is a 501 (c) 3 educational non-profit meaning the School can accept tax deductible donations. 
      Your tax deductible donation can be targeted to any of our School projects. We are currently raising money for a web based on-line training program. This will help bring the gifts of Shamanic Astrology to those who are not able to attend our in-person trainings.
      Thank you!
      Executive Council of SAMS

      The Mission of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School is to provide transformational education in astrology and astronomy that celebrates the magical link between the Earth and the Sky.
      Become a Member of the
      Shamanic Astrology Mystery School 

      Your paid Membership to SAMS Includes:

      A free monthly teaching call
      updating current astrological and astronomical events with a chance to ask questions and learn more about our connection to the cycles of the Earth and Sky. If you aren't able to attend the call you have access to an 
      MP3 recording of the monthly updates from Daniel and Cayelin  
      Special Member Discounts on Events and Products  
      Special Members Only Website, with extra content including:  
      Access to a growing body of content including handouts, audio recordings, and the most current research available in Shamanic Astrology with more content being added.
      And Much More!

      Click HERE
      for more information, or to join SAMS

      The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School  

      Shamanic Astrology Mystery School | C/O Cayelin K Castell | 1725 S Jones Blvd # H-11 | Tucson | AZ | 85713

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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