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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Two of Swords

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  • Ash
    Within this morning s message it describes the crossed swords as mental conflict. Each of us have gone through this often enough in our lives. Here we are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2013
      Within this morning's message it describes the crossed swords as mental conflict. Each of us have gone through this often enough in our lives. Here we are given an opportunity to shift our perspective on how to approach this type of challenge. It touches upon how we can experience this as a type of sport where balance and wholeness are a priority. Of course this in no way suggests that we take what is occurring lightly. We are taking steps to focus on how to look beyond the conflict into the greater tapestry, so to speak, just as the sun shines brightly in the background. The card speaks on how this reminds us of the wholeness that shines over any form of dualism.

      It is said within the message that all of life is divided into opposites. I would put forth the question are the opposites truly in conflict or are they designed to remind of he unity that is inherent in all of life? Within ourselves? Remembering that there are qualities within each that can and do compliment one another. Of course when it comes to joy and sorrow, for example, that does not in any way suggest that we should "run" to experience sorrow. Simply keeping in our heart and mind that what we learn from that we can, will, and know joy even more fully. In part this is one way of seeing how that we come out stronger through some experiences. To grow and learn from them, gaining wisdom, insight, strength, and yes compassion and love.

      "We often remain unyielding or unable to surrender to a difficult situation before us." Keep to heart that, in this example, surrender is not giving up nor is it allowing another to have power of us. It is being Open to and willing to allow yourself to gently yield to the moment, as it is said below, and there we begin to find clarity. Whether it is looking for a solution to an old problem or situation, stepping into making a new life decision/direction, or whatever the case may be let us begin to allow that light, and the wisdom that comes with it, to rise and illuminate as the Sun. Remembering that Divine Radiance is not coming from a source outside of yourself. It comes from within You. Allow those worries, concerns, doubts and fears to be released and transformed by the purifying and healing rays of your Inner Divine Sun. There is, can and will be peace Knowing that the decision you make you have made comes from that place of Wholeness, Truth and Love. From each experience it allows you to face anything new that comes with a deeper root, confidence and courage where indecision and doubt begins to have less and less of a place in your heart, your mind, your soul. 

      Whenever stress is rearing its head in our lives remember those who we hold in reverence, love and respect that inspire and encourage us and remember that they are reflecting that same magnificence of strength, inspiration, courage and love that is right there within you.

      Two of Swords
      Your card is...

      Two of Swords

      Fencing and dueling are popular sports and art forms that require skill, balance, and grace. They involve lucid and quick movements coupled with the insight and awareness it takes to yield and surrender to one's opponent. Potentially, our minds can function in this fashion. However, in our stressful culture where dualistic thinking reigns, we inevitably get entangled in indecision and self-doubt. Resolving life's conflicts can become agonizing feats of battle. We often remain unyielding or unable to surrender to a difficult situation put before us. This card offers the perspective that our mental conflicts can be experienced as a sport in which balance and wholeness are a priority. All of life is divided into opposites: yin/yang, male/female, light/dark, joy/sorrow. We must know one side in order to learn its polar complement. The crossed swords represent mental conflict. The radiant sun behind the swords is a reminder of the wholeness that overlights any form of dualism. It may be a time in your life when you are making new decisions or searching for answers to old problems. Move toward your light and wisdom, and let the answers emerge like a great sunrise. Allow old worries to sink into the past Iike a poignant sunset. Clarity will come to you as you gently yield to the moment.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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