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Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer Hoffman Jan 28, 2013 - The Indigo Work challenge article

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      Enlightening Life Newsletter with
      Jennifer Hoffman 
      January 27, 2013

      Dear Friends,

      Thanks to all of the interest in the multi-dimensional relationships article, the website received 1 million hits in 4 hours last Thursday. We had a few issues with website availability and it may have been off-line a few times. I will be migrating to a new, dedicated server this week. It's a great problem to have and thank you for your interest and support. You can read the article on the blog.

      January ends this week and I am quite glad; it's not my favorite month and tends to be hard for me. I think it's a combination of the cold weather post-holiday energy letdown and I find January's energy to be very heavy. But this week we move into February, which will be a lighter month energetically.

      Jupiter goes direct too on Jan 30, which you may feel as a sudden release of energy and some movement. And we have Mercury retro at the end of February, it's in the shadow period now so just double check your communications, to be sure.

      This week's Indigo/Crystal article addresses the issue of work, jobs and how we are part of the transformation in this most important area that is simultaneously exciting and terrifying. This transformation is changing the entire work landscape and involves the kind of work we do, who employs us, how we value our gifts and challenges, and how we can evolve successfully into the new work world. It's part of being an Indigo or Crystal in this time of evolution. Instead of seeing this as a difficult challenge, we can view it as an opportunity to use and share our gifts and talents in powerful new ways.

      The Equinox of March 20 will mark the end of our participation in 3D and is why I have planned our second trip to the Earth Keeper Crystals in Arkansas for that weekend. The trip is 1/3 filled, I'll send out an email later this week with details, and information on what we will be doing there and the workshops I will be teaching. 

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      You can read the 2013 predictions here if you have not read them yet and learn more about the potential of this year and why this period is feeling so overwhelming at times. 

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      And, if this is a calm period for you, enjoy it, there will be a lot going on this year!
      The next Enlightening Life Radio show will be on  Wednesday, January 30 at 8PM US central time, the link is on the right or click here for the show page. All past show archives are available on the show page.

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      Many blessings,
      Jennifer Hoffman
      Author, Intuitive Mystic, Channel
      Your Guide to Masterful Living

      Indigo/Crystal -- Unemployed or Un-Managed?
      At the moment, everyone in my immediate family is unemployed, by society's standards. This means that no one has an official j-o-b, in which they work for someone. I couldn't be more thrilled, especially for my children who, as Indigos, have tried really hard to fit into the regular, 'normal' job world and it just didn't work for them. It never worked for me either and after six layoffs in eight years I decided to pursue another path. But while 'unemployed' is what this is called, everyone is working, although their gifts, talents, time and energy resources are not being managed by someone else........
      Read the rest of this article on the blog by clicking here. You can comment and share your insights on the blog.
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