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Infinite Being Newsletter: Spiritualize Your Life!

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  • Ash
    Spiritualize Your Life! by Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance When we released the Spiritualize technique last Wednesday, we had no idea that it would produce
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2013

      Spiritual Metaphysics
      Spiritualize Your Life!
      by Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance
      When we released the Spiritualize technique last Wednesday, we had no idea that it would produce such an avalanche of thankful emails. The Spiritualize technique brings spiritual transformation and solves life's challenges as they arise.

      It contains several powerful principles which help you to connect easily and quickly with the transformative power of the Divine Presence. Once you are thoroughly familiar with the technique and have used it many times, you will find it becomes a part of you. Throughout your day, you will be turning within to the truth of your being. Several times on a daily basis, you will be be connected with a higher level of consciousness. You will spiritualize all aspects of your life.

      The critical key to the success of this revolutionary practice is to realize your oneness with the Divine. As Dreama said in her recent article, God is not Abraham Lincoln, a foundational principle of higher spiritual teachings is the realization of Oneness:

      "I am in God. God is in me. I am one with God."

      Once you allow this fundamental truth behind all reality to live within you, all things in your life can be transformed for the good.

      The Spiritualize technique will spiritualize your life and it will work to produce an elegant solution for any challenge you face.

      When you want more meaning in your life, Spiritualize it!

      When you want your day to be filled with the wisdom of your soul, Spiritualize it!

      When a challenge appears in life, Spiritualize it!

      The Spiritualize technique fits right into a busy schedule. Practice it at the start of every day in order to prompt intuitive support for the day ahead. Use it again several times a day whenever you need inner guidance.
      It takes just one to five minutes. By using it throughout your day, you begin to train yourself to focus on Reality rather than illusion. This begins to open the inner world to you. As this happens, your outer world begins to reflect your higher understanding and wisdom.

      You can review the steps to spiritual transformation in the Spiritualize technique now at:


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      Owen K Waters and Dreama Vance are cofounders of InfiniteBeing.com and the new Spiritual Dynamics Academy site:


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