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INspire Me Today: Today's Brilliance from KAYA

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      Inspired Quote of the Day™ One Dream can change your life. ~ KAYA ________________________________ Today s Brilliance™ KAYA KAYA is a spiritual teacher,
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      Inspired Quote of the Day™

      One Dream can change your life. ~ KAYA

      Today's Brilliance™



      KAYA is a spiritual teacher, international author and speaker on Angels-Dreams-Signs-Meditation, a recording artist, and the CEO of UCM Publishing.
      If I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I've learned so far in life, these are the important things I'd want to pass along to others...
      I remember when I was 8 years old, I used to sit on a bus bench or in a park just to watch people behave. This was fascinating to me and was my favorite moment in life, as it still is one of them today. Somehow, at this early age, I was already searching to understand symbolic language; to make the correlation between the inner and outer world and to search for the answer to this existential question that I truly believe should be our number one priority to know: What is the reason for living, walking, working, existing...?
      It took me a long time and made me travel the world before I found out the answer. I studied most religions to find the hidden secret to existence and I discovered the answer through all my dreams and nightmares during the hermit life that I led 17 years ago. A period of intense solitude and reflection that really rebuilt, reprogrammed, the core of my soul.
      When we know The Source Code as I know it today, we can then build our life on real, strong foundations that makes us so powerful, nothing can destabilize us, no ordeal, no one, no success or unsuccessful situations can bother us.
      This existential answer is also the basis of language, of the tonality of voices, of computer programming. This should be taught by our parents right at the beginning of our existence here on Earth. I have shared this with my daughter Kasara and raised her with the Source Code, that I consider to be the beginning of the soul program and Kasara has been able to find true happiness at such a young age. I have shared this with my students from around the world through my books and lectures and I have seen the change in people's lives, the day-to-day miracles after they have applied the Source Code in their life.
      What is this existential code? What is the real secret, not the one that motivates and stimulates only the goal for success, fame & glory? The source secret of our life is in fact: + and ; yes...as simple as that: + and , qualities & distortions (or weaknesses). The source code of our existence is to solely focus our life on developing qualities, the +, and to transcend our negativity, the ; to base all our decisions and principles on the goal to improve ourselves and to learn to express ourselves with qualities. I have discovered this Divine Answer through my intense research of more than 17 years on dream interpretation and symbolic language. That's how I've been able to reach this synthesis.
      Symbolic language through + and , qualities and distortions, is the source code of our soul, of who we are and it expresses the probabilities of what we can become. This life code is based solely on the development of qualities and pure powers, to help us find our angelic nature, our opening to physical and metaphysical worlds and dimensions.
      Now, when I sit on a bus bench, I always look at the states of consciousness of people and situations with the source code. This way... there is always a sign, a profound meaning to all things and situations because one day, everyone and everything has to reach the +.

      A Message from Inspire Me Today

      KAYA is touring the U.S. in February to perform selections from his new CD Born Under the Star of Change and to introduce his new book, How to Interpret Dreams & Signs, in which he unlocks the secrets to decoding the true meaning of our dreams. He also reveals that our dreams show us the hidden dimension of what we are in the process of living, what is in our subconscious and/or what is being activated within us. To learn more about the tour or How to Interpret Dreams & Signs, please visit kayadreams.com.

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